SEO analysis of competitors

Success in any niche can be the one who first offered a unique product or the one who positions himself best. If your offer is not the only one on the market, it makes sense to make it the most successful.
Whether you are launching a new project or you already have an effective, comprehensive case, SEO analysis of a niche will show the real state of your competitive environment.

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Comprehensive SEO analysis of competitors' sites opens up opportunities:

Explore competitors' sites and adopt successful ideas.
Make your own unique offer that competitors do not have.
Improve site structure and relink.
Increase site traffic by supplementing missing semantics.
Track popular and frequently visited pages to update your data.

Comprehensive analysis of your web resources and competitors' sites will help you break into the top search engines, attract potential customers. Market leaders find it more difficult to implement useful innovations based on the relevance of search results. Competitive research is a step towards an effective strategy and promotion of an Internet site.

SEO analysis: what is it and why use it

In fact, this is an analysis of search queries that make the site visible to users. For many reasons, entrepreneurs see their product in terms of business, not the consumer. SEO analysis reveals what network users are dealing with and how your site appears to them.

The analysis is mostly about the keywords that the user enters the search. Competitors' keywords make up the semantic core of a site's search engine rankings. The more unique queries, the better. In this case, you will need an assistant site analyzer.

Serpstat is a quality service for analyzing competitors and selecting key phrases. By filling in the appropriate fields, you can quickly determine what the semantics of competitors are.

SEO competitor analysis

What data can be obtained:

  • a list of key queries;
  • what queries are missing on your site;
  • how key queries are distributed on the pages of a competitor's site;
  • SEO analysis of any page filled with keywords.

If you work in the CIS countries, the Spywordsservice will suit you. The service provides SEO analysis of competitors by keywords in the Google search engine. In addition, you can also use the smart selection function. The service provides a list of additional keywords to improve search results. A useful feature will be a comparative analysis of contextual advertising by competitors and organic issuance by key. You will have to pay for the extended functions of the service in accordance with 3 tariff plans. Free basic features will cope with a common understanding of the competitiveness of the environment.

iSpionageperforms a comprehensive site analysis by keywords. This is an English-language service focused on keyword analysis of a competitor's site Google Ads. In addition to organic and contextual advertising, the service shows the calculation of the budget. If you buy a package of services, the service indexes the keys for uniqueness and efficiency, as well as allows you to view site traffic. The advantage of iSpionage will be monitoring the effectiveness of competitors' advertising and receiving regular reports, notifications of changes in competitors and advice on digital marketing strategy.

KeywordSpy offers a look at the keywords of competing sites. Keep in mind that it is most effective if you are focused on the Western market, as it does not recognize/index Russian-language queries. You can use the service for free and without registration, but you will have a limit on the number of keys. By purchasing tariff plans, you increase the volume of issuance results and use additional features: downloading results in an Excel spreadsheet, upgrading the relevance of keys and the emergence of new competitors.

What to do with it all depends on the tasks.

Comprehensive SEO analysis of competitors' websites

The main areas of application:

  • adding keywords for high site ranking;
  • improving the structure of the site, adding a landing page with low-frequency queries;
  • increasing the range;
  • diversifying topics, and developing a content plan to reach a larger audience, etc.

Why do we need an analysis of the semantic core of competitors

Have you collected key queries and analyzed the distribution on the pages of a competitor's site?

What to do now:


Site structure analysis. A logically constructed and understandable structure improves the user experience. That is, how quickly the user finds the right product and how the chain of actions is implemented to optimize the usability of the site. You may need to expand the number of filters, landing pages and categories.


Competitor content analysis. The content itself contains the same search queries. An SEO analysis of competitors' sites will determine which content ranks best and how it is designed to attract as many visitors as possible. New ideas for expanding the content strategy for your site will not have to wait.

It is important to periodically review the semantic core of both yourself and your competitors. Competitors' sites are not standing still and are constantly being optimized to improve search engine rankings. Analysis of changes in the content of pages or site structure allows you to make qualitative changes at a high pace and generate your own ideas to be at the top.

SEO analysis: what else can be done

The use of SEO is a diverse evaluation and monitoring of competitors. Entrepreneurs often need SEO auditing of competitors to see the overall picture of how their own website will be promoted. An optimized site meets several criteria.

Find out the age of the domain/site

These concepts are different. The age of the domain is determined from the moment of its registration. You can check the age of the domain using the Whois resource. The age of the site may vary. New sites can run on old domains, so the age of the site is determined from the moment of indexing. This can be checked at web.archive. Why is this? It's simple. The older the domain and site, the better it will be ranked. This site has its own history of visits, the volume of links, and trusting audiences. Search engine trust is built by users.

A site's domain analysis will show how a search engine indexes a site. The higher the trust, the better organized your site is, the higher the relevance of queries, quality and quantity of links. It is very difficult for new sites to reach the top in terms of trust, so in the initial stages you need to pay more attention to other ranking factors. However, with enough effort and time, the site will gain its level of trust.

Determine site traffic

Why are some resources popular and others not? If the audience growth is large, then the conversion rate is high. Monitoring competitors will help you adjust your strategy. Traffic tracking services will help.


  • provides site traffic analysis;
  • shows the channels from which traffic is attracted;
  • determines the number of unique users;
  • identifies users' devices as a percentage;
  • indicates the duration of the sessions;
  • counts the number of pages viewed.

It is extremely important for a marketing strategy to check the traffic of your own or someone else's site. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to predict through which communication channels it is best to attract customers. The number of views of the site is a direct connection with the visitors of the resource. You will better understand the target audience, so you will be able to better target your advertising. Comparing competing sites reveals good solutions that can be used and improved in your project.

Getting backlinks

Whatever method of analysis you choose, focus on backlinks. This is a link from various resources that lead to your site. Getting backlinks (link building) is an important ranking criterion that lets you know how other resources link to you and thus express trust. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not use black methods of buying a lot of links.

How to find competitors' links? You can use one of the following services:

  • Serpstat
  • Ahrefs SiteExplorer
  • Majestic Site Explorer
  • LinkPad
  • Monitor Backlinks

Each of the services offers a set of tools to find out the links of competitors and check the quality of links from both their own and competitors.

Comparative analysis of competing sites is a set of measures, and should not be limited to SEO analysis. You can monitor the actions of a competitor on various media channels and social networks. Not only does optimization affect the success of a project. There are external factors such as seasonality, price, discounts, and offers. Competitive analysis is an opportunity to expand your business and gain audience loyalty compared to other market players.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)SEO analysis of competitors
SEO analysis of competitorsfrom 5000-
SEO auditfrom 20000-
SEO promotion of an online storefrom 16000from 7000
SEO promotion of a young sitefrom 16000from 7000
SEO promotion of appsfrom 16000from 7000
SEO of an English-language sitefrom 40000from 80000
Promotion on Google Mapsfrom 16000from 7000
SEO promotion of a site to the TOP 10from 27000from 10000

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1. Why should you conduct competitor analysis?
The analysis allows you to get information about the advantages and disadvantages of competitors and about the strategy of promoting the site. With this data, it will be easier for you to develop your development strategy. User surveys, a secret shopper, research of competitors' sites and social networks, market statistics, and visiting thematic events will help collect data.
2. How often do you need to conduct an SEO audit of competitors?
You should conduct the analysis of competitors and your resources with a certain frequency because promotion methods are being improved, and your competitors are definitely using new knowledge and implementing new tools. We recommend conducting an SEO analysis of competitors and reviewing the semantic core at least twice a year.
3. What does the SEO competitor analysis service include?
SEO analysis includes analysis of competitors' keywords and their semantics, analysis of site structure for logic and convenience, and analysis of content quality and design. You can use this data to update your data, develop the site structure, improve links, and generate new ideas.
4. How much does an SEO audit of competitors cost?
The cost of the service is calculated individually, as the final amount depends on several factors, such as business goals, market complexity and the level of competition. Leave a request for an individual consultation to get the best offer for your project and the exact price for an SEO audit, and also find out the cost of other site promotion services, for example, link building.
5. What will I get as a result?
As a result, you will receive a structured list of keywords used by your competitors on the site, find out their strengths and weaknesses, and changes in the promotion strategy. This data will help you generate new ideas for copywriting and crowd marketing, and generally update your promotion strategy.
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