Promotion of a new site

The Internet is a place where many companies compete to be noticed. Therefore, companies need an effective strategy for promoting a new website in search engines. If you want to attract more visitors to your recently created web resource, you should know what a young site is and how search engines react to it.

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Promotion of a new site

Young sites are new sites on new domains or new sites on old domains, where the server's responses were 404 Not Found.
Promotion of a young site – is a set of actions aimed at increasing the traffic of the resource by target users. It is a complex work, full of obscurities and shrouded in many myths. We have collected tips for promoting a young site that will help make your web resource as relevant and popular as possible on the World Wide Web.

Invest your efforts and resources in the SEO promotion of a new site

For search engines to notice your website, you need to strategically use keywords and launch an SEO campaign using different techniques that help you organically increase your rankings.

To do this, you need to:

Client: Digital menu generation site for restaurants

  • Traffic growth from 0 to 1300 per month
  • 70% of the semantic core in the TOP 10
  • Technical optimization carried out

    Keep in mind that the search promotion of a new site on Google is a non-immediate process

    It will take time to get a lot of links, prepare, and post quality and popular content. The domain should have at least a little history. All this will help earn the trust of search engines. For this purpose, the SEO specialist collects links from reputable resources, buys the right ones, posts anchors, and publishes optimized texts on special forums and thematic blogs.

    Pay attention to SEO optimization of a young site

    The new site is a blank slate, a medal with two sides: on the one hand, you can organize everything correctly at the start, and on the other hand, it takes time to work out all the nuances and get to the TOP of the search engine.

    Remember that if a new site seems suspicious and incomprehensible to search engines, any effort to promote it will be ineffective.

    Therefore, it is important to follow these steps:

    Follow the site promotion algorithm

    It doesn't matter if it is a step-by-step plan written and worked out by you or an algorithm compiled by specialists. This way, you will be able to avoid mistakes while promoting the site, including the following ones:

    • low-quality tags for page titles;
    • violation of the title hierarchy;
    • duplication of content;
    • deeply hidden links;
    • unfinished site architecture;
    • an insufficient mass of links;
    • lack of SEO tags;
    • excessive advertising.

    Do external optimization of a new site

    It is a long stage during which the specialist works to increase the external mass of links. It has a positive effect on the ranking of your web resource, so the placement of backlinks on third-party sites increases the credibility of any site, especially the new one. A quality profile is based on relevant and helpful links from visited resources that are directly related to your content. Excessive purchase of links is already losing relevance and may lead to sanctions from search engines. That is why it is better to rely on the quality rather than the number of domains used.

    Continuing the conversation, we should mention the main principles of promoting a young site, namely:

    1 Start optimization before launching the new site. Check the texts for uniqueness, add internal links between pages, and write human-readable URLs and server response codes.

    2 Content is the building block of your new site. It is worth investing in it at all stages of site promotion.

    3 Titles are very important. They are directly dependent on business goals and niches.

    4 What matters is the quality, not the number of link masses. The authority of the resource plays a key role for Google.

    5 Be prominent. If you want to improve the ranking of a young site, other sites should regularly mention your brand/product/service.

    6 Say no to spam. They make the site suspicious for search engines.

    7 SEO localization increases the chances of finding your customers. Add the company name, address, phone number, and label on the map to the site; provide information about the company and business specialization.

    8 Add your young site to local business listings. It will allow Google to recognize it as legal and legitimate.

    9 Monitoring, monitoring and once again monitoring keywords. Track keywords and evaluate the success of search engine promotion of the new site. It helps in making business development decisions.

    10 The site is your key marketing center. Constantly work on improving the content of your site. The resource must meet both user requests and current advertising trends.

    Now that we have considered all the key features of promoting a new site, it remains to find out the price of its promotion on Google. Cost depends on the niche, scale, and specialization of your business. Contact our specialists, and they will audit your site as soon as possible, make a promotion plan and promote the young site in Kyiv and Ukraine at the best prices.

    Services prices

    ServiceMedia budget (UAH)Promotion of a new site
    Promotion of a new sitefrom 16000from 7000
    SEO promotionfrom 16000from 7000
    Technical audit of a sitefrom 20000-
    Promotion of the website of an online storefrom 16000from 7000
    SEO analysis of competitorsfrom 5000-
    SEO of appsfrom 16000from 7000
    Promotion of a site in Englishfrom 40000from 80000
    SEO promotion on Google Mapsfrom 16000from 7000
    Promotion of a site to the first positionsfrom 27000from 10000

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    1. What is included in the promotion of a young site?
    The young resource promotion service includes SEO audit, correction of technical errors, a compilation of a semantic core, competitor analysis, structure development, internal and external optimization of the site (link building and crowd marketing), filling pages with content, and keyword control. Leave a request for an individual consultation to learn more!
    2. How does the SEO of a young site work?
    In this case, site optimization works similarly to the standard situation: specialists conduct an analysis of competitors' sites, develop a convenient and logical structure, perform internal linking for users, fill pages with helpful content relevant to the semantic core, create an attractive design, and improve usability.
    3. How much does SEO promotion of a young site cost?
    The cost is calculated individually depending on the package of services, which is selected based on your business goals and niche features. The price is formed based on the amount of time spent by specialists on tasks for your project. Order an individual consultation to learn more!
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