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SEO promotion – is some actions whose goal is to improve website ranking, namely increasing its visibility in search engine results. Optimization works consist of several stages and conducting a detailed SEO audit is one of the first.

What is SEO website audit

SEO audit (complex website analysis) is a list of works whose goal is to detect different errors, problematic and weak website sides which can be growth spots. Based on conducted audit, specialist prepares a list of recommendations for problem-solving.

Search SEO audit allows assessing promotional works of your contractors, form or adjust promotional strategy in order to improve website ranking, its attendance and increasing conversions/sales.

When SEO audit is necessary

Detailed website audit is the first and obligatory stage at the beginning of complex website promotion even if it is a new website, it’ll be easier to promote it after problem solving.

Website SEO analysis is necessary in such cases:

Website is in the development process or was recently launched.

Website was promoted but without visible results.

If the website has not been used for a long time.

For improving website development strategy.

Search website audit from the very beginning allows counting all important promotional factors, implement all necessary elements before its launching, assess its preparation for further SEO works. Analysis of website pages, business theme and competitors, external and internal audit allows finding problematic spots on the website, detect and solve problems that were done by previous contractors and thus improve resource’s ranking.

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What will you get by ordering
website audit service

After professional SEO website audit from Lanet CLICK you will get a report with such information:

  • list of technical errors and problems with recommendations about its solving;
  • analysis of your target audience and user’s behavior on the website;
  • list of recommendations on internal optimization;
  • list of recommendations on external optimization;
  • SEO analysis of competitors: you will find out their strengths and weaknesses, what of their experience should be adopted;
  • detailed strategy of search website optimization;
  • fresh look from the side and a new vision of your project and its promotion.

All of these will allow building a solid foundation for your business — to form a maximum effective promotion strategy of your resource with economy budget expenses and extreme increase of search results position.

Special features of SEO audit

There is a superficial audit when you can analyze a website on your own by checking titles and pages’ descriptions and presence of keywords and deep audit which requires a professional approach, use of modern instruments and knowledge of actual search engines algorithms and promotional tendencies.

Deep website analysis for errors consists of several stages: technical website audit, audit of internal and external optimization, website usability analysis — how much website is convenient for users.

Checklist of website testing looks like:

  • checking indexation speed;
  • сhecking downloading speed;
  • testing websites’ functionality in different browsers;
  • checking correctness of displaying code and links, especially redirects;
  • checking the presence of doubled or empty pages;
  • testing website productivity — which load it is able to withstand at one time point;
  • checking user’s graphic interface;
  • testing website’s safety.

Internal website optimization audit

Learning all aspects which influence site ranking more or less: site structure, content uniqueness and relevancy, indexation indicators and metadata, service folders and many other factors. Internal audit allows realizing what requires primary optimization according to actual requirements of search engines, create working plans and determine terms.

External website optimization audit

Analyzing current number of website links and anchor list, donor’s quality, link accumulation history. Analyzing user’s behavior to realize traffic source and detect the best promotion channels. In case of wrong strategy of increasing links to website, it may become a subject of search engine sanctions that’s why it is important to solve problems and create new promotion strategy.

Website audit cost

The cost of visiting card-sites, service website and online store audit can differ as it depends on project’s difficulty and work volume — website size and number of factors which should be processed. The price is also influenced by the subject of the project or business niche. At the same time, only the audit service is evaluated, without implementation of our recommendations.

Services prices

ServiceMedia budget (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
SEO audit of a sitefrom 20000-
SEO promotionfrom 16000from 7000
SEO promotion of an online storefrom 16000from 7000
Promotion of a new sitefrom 16000from 7000
SEO niche analysisfrom 5000-
ASO promotion from 16000from 7000
Promotion of an English-language sitefrom 40000from 80000
Promotion on Google Mapsfrom 16000from 7000
Promotion of a site to the TOP of Googlefrom 27000from 10000

You can order a full SEO audit of any site in our digital agency Lanet CLICK, where your site will be engaged to real pros in promotion, who will deeply study your business and the business of competitors, and provide recommendations that really work.

Leave request for individual consultation, during which you will learn the approximate prices for audit, evaluate examples of our work — successful cases of SEO audit, as well as receive initial recommendations for your project.


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1. What is included in an SEO site audit?
The service includes an analysis of the niche and competitors, the strengths and weaknesses of the project, the formation of a development strategy, an external audit of the site (analysis of the mass of links, the number of donor sites, etc.), an internal audit (analysis of the site structure, indexing indicators, checking the compliance of meta tags and content with the semantic core, etc.). As a result, experts eliminate errors and provide a report on the work performed.
2. Why do you need an SEO audit?
The audit will help you understand which gross technical errors prevent the effective SEO promotion of your site, fix them and form a development strategy to return or take the top positions in the search engine results. It will also help you increase search traffic and visits to your site and, therefore, conversions, leads, and sales.
3. What programs and services are used for a technical audit?
We use the following programs and services: Serpstat, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Seranking, and Majestic. All of them have proven themselves as reliable multifunctional tools for site analysis, and each of our specialists knows any of these programs. Leave a request for a consultation to learn more about how we conduct an audit!
4. What will I get as a result?
You will receive a report on the work done with comprehensive answers about the reasons why your website is not growing, recommendations for internal and external optimization (link building), SEO analysis of competitors, and a fresh look at promoting your project. Order a consultation with our specialist to find out more!
5. Will you provide services to fix the technical audit of the site?
Yes, we provide error correction services, but this is not included in the list of audit works. This service can be ordered as part of a package of services for the promotion on the Internet, which may include copywriting, crowd marketing, and other types of work. Order an individual consultation to choose the best option for cooperation.
6. Is it possible to promote a website without correcting the errors found in the audit?
It is not recommended because gross technical errors made during the development of the site structure and its initial content will prevent the site from ranking in search engines and reduce the effectiveness of all further promotion work. To find out more, order an individual consultation from our specialist.
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