Technical audit of the site

A technical website audit is a comprehensive analysis of the optimization of your website, allowing you to identify technical problems and areas of growth for the website
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Why do you need an SEO audit of website optimization

Errors in technical website optimization can lead to a decrease in traffic.


According to statistics, 40% of websites have errors that can lead to reduced visibility in search engines. Also, 67% of users leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Unoptimized sites lose 20+% of traffic.


To minimize the risks of loss of traffic due to errors in technical site optimization, we suggest you order a comprehensive technical audit of the site from our company.

What is included in the SEO audit service

Internal site optimization audit

We study aspects that affect ranking: site structure, relevance and uniqueness of content, indexing indicators and metadata, service folders, etc. An internal audit allows you to understand what needs primary optimization.

Audit of external site optimization

We analyze the current number of links to the web resource and anchor list, the quality of donors, and the history of link accumulation. We study user behavior. This gives an understanding of where the traffic to the site is coming from and shows the best promotion channels.

The cost of services

Surface SEO audit

Checking the HTML code for compliance
Content analysis
Metatag audit
Checking for alt images
Site loading speed
Check for mobile-friendly
The number of site donor domains
Site anchor list
Keys by which the site is ranked
Concise analysis of competitors
Site development strategy
General recommendations

When is it necessary to conduct SEO analysis of the site

It is advisable to conduct an SEO analysis of the site in the following cases:

The site is under development or has recently been launched

If the web resource has not been used for a long time

The site was progressing but without a significant result

In order to improve the SEO strategy

After changing the SEO specialist or digital agency

Regularly monitor the situation

After significant revisions to the web resource

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What will you get by ordering website audit service

As a result of a professional SEO audit from Lanet CLICK, you will receive a report with the following information:

– list of technical errors and problems with recommendations about its solving;
– analysis of your target audience and user’s behavior on the website;
– list of recommendations (external and internal SEO of the site);
– SEO analysis of competitors: you will find out their strengths and weaknesses, what of their experience should be adopted;
– a specific strategy for website promotion;
– fresh look from the side and a new vision of your project and its promotion.

A full audit will allow you to build a solid foundation for your business – to form the most effective resource promotion strategy with economical spending of the budget and rapid growth of the site’s position in the search results.

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We are often asked

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about SEO audit

What is a site audit?

SEO site audit is a check of the site content for technical errors, as well as checking the site for compliance with current search engine requirements. The problem and weaknesses of the site are its growth areas.

When do you need an SEO site audit?

A detailed technical audit is the first and mandatory stage at the beginning of comprehensive SEO of a website, even if it is a young resource because after eliminating the problems it will be easier to promote it.

Why do you need an SEO audit?

The audit will help you understand which gross technical errors prevent the effective SEO promotion of your site, fix them and form a development strategy to return or take the top positions in the search engine results. It will also help you increase search traffic and visits to your site and, therefore, conversions, leads, and sales.

What programs and services are used for a technical audit?

We use the following programs and services: Serpstat, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Seranking, and Majestic. All of them have proven themselves as reliable multifunctional tools for site analysis, and each of our specialists knows any of these programs. Leave a request for a consultation to learn more about how we conduct an audit!

Will you provide services to fix the technical audit of the site?

Yes, we provide error correction services, but this is not included in the list of audit works. SEO audit with the implementation of recommendations available as part of a package of services for promoting a resource on the Internet, which may also include copywriting, crowd marketing and other types of work. Order an individual consultation to choose the best option for cooperation.

Is it possible to promote a website without correcting the errors found in the audit?

It is not recommended because gross technical errors made during the development of the site structure and its initial content will prevent the site from ranking in search engines and reduce the effectiveness of all further promotion work. To find out more, order an individual SEO audit consultation from our specialist.

What is the cost of a website audit?

The cost of an SEO audit depends on the type of site, the number of pages on the site, the complexity of the project, and the scope of work – the size of the site and the number of parameters that need to be worked out. The price is also affected by the topic of the project or business niche. At the same time, the price of the service includes only an SEO audit, without implementing the recommendations we propose.

A search audit allows you to evaluate the work of your promotion contractors, formulate or adjust an SEO strategy for website promotion in order to improve its ranking, traffic and increase conversions/sales. Checking the site for errors, high-quality data collection and analysis before launching promotion is the key to the success of your project and a high ranking of the site in the search results.


There is a superficial audit, when you can independently analyze the site, checking titles and page descriptions and the presence of the necessary keywords from the semantic core of the site, and a deep audit, which requires a professional approach, the use of modern tools, and knowledge of current search engine algorithms and promotion trends site in organic search.


An in-depth analysis of a site for errors consists of several stages: a technical audit, an audit of external and internal optimization, and an analysis of the site’s usability – how convenient it is for the user.


Site adaptability checklist:


  • Site code analysis;
  • Analysis of the site structure;
  • Analysis of the semantic core (if available);
  • Analysis of the content part (texts, titles, meta-tags);
  • Checking server response codes;
  • Download speed test;
  • Check for compliance with ranking factors.



You can order a comprehensive turnkey website audit and other SEO services from our digital agency, Lanet CLICK, where your website will be taken care of by real promotion professionals who will deeply study your business and the businesses of your competitors and provide recommendations that really work.


The deadline for performing a complex technical audit of the site is from 15 working days.