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UX/UI design

Intuitive and user-friendly website design with appropriate brand aesthetics helps attract users, increase sales, and leave a bright and pleasant impression in the client’s memory.

You can order UX/UI design development from us on favorable terms. Our experienced specialists will analyze the target audience, create several concepts, help you choose the best one, and test the design. The result will be a good, modern, convenient, and, most importantly, conversion website.

What clients get when ordering a service from us:

UI/UX design works effectively
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For greater efficiency, you can order one of the following services:


Promotion of the web resource, improvement of interaction with it, and reduction of the bounce rate.


Increasing conversions on the site, the time spent, and pages per visit.

Stages of work

UI/UX site design services include:

of the brief

Formation of the structure

Creation of several concepts

Analysis and selection of the best design

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Why you can’t do without UI UX design


A website is part of a brand’s identity and an important platform for establishing digital communication with the customer. An analysis of the audience and the company’s identity allows you to create a visually beautiful and convenient site for users.


Note that UI and UX should be used together. After all, practice proves that an aesthetic but uncomfortable site or a convenient but boring one equally makes a negative impression and forms an unpleasant user experience.


What client companies say about us

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We are often asked

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about UX/UI design

Which is better, web design or UX/UI design?

Both directions are important and necessary to create a good product. However, the choice of a specific direction depends on the goal you set for your project. If you need a beautiful and user-friendly interface that is quickly accepted by users, you need web design. If you want to create a product that meets the needs of users and offers an intuitive interface, then you should order UX/UI design.

What affects the cost and term of UI/UX design development?

The cost and duration of UI/UX design development depend on several factors: the complexity of the project, the level of experience of the designer, quality requirements and testing the product on users to determine which design will be the most effective, the size of the team (the cost and speed of work depend on the number of involved specialists), deadlines (the less time, the more expensive), and the level of detail of the technical task for the development of UX design (the more detailed the technical task, the easier and faster the designer will be able to complete the work).

How important is UI/UX design to a product?

It is worth ordering UI/UX design because it is a very important aspect of the product, as it directly affects the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). A well-thought-out and high-quality design helps the user easily and intuitively understand how to use the product, which increases user satisfaction and reduces the likelihood of product abandonment.

Which is more important, UI or UX?

UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are two important aspects of design that are necessary to create a quality and successful product. Ideally, they should work together to create a complete user experience. Without an attractive product appearance, users may not want to use it, and without a convenient and intuitive user interface, the product may become ineffective and unusable. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to both UI and UX design and create products that satisfy the needs of users.

I want a design. What is required of me?

To order the services of a site designer, you need to consider the following points: study the target audience, determine the goals and objectives of the product, and draw up a detailed technical task with the definition of terms and cost. For the development of high-quality design, it is necessary to turn to professionals – the Lanet CLICK team. We have experience working on similar tasks and are ready to provide a portfolio of our work.


UX/UI design

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What are UX UI design


UX and UI design belong to the field of the development of websites, mobile applications, and other digital products.


UX (user experience) design is the process of designing a product, taking into account the user’s interaction with it, with the aim of creating the most comfortable and convenient product to use. The UX design process includes analyzing target audience needs, creating prototypes, testing them on real users, and optimizing the user interface for maximum usability of the product.


UI (user interface) design involves creating the visual component of a product, including interface design elements, colour palettes, fonts, icons, etc. It is worth ordering UI design to make the product visually attractive and understandable for the user.


Both of these processes are important for creating a high-quality and user-friendly product. UX design helps make a product functional and easy to use, while UI design makes it attractive and pleasing to the eye.


Why UI/UX design are important for your business


UI/UX design is an important part of business in today’s world because it directly affects the user’s interaction with digital products such as websites, mobile applications, software, and others.


Quality UI/UX services can help businesses achieve the following goals:


  • UI/UX design can engage users and convince them to take desired actions, such as purchasing products or services, subscribing to mailing, etc.
  • The more convenient and easy-to-use a product is, the more likely it is that users will remain satisfied and use the product on an ongoing basis. It can increase the level of customer loyalty and the market share of a business on the Internet.
  • Good UX design can significantly reduce the time required to train users, which will reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the site.
  • Good web design can reduce the number of customer support calls and increase the level of self-service, which will reduce user support costs.
  • A high-quality interface design can help you stand out among competitors, which can increase brand awareness and attract new users.


Design development is an art, which is a key factor in creating a successful and competitive business in today’s world.


Order UI/UX design development in Lanet CLICK


There are several reasons why you should order UI UX website design in Lanet CLICK:


  1. Qualified assistance in determining project requirements for its productive advancement.
  2. Positive customer reviews, extensive work experience, and a strong team indicate that it is worth ordering a web design in Lanet CLICK.
  3. An individual approach and effective methodology that bring visible results in a short period of time.
  4. Development of a detailed plan of work on the project and regular reporting on completed volumes.


Any company with any budget can afford to order design development in Lanet CLICK. We will prepare individual layouts at a comfortable price.