ASO optimization

Just imagine that you have created a mobile application, added it to App Store and Google Play Market, but what would you do next? ASO optimization will come to the rescue here. App Store Optimization is a complex of actions to work with application’s optimization for raising in the TOP of App Store and Google Play Market.

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Differences from SEO

ASO promotion partly reminds SEO promotion. Like in SEO, the goal of ASO is increasing the positions of apps in the rank and the number of organic installations. But at the same time, they have some differences:

Different search principles: users search for apps in the stores, not in the same way as the answers to questions in search systems and it affects the principles of mobile application promotion

Limited number of characters which can be used in metadata for indexation in ASO promotion of applications.

What tasks does ASO optimization solve

ASO promotion allows solving such tasks:

Increasing the visibility of mobile application in search on APP Store and Play Market.

Getting an increase in installations on APP Store and Play Market.

Raising of positions by keyword phrases/words.

Improving conversions.

Increasing the attractiveness of application in the eyes of the audience.

Increasing the level of profits.

Advantages of App Store Optimization

There is a high risk of losing the biggest and relatively cheap marketing channel for app promotion without ASO. Moreover, ASO optimization has a list of advantages:

  • increases «visibility» of apps on APP Store и Play Market

  • helps to find users interested in product

  • increases the level of organic installations of application done by real people on their own initiative
  • reduces the cost of audience engagement;

  • increases the level of profits by constantly increasing installations of application.
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in Google Play Market

in App Store

App Store and Google Play are look alike but arranged differently. That’s why SEO of mobile applications should take into account the features of the platform. ASO optimization of applications on Android includes:

  1. Naming. It should not be too long and at the same time as simple and clear as possible.
  2. Description.While creating a description, focus on users’ interests and the benefits of the program.
  3. Category. Play Market has 53 categories. Choose the category where the product will be placed very precisely.
  4. Icons. It is better when they are easy to remember and do not have unnecessary text.
  5. Screenshots. Adding screenshots to the page is not required, but at the same time it can effectively highlight the application among others, and thus contributes to promotion.
  6. Promo video. In Google Play Market you can add small videos for each language.
  7. Page localization. Make a quality translation of texts, because automatic translation from Play Market is often incorrect.
  8. Interaction with users. The store's algorithms focus on a combination of ratings, downloads and views, so don't forget to keep in touch with users.

Promotion in App Store reminds promotion in Google Play but has its own features:

  1. Naming. It should not be too long as there is a subheading that can be seen both on the application page and search card.
  2. Description. If it influences promotion in Google Play, now it doesn’t. But still it is necessary to write it. It is enough to write a couple of proposals with clear descriptions of functions and advantages of product (application).
  3. Category. App Store has in two times fewer categories, namely, 25.
  4. Icons. Similar to Google Play Market.
  5. Screenshots. It is possible to place up to 5 screenshots, but only the first three will be seen in the catalog.
  6. Promo video. For App Store Optimization it should be short and universal as it is available only for one localization.
  7. Page localization. It is better to prepare professional translations as they influence ranking.
  8. Keywords. It is phrases up to 100 characters which describe app as precisely as possible. They are available only for App Store.
  9. Communication with user. Regularly motivate them to rate apps and give feedback about application’s work.

Follow these guidelines for the most effective promotion.

How much does SEO optimization cost

The cost of ASO optimization depends on which marketplace will application promotion take place, APP Store or Play Market, and what list of services will be done.

The standard set of works on ASO promotion includes:

  • analysis of competitors;
  • collection of semantic core and its clustering;
  • providing text and graphic organization;
  • drawing of icons;
  • preparing of screenshots;
  • A/B testing.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
ASOfrom 16000from 7000
Analysis of a site for errorsfrom 20000-
SEO of an online storefrom 16000from 7000
Optimization of a young sitefrom 16000from 7000
Analysis of the semantic core of competitorsfrom 5000-
SEO promotion of an English-language sitefrom 40000from 80000
SEO promotion on Google Mapsfrom 16000from 7000
Promotion of a site to the TOP of Googlefrom 27000from 10000

How to order App Store Optimization

ASO is an effective instrument which can make an app popular and increase income.

Specialists of full-cycle digital agency Lanet CLICK have all necessary skills and know effective methods of ASO optimization. Before starting work, Lanet CLICK team makes a detailed analysis of competitors and market situation. A strategy and approaches to promoting applications on APP Store and Play Market are developed based on obtained data.

ASO promotion, like SEO, is a long process. That's why Lanet CLICK SEO specialists provide constant monitoring and control of results as well.

It is very easy to order ASO promotion (application optimization in App Store and Play Market). It is enough to leave a request on the website or directly call the number from the site.

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1. What is ASO?
This is a comprehensive process of optimizing the page of a mobile application, which ensures the visibility of the application in the App Store and Google Play stores for relevant user requests and its promotion.
2. What is included in ASO optimization?
As part of ASO optimization, improvements are made to the appearance of the application and text content: a suitable logo, icons and visuals are selected, screenshots and videos are added, the «correct» name is selected, and a competent and understandable description with keywords is created.
3. How does ASO work?
ASO is similar to SEO for applications. Promotion works on a similar principle: attracting traffic to the application through competent content delivery, with an emphasis on metadata: title, text content with keywords, videos and screenshots.
4. How much does ASO cost?
The cost of the service depends on the choice of a marketplace for promotion and the list of work required to optimize the application. We will be able to offer the optimal solution to the problem after analyzing competitors.
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