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Think about whether you manage Facebook communities correctly for your business. Do you use all the features of social networks, and do you know how to customize targeted advertising for your audience?

To better understand the situation, let's imagine that you need to build a house. You bought a plot of land, delivered building materials, and imagined what everything should look like in the finished version. It is unlikely that you will start building a house on your own (unless you have a specialized education, in which case, a self-built house is a great idea). Most likely, you will entrust the construction to professionals. And now, let's get back to the brand's communication with the audience on social networks, creating a page that sells, and setting up advertising. Like a house, you need to build a brand's public competently — otherwise, everything will fall apart. Entrust this task to professionals — SMM specialists of Lanet CLICK digital agency!

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Find out what the SMM promotion service on Facebook from Lanet CLICK involves and what results you will achieve if you entrust the promotion of your brand on social networks to us.

What does the Facebook promotion service include?


We will conduct a niche analysis for your business. If you've already created a community, we'll analyze its content, audience, and advertising success. As your efforts and resources have been spent, you should get the most out of your investment. Next, you need to analyze the page, ads, and competitors' subscribers. After that, it is necessary to analyze the page, ads, and competitors' subscribers. Once we receive this information, we will be able to launch your page and target exactly your audience.


We will develop a promotion strategy for you. If you have not had a page before, it is important to go through the «quiet start» stage: design the cover and avatar, fill the page with a minimum amount of content (so that it is not empty), fill in the history of your brand, that is designing a Facebook page. When your page is completely packed, you can start advertising and continue to lead the group on Facebook, following the specified frequency of posting.


МWe will set up Facebook ads. Before launching advertising, we develop a promotion strategy with the client and discuss budgets and creativity, as it is important to consider the philosophy and main principles of the brand. Next, we launch several advertising campaigns, usually testing several hypotheses to highlight the basis of your target audience.


We will monitor the effectiveness of customized targeting advertising and promptly make the necessary adjustments. We will collect the spent budgets and the received results in files of internal use. After that, we will discuss them with the client and get the necessary feedback. So your daily strategy improves, your advertising is optimized, and you get more customers for less money.

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Who needs a promotion on Facebook

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Promoting a public Facebook page is needed for almost any business (except forbidden topics), such as residential complexes, construction companies, electronics stores, Internet service providers, and NGOs.

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Promoting the brand on Facebook from Lanet CLICK will help you find your audience on social networks. If we talk about promotion on Facebook, for example, manufacturers of building materials, then it is not difficult to attract an audience with videos. For example, a video of using your paints, tiles, plasters, and other building materials, photos of finished interiors, and publications about the release of new products will be interesting to users.

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If you start advertising your brand on social networks, it is better to start with the business page promotion on Facebook. You will be able to create and link an Instagram business account to it and show ads on two social networks, reaching more potential customers. In addition to promoting the page, you can also order promotion of the group from us. A group (or community) is a space for communication on common topics with identified participants. By creating and promoting communities for your business, you gain a loyal fan base. They are the ones who are more likely to respond to a call to action: go to an event, enter a competition, or sign up for an email newsletter.

What are the benefits
of promoting a Facebook page or group
for your business?

What is the cost of community promotion

The cost of SMM promotion service depends on many factors, which we discuss with each client individually because each business is unique. The price of promotion on Facebook depends on many factors: the frequency of posting, the window of communication with subscribers, the volume of generation of advertising creatives, budgets for advertising campaigns, and more.

We believe that promoting your business on social media should bring a noticeable result (sales/visitors). That is why we will select the optimal tariff for you and create optimized advertising so that you get quality SMM, not for all the money in the world.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Promotion on Facebookfrom 15000from 4000
Promotion of Instagramfrom 15000from 4000
YouTube channel promotionfrom 25000from 10000
Promotion of an account on TikTokfrom 25000-
Promotion of a Telegram channel from 15000from 10000

How to order a promotion on Facebook

It's easy to order promotion of the group from us: call us at the phone numbers listed in the Contacts menu item, write in the chat or order a callback. You can order promotions on Facebook during non-working hours. To do this, leave a request — and we will call you!

We practice an individual and flexible approach with each client. The main thing is to achieve your goals, whether it is promoting the site via Facebook or promoting the page of a local bakery. Want to know what we are capable of? Order a content strategy or audit of your account, and we will be happy to help you!

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1. What business should be promoted on Facebook?
Promotion and advertising on Facebook is suitable for different types of businesses, including the B2B segment, various online stores, private professionals, service companies, and many others with different activities. In addition, to achieve maximum efficiency, you can combine this type of commercial page promotion with others - for example, Instagram promotion, targeted advertising, etc.
2. How to start promoting on Facebook?
Promotion of a Facebook page is a comprehensive process that consists of several main stages. First, you need to create a commercial page or group on the social network, which you will promote in the future. Next, you need to issue it according to all the requirements, and only after that start developing a marketing strategy. The next point of the plan will be the promotion of your product, service, or brand.
3. What is the cost of promotion on Facebook?
The cost of the promotion service on the Facebook social network is formed individually. It depends on many factors, including the features of the advertised brand, product or service, etc. The final price may vary depending on such aspects as the frequency of posting, the way you communicate with subscribers, the number of ad creatives, ad campaign budgets, and many others. To determine the approximate cost of the service, leave a request for a consultation with a specialist.
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