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Who needs LinkedIn promotion, and why?

LinkedIn is an ideal tool for promoting B2B companies as well as businesses with a high average check.


LinkedIn will allow you to form a large number of business contacts

The advantages of LinkedIn are less advertising and, accordingly, a greater level of trust in content, the ability to interact directly with a narrow target audience, and a high level of conversion, compared to other social networks.

Stages of promotion on LinkedIn by Lanet CLICK

The promotion of the page is carried out in four stages:

Niche and target audience analysis

These data will become key elements in the formation of the company's promotion strategy.

Creating a content strategy

It includes, in particular, the development of the rubric, the visual style of the page, and the tone of voice.

Development of a content plan

Based on the approved strategy, we develop a publication plan for the month and prepare materials.

Page management

We regularly publish materials agreed upon with the client, as well as monitor comments and messages.

The cost of services


SMM strategy
Promotion of publications
Posts 12
Dialogues for a day 10
Situational posts up to 2
Video content
Collaboration with bloggers


SMM strategy
Promotion of publications
Posts 20
Dialogues for a day 15
Situational posts up to 4
Video content up to 7
Collaboration with bloggers


SMM strategy
Promotion of publications
Posts 30
Dialogues for a day 20
Situational posts up to 6
Video content up to 15
Collaboration with bloggers

What you will get by trusting us to promote your LinkedIn page

Our SMM specialists will help you:

Form an expert image of the company

Attract the target audience to the page

Increase loyalty to your offers

Stand out from the competition

Build an effective communication channel

What about a comprehensive SMM?

Order management of pages in the most popular social networks, and your business will work to the maximum

78% of people are ready to buy from a company if they had a positive experience communicating with it on social networks, and 55% learn about new brands there. This data best demonstrates the importance and necessity of SMM promotion now. If you still haven’t launched your social networks, we’ll help you!

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What client companies say about us

During the cooperation, the company has proven itself as a professional and reliable partner, and the company's employees have shown high professionalism, creativity, and efficiency in fulfilling the assigned tasks. The professionalism of the specialists in Lanet CLICK LLC ensures the high quality of the services provided.

- Funduk.Ua

During our cooperation, this company won our trust with its impeccable work and responsibility for the final result. All services are provided with high quality and on time. We recommend Lanet Click LLC as a reliable and efficient partner in the field of IT services.

- Kovalska Invest LLC

During the period of cooperation, Lanet CLICK LLC has shown its ability to approach tasks with full responsibility and to perform work of high quality and on time. A distinctive feature of the agency's work is the high level of professionalism, organization of the company's employees, and honesty. They promptly respond to force majeure circumstances and effectively organize the work process. We recommend Lanet CLICK for cooperation as a reliable and stable business partner!

- JSC Oschadbank

The company has confirmed its professionalism, activity, and competence in performing the assigned tasks. We are satisfied with the work of Lanet Click LLC and recommend the company as a responsible and reliable partner.

- Lanet Network LTD

The company is a reliable partner, and the company's employees are professionals to whom you can entrust the matter and be sure of the quality and timeliness of the services provided. I confirm that the team of specialists at Lanet CLICK LLC ensures the high quality of the services provided.

- IntergalBudInvest

We are often asked

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about promotion on LinkedIn

Who is LinkedIn advertising for?

Advertising on LinkedIn is suitable for professionals, businesses, and organizations that want to attract the attention of a target audience on a professional social network. For example, LinkedIn promotion is suitable for employers who are looking for candidates, freelancers who want to attract customers, or companies that need new partners and clients.

What does LinkedIn promotion do?

Advertising on LinkedIn has several important advantages. It allows you to build a professional network of contacts, demonstrate your expertise, and talk about your achievements. In addition, promotion on LinkedIn creates opportunities to find new customers, partners, and business opportunities, as well as increase the level of recognition and loyalty from a target audience.

How much does it cost to promote on LinkedIn?

The cost of advertising on the LinkedIn social network is determined through an online auction. It makes it possible to independently set competitive rates. Competition with other advertisers seeking to reach a similar target audience continues after the ad is launched. To find out the exact cost of setting up LinkedIn advertising from specialists, write or call us.

How to determine the effectiveness of advertising on LinkedIn?

Several indicators can be used to determine the effectiveness of advertising on LinkedIn. First of all, it is important to analyze engagement indicators (the number of views, clicks, and interactions with advertising). Conversions that occur after interacting with the ad should also be evaluated. In addition, it is important to measure ROI (return on investment) to assess cost-effectiveness.

How long does it take to get the first results?

The time it takes to get the first results from LinkedIn advertising can vary depending on several factors. You can usually start seeing results within the first few days or weeks after launching an advertising campaign. However, it often takes longer to achieve significant results, which include customer acquisition or increased sales.

LinkedIn is a social network about business and professional development, where results-oriented people are united.


Advertising on LinkedIn: features

LinkedIn promotion is extremely effective because you can fine-tune your ad campaign to your target audience. Targeted advertising on LinkedIn allows you to determine a number of parameters: location, industry, position, skills, etc. Also, the social network provides detailed analytics that allows you to measure the effectiveness of running ads on LinkedIn — the number of views, clicks, interactions, and conversions. It helps to optimize costs and achieve better results.

Benefits of promoting on LinkedIn
The main advantages of profile promotion on LinkedIn are the variety of advertising formats and the fact that it can be used by both personalities and brands.


What types of ads are available on LinkedIn

Advertising on LinkedIn can be in such different formats, in particular:

  1. Advertising with an image in the feed. It is displayed in the form of an advertising post or post in the feed of the social network, or it can be shown in the application.
  2. Text advertising on LinkedIn. The usual format of ads with information and a link to the site/page in the side menu or above the feed; similar to contextual advertising, only on LinkedIn.
  3. Advertising carousel with images. It allows you to advertise several products at once because it provides for the display of 2 to 10 photos.
  4. Advertising on LinkedIn to attract followers. Shown in the desktop version in the side menu and offers to subscribe to the promoted page.
  5. Advertising in messages. The information is delivered in personal messages to users interested in the product, services, or events.
  6. Targeted advertising on LinkedIn. These dynamic ads, generated on the basis of data from the user’s profile, lead to the site or page of the advertiser.
  7. Conversation ads. Private messages with a button you can click to receive information before taking a targeted action.


Who should order profile promotion on LinkedIn

Promotion on LinkedIn can be useful for different categories of people and organizations. Including:

  • Professionals looking for work. LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional platforms where recruiters and employers actively search for candidates. Advertising on LinkedIn can increase your visibility and your chances of getting the job you want.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners. The social network provides an opportunity to build professional connections, expand contacts, and attract new clients or partners. Promotion of the company on LinkedIn will make this process more effective and faster.
  • Experts and specialists. LinkedIn allows you to showcase your expertise and share your accomplishments in your field. It will be easier to build a professional reputation with LinkedIn profile promotion.
  • Companies. Promotion of the company on LinkedIn provides better opportunities for building a brand, promoting goods and services, attracting specialists to the team, and establishing partnership relations.