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to the TOP

The TOP of search results is what the user sees the first while searching for information on a specific query. And exactly these links the most users interested in a product usually follow. Therefore, website promotion to the TOP-5 is necessary for everyone who strives for high indicators and long-term results.

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Website promotion to the TOP-10

This refers to the website optimization and promotion on first positions in the Google search results. When the website reaches the TOP-1-3-5-10, it becomes visible to the target audience, thanks to which its traffic and reputation increase. It is important that websites in the TOP cause greater trust in users.

Order website promotion to the TOP

Website optimization and promotion to the TOP-5 of search results has the following advantages:

free transitions to the site;

quality targeted traffic;

increase in regular customers;

flexible requests' selection;

improving the technical condition of the site;

improving the usability of the site;

long-term results;

affordable cost of services.

The effect from website promotion
to the TOP

According to statistics, most users do not study sites outside the TOP-10 of search results because they consider the content of these resources to be less relevant. Thus, the first positions in the issue significantly increase the level of users' trust and attract their attention. This requires website promotion on the Internet.

In the conditions of high competition in the niche, optimization and promotion to the TOP will ensure maximum visibility of the resource, and this is very important because then the probability that the consumer will choose you, and not a competitor, increases.

Who is suitable for website promotion
to the TOP

Optimization and search promotion to the TOP-3 is necessary for most projects that have a website on the Internet, but it is especially recommended for image websites, those that sell products for a narrow target audience, as well as websites without the ability to significantly change content.

Features of website promotion on top positions

Website promotion to Google's TOP consists of the external and internal optimization of the resource. Internal optimization allows you to eliminate technical errors, work on weak points, improve the structure and design and website's usability. External website optimization allows you to increase the number of links, visibility and resource's trust index. To understand in detail how website promotion works, you should order an individual consultation with our specialist.

Why do you need to order website promotion to the TOP from us

The success of website promotion to the TOP is in teamwork

We achieve excellent results and first positions in the issue thanks to a professional approach and efficient work organization.

A team of specialists works on each project:

  • SEO specialist. Basic work related to website promotion and optimization, creation of technical tasks for other team members.
  • Link builder. Selection of websites and link placement in accordance with the strategy of external promotion.
  • Copywriter. Writing texts for promoted pages.
  • Project manager. Communication with the client on all issues.

What is included to the TOP-10 SEO promotion service

The cost of website promotion
to the TOP-10

The cost of the service depends on the volume of work, set goals and the terms of their achievement. Also, the following factors affect the final price for website promotion to TOP:

  • website's type and the number of its pages;
  • promotion region;
  • the level of competition in the niche;
  • the volume of semantic core;
  • resource promotion history;
  • its technical condition.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Promotion of a site to TOPfrom 27000from 10000
SEO promotion from 16000from 7000
Checking a site for errors from 20000-
SEO of an online storefrom 16000from 7000
SEO promotion of a young sitefrom 16000from 7000
Technical SEO analysis of competitorsfrom 5000-
ASO of an app from 16000from 7000
Promotion of an English-language site on Googlefrom 40000from 80000
Promotion of a site on Google Maps from 16000from 7000

To find out how much the website promotion to the TOP-10 costs, leave a request for a callback!

In what time the result is achieved

If you follow all the recommendations of the SEO specialist, you can get the first results of the website promotion to the TOP-10 of search engines already in 4 months after the start of work.

Our cases

We have worked in various business niches, and below you can familiarize yourself with our selected cases of SEO website promotion to the TOP-10 before ordering our service.

You can order website promotion to the TOP in Lanet CLICK digital agency by leaving a request for consultation. Tell us about your goal, and we will choose the best solution for your project!

Order website promotion to the TOP
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