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Contextual Advertising (PPC) on Google

The service is also known as PPC, context advertising, or contextual advertising. Its main goal is to attract targeted traffic to the site, which will be converted into customers.

This is a type of advertising on the Internet in which ads that are relevant to the content attract users to the site. In this case, payment will be made for the "click" of users interested in your service.

Contextual advertising is very effective because it allows you to single out your target audience and show them your product or service. Specialists use the following services to create and configure advertising campaigns: Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) and Begun.

You should order contextual advertising from us, because our specialists have Google Ads certificates confirming their knowledge and skills in working with PPC. We know how to set up and place ads on Google to make it most effective for your business.

Example of contextual advertising

To understand what contextual advertising (PPC) is and how it works, we suggest you consider the example of PPC in Google.

If you enter a query in the search bar and click on the "Find" button, you will see a page where the first few and last items of search results will be marked "Advertising" (usually four positions above the organic issue and three below). You've probably also seen videos on YouTube with banners over the timeline. They also include videos labeled "Ads", which are sometimes shown before the video.

How does a search engine or service determine what to show a concrete user? It is based on the analysis of human activities in the network, in particular based on his search queries (keywords). If you search for concrete products or services on the Internet, you will see ads that meet these queries for a while.

But you don't have to know the details of how the tool works in order to use it - you can order contextual advertising in Lanet CLICK, and only control the budgets and results of campaigns.

The principle of contextual advertising in search engines is encrypted in the abbreviation: PPC translates as pay per click (for conversions of the interested user on your link). The price depends on the position of the ad. Determining the position is the result of an auction. In addition, the average Сost Per Click on Google Ads will vary depending on your business (niche competition, prevalence, demand for a product or service).

Contextual advertising service and its benefits

It is worth mentioning such an advantage as increasing brand awareness. Google Ads allows you to customize your campaign based on some branding features. For example, you may not pay per click but pay per 1000 impressions (CPM). The brand name should also be on the banner ad.

Thus, your site will receive such benefits as branding, increased sales, lead generation (user registers, leaves an application, fills out a form, etc.), increased traffic to your site, and converting it into customers.

Thus, if you decide to order contextual advertising, you will get such advantages as: branding, increased sales, lead generation (a user registers, leaves an application, fills out a form, etc.), increases traffic to your site and converts it into customers .

We offer to order contextual advertising of such types

Text ads are ads that appear on your query list (the first and last few items). Such an ad will be labeled "Advertising." In essence, this is the text in which the contextual link is placed. It is worth noting that such a link can be open or in the form of a piece of text. Ordering contextual advertising of this format is useful for any business.
Banner advertising is advertising in the form of a visual image (banner). Placement is possible on partner sites that use AdSense units. These include static (simple) images, dynamic images (mini-animation, gifs), and interactive banners (offer the user to interact: to click at some point on the banner, etc). You should order contextual banner advertising if you want to attract the attention of a partner audience and are ready to pay attention to creating creatives.
Video advertising is a video that appears in other videos on YouTube and on partner sites. Should you order contextual advertising in video format? We can answer this in an individual consultation.

Let's consider separately such a type of PPC advertising as remarketing. Remarketing in the Google Adwords contextual advertising service is an effective tool that allows you to interact with the audience that visited your site before. When the target audience sees the ad, the probability of following it to the site is high enough.

Remarketing helps to solve various problems:

  • increase the demand for goods and services offered by your site;
  • branding;
  • revisiting the site by users, which means increasing conversions.

Remarketing allows you to propose the user pages of interest to him.

Contact Lanet CLICK to get a comprehensive consultation on the topic and order contextual advertising (PPC) and remarketing from certified specialists!

You can order such contextual advertising

Contextual media networks

reach the widest audience to target your queries. It is a list of partner resources that work with the Google Ads system under the contract and provide platforms for placement (integration) of PPC advertising.

Search network

On the search network, your ads will appear directly on Google search results. It works like this: the user enters a search query containing keywords, the search engine identifies the ad with the relevant text and shows it along with other search results.

You can also select ads tuned to the search and optimized content network,

which combines the characteristics of the two previous ones. The ads will be displayed to the user both on the search results list and on Google's partner sites. In this case, the system will not show ads to all users but only to those who are more inclined to purchase your offer (this parameter is determined by the system).

Types of contextual advertising

There are several types of PPC: search and thematic.

Search contextual advertising

is shown to users in search engine results and depends on the wording of the search query formulation.

To order contextual search advertising, leave a request in the form below.


Thematic advertising

is displayed on the pages of websites. It complements the information contained on the site page.

To order contextual advertising thematic, leave a request in the form below.

Stages of work on contextual advertising in Google Ads

Our specialists know how to set up contextual advertising that meets the needs of your business. The PPC setup process involves customer interaction with the contractor. A successful campaign requires:


For example, contextual media advertising campaigns are great for branding and targeting your audience. This strategy also includes remarketing.

If you're interested in promoting your online store, check out the Google Shopping product service. Users are shown banners with information about your products. In this case, the ad relevance is determined not by keywords but by the description in a specially appointed field.

If you don't know which strategy to choose, consult our specialists - they will offer you the best solution, and you can order contextual advertising without fear.

Service prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
1Google advertisingfrom 8000from 20000
2Launch of display advertisingfrom 8000from 20000
3Google Merchant Center settingsfrom 8000from 20000
4Video advertising on YouTubefrom 8000from 20000
5Advertising for mobile appsfrom 8000from 20000
6PPC advertising auditfrom 2500-
7Google Ads settingsfrom 8000from 20000
8Discovery Adsfrom 8000from 20000
9Setting up remarketing campaignsfrom 8000from 20000

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1. What is included in the contextual advertising setting service?
The Google advertising setup service includes SWOT analysis, competitor research, development of a promotion strategy, creation of a semantic core, selection of an extended list of keywords for which customers are searching for you, exclusion of non-target keywords, setting up analytics systems and advertising campaigns, structuring by categories and writing texts for ads.
2. What is the budget per month for contextual advertising?
The average advertising budget depends on the business niche, seasonality, and the presence or absence of periodic spikes in sales and other factors. Therefore, it is difficult to calculate the budget, and at the beginning of the work, specialists can only predict it. Order an audit of contextual advertising to get recommendations and find out the approximate cost of the work.
3. Do you create banners for the Google Display Network?
Yes, we offer a media advertising service. Placing ads on Google Display Network allows you to reach more than 90% of users around the world. The key advantage of banner advertising on GDN is the accuracy and flexibility of settings, thanks to which your ads will be displayed exactly to your target audience. To order contextual advertising in the Display Network, send a request in the form above or call our manager.
4. Why do you need to constantly update your campaigns?
You cannot set up contextual advertising once and for all because later, after collecting statistics, the quality of advertising materials improves, new negative words appear, and lists of prohibited sites in networks are updated. In addition, promotions and special offers appear and disappear, the assortment is updated, demand changes depending on the season, and advertising services are improving. You also need to adapt to changes on the site and also react to the actions of competitors.
5. What is the difference between contextual advertising and targeted advertising?
Contextual advertising is displayed to users in response to Google queries in search engine results. Targeting involves displaying ads to a specific target audience, segmented according to certain parameters. There is another format of advertisements – teaser ads, which attract users with intriguing content. It is recommended for the promotion of consumer goods or specific products. We provide all these services. To order contextual advertising, teaser or targeted, leave a request on the site or call our manager.
6. Where to order contextual advertising?
You can order contextual advertising and setting up an advertising account in the Lanet Click digital agency at a bargain price. Our experts will help you quickly increase sales!
7. How to order contextual advertising?
To order contextual advertising, leave a request in the form on the site or call us. As part of an individual consultation, we will find the best solution for you.
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