Case: SEO promotion of the website
of the Kyiv residential complex comfort class

We brought queries to TOP Google search engines and increased organic traffic and conversions.

Incoming data


Kyiv residential complex comfort class


to return traffic and keywords after changing the structure of the site, strengthening positions on the brand query, and increasing traffic from organic search.

The duration of work:

3 months and 23 days.


At the beginning of the work, the customer removed the pages that bring the site most of the traffic. Also, the site has been transferred from http to https version. There were no meta tags on the pages of the site. The pages were not filled with user content, and relinking was not configured.


  1. Stop the fall of the site by keywords after changing the site structure.
  2. Return the link mass after changing the site structure.
  3. Eliminate technical errors that restrained the growth of the site.
  4. Output of medium and high-frequency queries in the TOP-3 and TOP-10.
  5. Increase conversions.
  6. Improve the visibility of the site in the search engine by keywords.
  7. Search for new site growth points.


  1. Comprehensive SEO (external and internal).
  2. Set redirects from deleted pages.
  3. Eliminate technical errors.

Considering that the site was transferred from HTTP to HTTPS version, there were many technical mistakes. We have compiled a task for their elimination and setting up redirects. We also solved the problem of lost link mass from remote pages by setting up redirects to the relevant new pages.

Stages of work

Fixing technical errors that complicate the indexing of the site and the interpretation of its content by search engines.

Compilation of the semantic core.

Page-by-page meta tags optimization.

Sending for indexing site maps and page-by-page priority categories.

Compiling the technical task for writing texts by our authors and their subsequent publication on the site.

Increasing the mass of links:

- writing and posting press releases on authoritative thematic traffic resources with high DR and high trust;

- placement of crowds links.


Displaying current queries in the leading positions in Google search results.

Significant increase in organic traffic and conversions.

Increasing the number of phrases in the search results TOP-3 and TOP-10.

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