Promotion of Telegram channel

Telegram today is the most popular messenger and download leader among applications. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, many useful features, and reliable data protection. It is also another effective communication channel with the audience for bloggers, businesses, and the media.

Thanks to the wide range of communication opportunities, Telegram has transformed from a simple messenger into an additional social platform where everyone can get the right to vote as the author of a microblog. However, to be heard, it is not enough to create quality content for your channel, you also need to promote it competently. And the Telegram channel promotion service from the Lanet CLICK digital agency will help you with this.

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How does Telegram channel
promotion work

The platform offers three ways to interact with the audience:

You can use these methods separately or in combination if the strategy requires it. Then the promotion of the Telegram channel will be more effective.

For what purposes will the promotion
of the channel on the Telegram be suitable

To communicate with the target audience

Creating an active community around a brand or topic will help you to communicate with TA, including for advertising purposes, collect feedback, and attract traffic to the site.

To increase awareness

The Telegram channel allows you to tell about your brand and arouse the primary interest of users. At the same time, the channel's subscribers are potential customers, who will be easier to push to buy or order a service or other targeted action.

To distribute content

The Telegram channel allows you to convey the necessary information to a wider audience than on social networks, where coverage has fallen, and email newsletters, where the percentage of message views is not so high.

Ways to successfully promote on Telegram

Regular publication of unique content

It is important to publish relevant exclusive content. Such posts help you create an expert image, build audience loyalty, and easily fit into the advertising strategy. We encourage you to consider the frequency of your publications. It is important not to bore the audience and, at the same time, not get lost in the feed among the channels with a higher refresh rate.

Organization of competitions and raffles

Interactive is always in demand. Contests allow you to increase views and traffic to the channel at minimal cost because the prize does not have to be material. It can be a guide or helpful materials.

Advertising from bloggers

It is an effective way to attract new subscribers to the channel and increase brand awareness. Bloggers usually do not advertise directly but use storytelling to submit material, so their advertising looks like a sincere personal recommendation. Promotion of Telegram channels in this way is more effective than PR on other platforms.

Advertising on other social platforms

If you have brand pages on social networks, you can periodically promote the channel and Telegram groups with their help. For example, in a Facebook post or on an Instagram page, you can share a link to a channel, chat, or group on Telegram. This way, you will be able to attract a loyal audience to your channel. But it is important not to duplicate posts on different platforms but to publish unique materials on each of them so that subscribers would be interested to read you everywhere.

To maintain the activity on the channel and the interest of subscribers, to hold competitions and other interactive activities, you need a content plan with a rubricator and a constant generation of ideas for new posts. Creating a content plan, preparing creative materials, and selecting bloggers for collaboration requires a detailed analysis of competitors, niches, and other marketing competencies.

Don't waste your time and money, but trust professionals. Our experienced SMM specialists will promote the Telegram channel and help you achieve your business goals on this platform. You can also order a comprehensive SMM promotion, which includes services such as promotion promotion on Facebook, promotion on TikTok, promotion on Instagram, and targeted advertising on social networks.

How much does it cost
to promote the Telegram channel

The cost of promotion in the Telegram depends on the goals and scope of work. It can be only PR, content filling, or full-fledged channel promotion with a full range of work, which will involve experts from various fields. During the individual consultation, we determine together the goals of channel promotion, terms, cost, and other conditions of cooperation.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Telegram channel promotionfrom 15000from 10000
Promotion of a company on Facebook from 15000from 4000
Promotion of an Instagram accountfrom 15000from 4000
Promotion of videos on YouTubefrom 25000from 10000
Promotion of videos in TikTokfrom 25000

How to order channel promotion in Telegram

To order the channel promotion in Telegram, leave a request for the service on this page or call the numbers listed on the site. The manager will contact you to discuss cooperation and arrange an individual consultation

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1. Who needs Telegram channel promotion?
Among the various promotion methods on social networks, which include advertising on Facebook and Instagram and channel promotion on YouTube, channel promotion on Telegram occupies a special place. This method is suitable for companies with a clear target audience that offer a clear service or product, the feature of which is a wide geography, as well as for companies that offer services and products that the user can order online.
2. How to start promoting a Telegram channel?
Start promoting your Telegram channel with careful preparation. First, you need to find and formulate the main difference, the feature of the advertised channel. For this, you should answer the question: among all the variety of social media channels, why should users read your channel? It can be expertise in a particular topic, a special presentation style, stories about the business from the inside, news on a profile topic, and much more.
3. How much does one Telegram channel subscriber cost?
The cost of one subscriber in Telegram can be different, and it varies depending on the subject of the channel that needs to be promoted. In addition, the final cost is affected by the amount of work performed to achieve the set result. To understand the approximate cost of targeted advertising on Telegram, leave a request on the site for consultation with a specialist.
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