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The marketing strategy of any business, regardless of whether it is an international corporation or a small company, necessarily includes the use of social media, including Instagram. The scale of the company does not matter, and there are practically no restrictions for Instagram business account promotion.

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Advantages of complex Instagram store promotion

The complex promotion of an Instagram reminds of hitting two targets at once. When you order one service, you actually get two — SMM promotion and targeted advertising. They are both aimed at increasing the number of sales for your Instagram store.

Among the key advantages of business promotion on Instagram are the following:

Accurate hitting of the target audience

For example, if you run an advertisement for a clothing store on Instagram, it will be shown only to those who are interested in this offer.

Quick start

Ads will start running as soon as you set up and top up your Facebook Ads account.

Promotion without a website

An Instagram store is enough to sell goods, namely an account filled with photos and product descriptions. To place an order, customers only need to write via Direct.

Extensive coverage

By combining the two services, you will have the opportunity to attract the attention of more potential buyers.


Advertising effectiveness is easy to increase thanks to flexible settings.

Fast A/B testing

Instagram makes it easy to test ads, texts and graphics, CTAs, and target audience segments to choose the most effective advertising campaign.

What business is suitable for Instagram store promotion

Business promotion on Instagram is effective for those types of activities that are visual. In particular, we are talking about:

Tools for promoting an Instagram store

The specialists of the digital agency Lanet CLICK use the following tools to promote the Instagram store:

  • Facebook Ads — setting up and running ads;
  • Iconosquare — evaluation of general page statistics and content planning;
  • TrendHero — search and analysis of bloggers' statistics;
  • Google Trend — analysis of search queries in different countries and regions;
  • Mind42 — search for ready-made mind maps for a project, or create your own maps;
  • Zapier (or similar) — setting up integrations between different services;
  • AdSpy, Poweradspy, BigSpy (and other spy services) — search for creatives by topics or analyze competitors' ads;
  • Ad Library (Facebook ad library) — analysis of competitors' ads;
  • Canva, Crello (and other graphic services) — visualization of ideas and selection of references that help to create a high-quality technical assignment for designers.

The cost of promoting an Instagram store

The cost of Instagram store promotion varies depending on different factors, such as the size of the audience, competition in your market segment, and the number of ads.

To avoid wasting money, create an advertising budget and track the effectiveness of your investments. To do this, monitor the reach, frequency, and number of impressions, clicks, CTR (click-through rate), targeted actions, etc.

How to order a comprehensive promotion of an Instagram store

Instagram store promotion is characterized by flexible settings and prices. Moreover, Instagram has a high growth rate of popularity, which means that your business will never lack customers.

However, the independent promotion of an Instagram store is less effective than the professional work of digital agencies. In order not to waste precious time and resources, we recommend contacting Lanet CLICK. To order services, just contact the contacts listed on the website or fill out the form and wait for a call from our manager.

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