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YouTube service is an apparent leader among platforms which give an opportunity to watch and share videos. Due to numerous advantages, the site is visited by billions of users from different parts of the world every day and that makes the platform especially popular among advertisers.

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How does YouTube advertising work

YouTube video advertising service from Google company integrates advertising video content into the videos of platform users. Advertisements can be shown to viewers before the start of the video or directly in the video like an advertising insertion.

For YouTube advertising, it is necessary first of all to prepare a video or banner which will be presented to the viewer. Creative for promotion should be not only quality and informative but at the same time catch the eye from the first seconds of view. Video advertising can lead to the company’s site or to the group in social networks, Youtube channel or other sites.

Whom and when will suite
YouTube advertising

Who should order YouTube advertising? Platform is suitable for business which searches for effective methods of company’s presentation, brand’s recognition, audience loyalty and attracting conversional traffic. Due to platform’s universality, YouTube advertising will be a perfect solution for promotion of different goods and services from educational courses and events to real estate and even elite cars.

YouTube advertising has a lot of advantages,
in particular:
Minimum entry threshold

It is not necessary to attract a big team of professionals for video filming. It is important to prepare quality text but film and edit video you can even on a smartphone.


Google Ads advertising on Youtube offers a possibility of flexible settings, which allows running personalized videos for different segments of target audience.

Display control

You can independently control the frequency of video displays based on information about displays and views.

Detailed analytics

Due to opportunity of detailed analytics, it is possible to optimize advertising effectively and get maximum quality result of promotion.

Complex professional promotion of YouTube channel will help to speed up project development. This method is popular not only among business users but among bloggers who search for a method to tell about their product to as wide audience as possible. YouTube advertising will help to increase audience and consequently attract advertisers and monetize blog.

All advertising videos before posting go through moderation, during which the video is checked for accordance with requests of the platform. In order to get maximum effectiveness from advertising campaign, it better to ask for help from professionals who will prepare the promotion strategy and professionally set up advertising on YouTube taking into account platform’s requests.

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Youtube advertising formats

There are several major formats of Youtube advertising can be used to promote:

TrueView In-Stream with the possibility of skipping

These are videos of different timing which can be shown in the beginning, end or middle of the video. The video can be skipped after 5 seconds of watching. The timing of the video can be different but professionals recommend limiting it to 3 minutes. Payment can be done per 1000 of displays or per each video in case if the video was shown not less than 30 seconds or was viewed till the end and then the client visited advertiser's site by the link in the video.

TrueView In-Stream without the possibility of skipping

The main difference is an absence of skipping possibility and thus limiting of video duration.

TrueView for Action

It is an ideal option for conversion increasing as the ad includes call to action. User can skip the video. The prices can be installed for following the link or use the strategy «maximum conversions».

TrueView Discovery

Users will be shown an icon of the video and description text. Only after click the video will be shown. Advertisement will be shown among the search results with other similar videos (to the right among recommended content), the payment is made after user’s click.

Screensaver ads

The videos with duration up to 6 seconds or banners can be placed. They are shown before, during or after main video without skipping possibility. The payment is done per 1000 displays.

While choosing an advertisement option, you should take into consideration goals of advertising campaign and the specifics of advertised service or good.

How much does YouTube advertising cost?

There is no single answer to the question of how much YouTube advertising cost, because the price per click depends on the settings chosen by the advertiser. Like other Google advertising, YouTube advertising works on the principles of auction.

Cost of YouTube advertising depends on different factors among which:

  • parameters of target audience;
  • chosen ad type for promotion;
  • activity field.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Advertising on YouTubefrom 8000from 20000
Placing display advertising from 8000from 20000
Google Merchant settingsfrom 8000from 20000
Launch of mobile app advertisingfrom 8000from 20000
Advertising campaign auditfrom 2500-
Setting up a Google Ads advertising campaignfrom 8000from 20000
Google Discovery ad settingsfrom 8000from 20000
Google Ads remarketing settingsfrom 8000from 20000

If you want to buy YouTube advertising, it is better to address specialized agency. This decision will help to avoid additional expenses and numerous problems in promotion.

How to order Youtube advertising

If you need effective advertising of YouTube channels, goods or services promotion, address to Lanet CLICK digital agency. The company brings together first class professionals who know how to set up YouTube advertising quickly and efficiently. Lanet CLICK team will conduct a detailed analysis of target audience and competitors, make a promotion strategy based on gathered information and after that will set up advertisement maximally precisely which will attract target traffic to your resource.


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