TikTok promotion

TikTok is a social network where users publish short videos (up to 15 seconds). If in the beginning TikTok management was an amusement for youth but now it is a powerful promotional instrument. With audience growth, TikTok promotion became very popular and advertisers started to evaluate it as a new distributional channel.

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How does TikTok account promotion work

There is both paid promotion and free. Among free promotional methods is video creation in accordance with latest trends and using top hashtags for their classification. Providing joint live broadcasts can help to increase the number of views and recognizability. The most effective method of paid promotion is TikTok advertising.

Among available TikTok ads formats:

In-Feed Ads is similar to Instagram advertising, is shown to user when he scrolls through section «For you» on main page;

Branded Takeover is a full screen sponsored video which user sees just after opening application;

Branded Effects are different AR filters, stickers and lenses which brand creates;

Branded Hashtag Challenge is sponsored hashtags from TikTok Discover page. It means that brand invents a challenge and sets up advertising. Firstly advertising promotes challenge but than challenge will be promoted in more organic way thanks to people’s activity;

topView is similar to Branded Takeover but user will see it in 5 seconds after opening the application.

Who benefits
from TikTok promotion

TikTok promotion is suitable for B2C sphere and products which will be interesting for the youth audience. Among them:


Mobile applications and games


Gadgets and accessories for them


Educational courses


Services and goods from beauty and sports sphere

Despite that there is both amusement and expert content on TikTok, this promotional channel won’t be effective for B2B field, including financial and insurance sphere.


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Advantages of brand promotion on TikTok

TikTok promotion has a list of advantages:

An opportunity to take a leadership position. For many people TikTok is just an «amusing» platform. But there are more expert videos in the social network, experts’ consultations and other «adult» content, that’s why the earlier you start TikTok promotion, the better are the chances to beat the competitors.

Creating community in a short term. TikTok audience is more likely to get into the communication process with brand, leave likes and comment videos. Additionally your chances to create a loyal community that will become a brand's advocacy are growing.

Audience loyalty. Smart native TikTok advertising is highly evaluated by the audience and allows increasing brand’s recognizability.

How much does TikTok promotion cost:
2023 price

It’s hard to name TikTok management price as many factors can influence it, among them: ads format, set tasks and blogger’s services price. But TikTok promotion price can be approximately calculated. There are special TikTok calculators for this. It is enough to write down the user's name and the system will show the approximate advertising price.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Promotion on TikTokfrom 25000-
Facebook promotion from 15000from 4000
Promotion of an Instagram pagefrom 15000from 4000
YouTube promotionfrom 25000from 10000
Promotion of a Telegram groupfrom 15000from 10000

How to order TikTok promotion

Promoting TikTok account, as in any other social network, involves:

  • Target audience and competitors’ analysis
  • Creating promotional conception
  • Creating an account or using the existing one
  • Regular activity and content filling
  • Setting up and running ads
  • Providing regular analytics
  • Strategy correcting
  • You can promote TikTok on your own or to address the agency. But if TikTok is an absolutely new social network for you and you want to use it for attracting clients, it is better to address professionals.

    Full cycle digital agency Lanet CLICK provides a comprehensive TikTok promotion service. SMM specialists will not only fill in the account but will precisely follow the indicators, involve audience into dialog, run ads and control its effectiveness. Along with TikTok promotion, Lanet CLICK proposes SMM promotion and a list of other services which will help to make your business profitable and successful.

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    1. What business should be promoted on TikTok?
    Advertising on TikTok is a great way to promote your brand without directly incentivizing a purchase. TikTok is perfect for retail, service promotion, and personal branding in any industry. In Ukraine, there are still not many companies represented on this social network, so the competition is small, and there are high chances to bring your videos to the top and form a loyal brand audience.
    2. How to start promoting on TikTok?
    It is a misconception that it is enough to shoot a few creative videos for the success of an advertising campaign. However, for targeted advertising on TikTok to bring the desired results, you need to develop an effective promotion strategy. First, you should conduct a competitor analysis and review popular content in your niche. Then, you can start creating a content plan. Divide the content into several sections and follow the logic of posting on TikTok.
    3. What is the cost of promotion on TikTok?
    The promotion price depends on the niche, the specifics of the advertised goods or services, and the chosen type of advertising. For example, the minimum budget for an ad campaign on TikTok Ads is $50, while for ad groups, it is $20. In the setup process, you can choose the optimal payment option: per click, optimized clicks, impressions, or views. Promotion on TikTok will cost less than advertising on Instagram or YouTube.
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