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Why businesses need advertising on Instagram

More than 16 million Ukrainians use this social network


Advertising will improve business success

You can create an effective ad for any type of company. Flexibility in settings will allow you to show ads exactly to your audience. Also, Instagram works great as a reputation channel.

What are the formats for advertising on Instagram

Advertisements on this social network can be of the following types:


This advertising format is presented as a square, horizontal, or vertical ad with a conceptual photo.

Image Carousel

It is a carousel of images that can promote groups of different products or show the audience one product from different angles.


You can talk about products or services in a short (up to one minute) but interesting video clip for the target audience.


This Instagram format requires a vertical product image or a video of up to two minutes.

The cost of services


Media planning
Help in setting up access
Account audit
Basic setup of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
Advertising campaigns - up to 3
Advertisements - up to 15
Writing ad texts - up to 3
Development of basic static graphics - up to 3
Performance monitoring and optimization
Preparation of monthly reports
The minimum term is 3 months
Basic design and content of the page
Animation of static graphic elements
Preparation of reporting for the interim period


Media planning
Help in setting up access
Account audit
Basic design and content of the page – 2-3 posts
Basic setup of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
Advertising campaigns - up to 5
Advertisements – up to 25
Writing ad texts – up to 10
Development of basic static graphics – up to 10
Animation of static graphic elements – up to 2
Performance monitoring and optimization
Preparation of monthly reports
Preparation of reporting for the interim period
The minimum term is 3 months


Media planning
Help in setting up access
Account audit
Basic design and content of the page – 2-3 posts
Basic setup of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
Advertising campaigns – selected individually
Advertisements – selected individually
Writing ad texts is selected individually
The development of basic static graphics – is selected individually
Animation of static graphic elements – is selected individually
Performance monitoring and optimization
Preparation of monthly reports
Preparation of reporting for the interim period
The minimum term is 3 months

What advertising on Instagram will give a business

Ads will help:

Increase sales of goods or services

Grow the number of new customers

Form a positive brand image

Improve the coverage of your posts

Develop a brand without a website

Stimulate demand for a new product

Why complex targeting will be useful for business

Targeted advertising on Instagram

This type of advertising is suitable for businesses that can beautifully and stylishly design their visual content.

Users of this network perceive information on emotions, they can be bribed with bright, juicy pictures and short interesting stories. It is a great channel for building an image and reputation, for example, for photographers, confectioners, beauticians, bloggers, tour operators and many other professions. Age of the main audience of the channel: from 16 to 35 years. You can set up targeted advertising on Instagram through the commercial account cabinet in the mobile application of the service, or through the advertising account on the Facebook social network.

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We are often asked

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about advertising on Instagram

Who needs advertising on Instagram?

Targeted advertising on the Instagram social network is most effective for companies that offer visualized products or services to their audience. This advertising platform is suitable for restaurants, bars and cafés, tour operators and travel agencies, gyms and trainers who conduct online training, as well as for companies that sell goods for children, for hobbies and crafts, furniture and home decor, clothing and accessories, watches and jewelry, and many other brands with attractive products.

How does Instagram advertising work?

Advertising on Instagram allows you to customize the target audience for displaying advertising materials with high precision. The social network offers advertisers many options for settings, which allows you to choose users who are interested in your product or service. To achieve maximum effectiveness, you can supplement promotion on Instagram with other types of advertising on social networks - for example, launch advertising on Facebook. To order both a separate service and a comprehensive promotion, leave a request for a consultation with a specialist.

What determines the cost of advertising on Instagram?

The cost of advertising on Instagram is determined individually for each client and depends on many factors. In particular, such factors as the purpose, type, and format of promotional materials affect the final cost of the service. To determine an approximate advertising budget, you should contact specialists. Our experts will conduct a detailed analysis of your project and its competitors, after which they will offer the best advertising option for your business.

Creating an Instagram page is not enough for successful promotion. You also need to draw attention to yourself and stand out among the informational noise. You should order targeted advertising on Instagram to make yourself popular, attract new subscribers to the page, increase audience coverage, and, as a result, increase sales of services and goods on the social network.


Lanet CLICK specialists will effectively set up or optimize targeted advertising on Instagram at a bargain price. Thanks to many years of experience in targeted advertising, we know how to increase sales at a relatively low cost per click.


Entrepreneurs, with the help of targeted advertising on Instagram, can successfully promote their business, in particular, increase sales of goods or services, find new customers, and form a positive brand image. In addition, you can develop a company on Instagram even without a physical store or website. One profile may be enough at first. However, self-maintaining a page on a social network can be time-consuming. In addition, the account has a chance to get lost among competitors. Therefore, for fast and effective promotion on Instagram, you should use targeted advertising, the creation, configuration and optimization of which you can order from us.


Works on targeted advertising on Instagram


There are two ways to set up targeted advertising on Instagram:

1. Promotion of advertising posts from the Instagram profile.

Promotion from the profile has a number of limitations and does not allow you to promote external resources using targeted advertising.

2. Full campaign setup in the Facebook advertising account.

Lanet CLICK specialists set up Instagram targeting in Facebook ads manager because it allows you to run targeted ads for any purpose, including driving traffic to the site. In Facebook ads manager, you can set everything up to the detail, specifying the necessary platforms for displaying ads, and test and choose the optimal ad format for promotion on the Instagram social network.


Launching an advertising campaign on Instagram requires the following work:

  • target audience analysis;
  • preparation of text and graphic creatives;
  • testing different ads on Instagram to determine the optimal, most effective creative and post formats;
  • directly setting up an advertising campaign: choosing a goal, determining the budget and schedule for showing ads, selecting an audience, and choosing a placement.


If you decide to order targeted advertising from Lanet CLICK, all these works will fall on the shoulders of the relevant specialists: SMM manager, copywriter, designer and, of course, targeting specialist.


Who and when can be advertised on Instagram in Ukraine

Instagram is mostly used by people under 35 years old. Their share in the context of users is about 70%. At the same time, 60% of the Ukrainian Instagram audience is women. Therefore, this social network is good for promoting through advertising services and products for young people, especially for girls — clothes and jewelry, goods for recreation and tourism, cosmetics, furniture and decor, educational courses, sports services, job search, things for children, etc. However, for any topic, you can choose effective visual solutions for targeted advertising that will catch the eye and, at the same time, reflect the specifics of the business, helping it to develop. At the same time, it is good if a product or service can be ordered directly on the social network, but not necessarily.


Also, Instagram works great as a reputation channel and is suitable for companies that, for example, provide construction and repair services or develop applications. Therefore, the decision to buy advertising on Instagram to promote such niches will be optimal too. In addition, all popular social networks are excellent platforms to generate demand for a new product. If your product or service doesn’t have demand in search engines because it is unique, you should order an ad on Facebook or Instagram — it will let customers know about it, and thus the company will get the first customers.


Advertising formats on Instagram

You can buy advertising on Instagram in several formats. They are used for promotion on various placements, such as Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, Instagram Feed, Instagram Profile Feed, Instagram Interesting section, and Instagram Store. Let’s list these formats:

  • Photo in Instagram Feed or Store. This is a square, horizontal, or vertical ad with high-quality conceptual photography. This format of advertising corresponds to the concept of a social network as much as possible, where people come in search of interesting, bright, and fresh images.
  • Videos in Instagram Reels, Stories, and in the Interesting section. A short (one-minute) video can tell about products, goods, or services. The commercial is often uploaded in a square format, although Instagram supports other aspect ratios.
  • Carousel ads are the optimal format for the Instagram Store and can also be displayed in the Feed. This advertising is a carousel of images for promoting a group of different products or demonstrating the same product to the audience from different angles. Also, carousel advertising can be done with storytelling in images. The main thing is that the story should be placed in 10 photos since this is the maximum number of pictures in the carousel.

Almost the most popular placement in this social network is Instagram Stories. Ads there, in the form of photos or videos, are shown to users when they view the stories of people they follow. According to statistics, users first look at Stories and then, if there is time and inspiration, scroll through the feed. In this regard, advertising in Instagram Stories is very effective for promoting goods and services. Often the Story format requires a vertical image or a video of up to two minutes. You can also use ready-made publications for advertising in Stories. We recommend ordering an individual consultation to understand the intricacies of advertising your business on social networks.


The cost of targeted advertising on Instagram


The cost of a click and the final price of advertising depends on a number of factors, among which the key ones are:

  • placements;
  • geolocation;
  • interests of the target audience;
  • competition at the auction.


ВIt is important to set up advertising correctly so as not to «drain» the budget. And that is why you should order targeted Instagram advertising from Lanet CLICK digital agency. Our experienced targeting specialists take into account all the nuances of your niche and audience and will launch the most effective advertising to promote your business at a favorable price for you.


How to order advertising on Instagram

How to order advertising on Instagram If you are going to get engaged in promotion on social networks and launch targeted advertising on Instagram, contact Lanet CLICK digital agency. Our specialists will create and set up effective advertising on Instagram in Kyiv or in any other locality. To order a consultation and find out the prices for advertising on your company’s Instagram, leave a request on the website, and our manager will contact you.