Online store promotion

Online stores are getting more popular in the last several years. It is connected with the growing interest of the population in online shopping. You can find anything you need on the Internet and you don’t even need to go out of the apartment, the courier can deliver everything exactly to the apartment. The business began to go online or be created online from scratch. And most people realize that it is a great method to get a profit. But after creating an online store you’ll see that there are not so many buyers, demand is low, and the expected profit is absent. But business promotion on the Internet can change this situation.

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What kinds of online store promotion are there?


Each store has its method and sometimes even several. But you should take into consideration that corporate websites’ and online stores’ promotion differs. Maybe only by cutting and trying the method, you will be able to find the one that will help to sell and promote goods on the Internet.

Online store creation and promotion require preparatory work. In particular, firstly we create a promotion plan, then create a website according to the plan and after — run it and get a fast result. Don’t forget to analyze the competitors in your product niche, choose those categories that will provide the desired level of payback at the beginning.

online store promotion

Let’s analyze the above-mentioned methods of online store promotion and advertising.

A price comparison site is a catalog website where a lot of sellers are presented and the buyers can compare prices, check reputations, and look for goods in the catalog. Such websites are the leaders in search engine results. It is foolish to compete with them because they are not your direct competitors, it is better to cooperate with them. Placing your goods on such platforms can work as a good online store promotion. You can include bulletin boards in this category. They are more suitable for small businesses because the process of adding goods to the catalog and updating the availability of goods can be difficult. If you are promoting an online store by yourself, try this method first of all.
Online store optimization differs from using the same instrument on websites that are not connected with sales. Here is some advice:
1 An online store is a hundred and sometimes even thousands of website pages. But only the product page and catalog page can attract SEO traffic. Online store promotion in this case will consist of catalog structuration so each element will be aimed at a low ranged keyword.

2 The previous method is time-consuming, that’s why most people use a standard method to increase the website traffic — write SEO texts. It works badly as an advertisement for an online store and such texts look awful on the website. Your website's positions won’t increase from this. Write texts for the blog and third-party platforms, and make reviews of your goods and services. This, in particular, is a piece of advice for those who want to promote an online store on their own. You can order the online store promotion from the blogs whose topics suit you and will be maximum useful. Learn its topic, audience and popularity. It is the topic of social media promotion and we will come back to it later.
3 Don’t call your brand a popular keyword in your product niche. Yes, online store’s names with the phrases «kid’s toys», «fashionable clothes» and so on can’t get the top positions on search engine results. Create a unique brand name and promote it with the help of low-ranged keywords.

Online store contextual advertising is one of the most important promotional methods. Remember that key positions on search engine results are occupied with advertising. You just need to use this element as well. To set up contextual advertising, you, most likely, will need the help of a professional, that’s why everything is not so clear. It will increase the online store promotion price because except for the advertising budget you will need to pay for the services of a professional.. Or you can order a comprehensive online store promotion in Kyiv and Ukraine as there are a lot of digital companies on the market.

How to promote an online store?

  • Analyze and learn about your competitors, and follow their actions on social networks.
  • Communicate with your audience, don’t ignore comments, answer personal messages.
  • Order advertisements from popular blogs. First of all, analyze its topic and audience activity. Avoid blogs where there is cheating with the number of followers, such advertising won’t give any results.
  • Correctly setting up target advertising on social networks will provide a display of advertisements for those categories of buyers that can be interested in your goods. For example, advertising and promotion of clothes’ online store will include setting up targeting for a targeted audience based on geographical location, income, gender, and hobbies.
  • Create a comprehensive SMM strategy, improve your content, and use contest mechanics.

As you can see, there are a lot of instruments, you should try each and see what results will give its implementation.

Individual online store promotion is not a difficult case. If the advertising budget is limited and you have a new online store, you can create a promotion strategy and implement it. You can attract a company that is engaged in the promotion if you are ready to pay for its services. In the first and second cases it is important to remember that the best advertising for an online store is not the one that is the most pricey but the one that will provide the biggest number of sales and thus is the most effective.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Promotion of an online storefrom 16000from 7000
SEO promotionfrom 16000from 7000
Site auditfrom 20000-
Promotion of a new sitefrom 16000from 7000
SEO analysis of competitors' sitesfrom 5000-
ASO promotion of mobile applicationsfrom 16000from 7000
Optimization of an English-language sitefrom 35000from 35000
Promotion on Google Mapsfrom 16000from 7000
Search promotion of a website to the TOPfrom 27000from 10000

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1. How much time does it take to promote an online shop?
Preliminary work on site optimization takes up to two weeks. The timing of internal optimization depends on the size of the site, the number of errors that need to be eliminated, and the budget for promotion. The entire process can take from a month to six months. Order an individual consultation to learn about the details and find the optimal solution for your project!
2. How much does it cost to promote an online store?
The cost of the service depends on the volume and types of work (link building, targeted advertising, copywriting - that is, creating unique content for the site, SMM and PR, placement on aggregator sites and bulletin boards), and on the level of competition in the niche and other factors. Order a callback or an individual consultation to learn more about the service!
3. What do you need to start SEO promotion of the store?
First, you need to conduct an SEO audit of your site and analyze the resources of competitors in your niche, then determine a promotion strategy, collect a semantic core and develop a competent site structure. It is the basis for further effective promotion on the Internet. Order an individual consultation with our specialists to find out more!
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