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07 September, 2022

SERM for medical clinics: why it matters

Every business niche involves communication with the client. Medical topics are probably the most difficult in this regard because, in the human mind, it is associated...
02 September, 2022

What is the conversion rate, and how to calculate it

Your brand is popular, Instagram followers like your posts, but that’s not all. Сonversion rate, which we will talk about further, plays a key role in...
26 August, 2022

Targeted or contextual: which advertising to choose

Advertising on the Internet has become one of the most effective ways of business promotion. Companies actively use targeted advertising and PPC advertising to attract new...
24 August, 2022

Why social media pages will never replace a website

Social media is a great tool for engaging the audience and showcasing your product. But even if you resort to competent business promotion on social networks,...
19 August, 2022

How to attract new users to the site

The success of Internet business and its profitability depend on website traffic. But how to attract traffic to the site, and what kind can it be?...
12 August, 2022

What is E-A-T and how to conduct an E-A-T audit

The Internet is a big flow of information from many sources. And Google is concerned that we come across quality and serious content first. E-A-T is...
10 August, 2022

3 new tools from Google in 2022

Now, creating ads and working as a team is even easier! We are talking about three innovations from Google that make the everyday lives of marketers...
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