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13 May, 2022

What is Google seller rating

Seller rating or Google seller rating is an excellent automatic extension from the company, which allows you to highlight your ads among competitors when issuing. In...
13 May, 2022

Google Tag Manager: tags creation

In the previous article, we talked about Google Tag Manager, who will find it helpful, and the benefits of using it in digital promotion. So, if...
11 May, 2022

Google Discovery Ads format: features and launch

Discovery is Google Ads advertising format in the form of a clickable image ad. These campaigns are good for reaching people who haven’t encountered your ads...
11 May, 2022

What is Google Tag Manager: GTM for beginners

Google Tag Manager or GTM is a free service from Google which facilitates work with HTML tags on websites or in mobile apps.   What are...
05 May, 2022

SEO copywriting: what is it

To increase the traffic to your site, the number of potential consumers of your products or services, and improve the position of the web resource in...
05 May, 2022

How to promote YouTube videos

Today, YouTube is one of the most effective channels for business promotion. However, it is not enough to shoot a video and upload it to your...
05 May, 2022

Who is a SEO specialist

In the era of rapid development of online commerce, every entrepreneur wants to bring his website to the top of search engine results to attract traffic...
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