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What is the benefit of search advertising

The main feature is that ads are shown to the target audience


Search advertising is one of the most effective types of Internet advertising, as the subject of displayed advertising messages is maximally in line with the user’s current interests. That is, your ad will be seen by people looking for the goods or services you offer.

Stages of creating a search advertisement

Setting up and launching this type of Internet advertising involves the following stages:

Analysis of business and competitors

Study of the company's features, its advantages, and its target audience, as well as the niche.

Development of a placement strategy

Highlighting the goals for the advertising campaign and the indicators by which the result of its implementation will be evaluated.

Creation of advertising campaigns

Defining the semantic core, adding UTM tags, setting bids, budgets, etc.

Advertising optimization

Analysis of the indicators' achievements that were indicated earlier and improvement of the advertising campaign's effectiveness.

The cost of services


Creating a Google Ads advertising account
Basic setup of Google Analytics
Compilation of a semantic core (up to 7 clusters)
Development of creatives for the display network
Setting up remarketing
Media planning
Planning and creating an account structure
Writing advertisements
Set up and launch campaigns
Monitoring the performance of impressions
Correction and deepening of settings according to the results
12,000 UAH/month

What search advertising gives

Ads in search results have the following advantages:

Rapid sales promotion

Demonstration of the target audience

Creating demand for the product

Effective niche branding

Quality traffic to the website

Detailed campaign analytics

Why your business needs PPC

Order Google advertising so that as many people as possible learn about your company

Advertising in search engines is an effective way to attract quality traffic to a website and increase sales because ads placed on the search results page are highly visible to users. Proper setup of an advertising campaign with competitor analysis and a minimum conversion cost will help you secure your first sales and set your business at a rapid pace of development.

From us, you can order a Google search advertising service on favorable terms. Our certified marketers have work experience in various business niches and will help you achieve your goals.


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We are often asked

Collected frequently asked questions about search advertising

What is search advertising?

Search advertising is a type of advertisement displayed on search engines. They make it possible to accurately concentrate information in response to a user's request. At the same time, not only the ranking results of sites but also advertisements appear in the publication. Search advertising on the Internet is one of the most effective since the subject of the ads corresponds to the current interests of the user.

Why do you need search advertising?

Advertising in search results is aimed at increasing sales. The majority of user requests to purchase goods or services are transactional, that is, users are ready to become buyers. Also, search advertising allows you to use indirect targeting, singling out a narrow group of consumers of interrelated products. It allows you to demonstrate a new product on the market and create demand for it.

How does online search advertising work?

Google ads are configured to show certain queries. If the user's request matches the phrases or words that were used to adjust the ad, it is displayed to the user. The user can then follow the search ad to the website to take a targeted action, such as buying a product or service.

Who is suitable for search advertising?

Search engine advertising is suitable for businesses of all sizes that have a website and want to attract more customers and increase sales. Search engine advertising will be useful for both a small online store and a large corporation.

How to order advertising on Google?

To order effective Google search advertising in the Lanet CLICK digital agency, call or write to us. You can also leave your contact information in the feedback form on the website, and we will call you. Our manager will clarify the necessary details (type of business, advertising goal, possible media budget, etc.) and prepare a commercial proposal for you.

Search advertising is a type of contextual advertising that allows advertisers to place their ads in search engine results. A special feature is that the advertisements that are displayed are determined taking into account the user’s search query. Search advertising on the Internet is one of the most effective since the subject of the advertisements corresponds to the current interests of the user.


Payment for Google search advertising can be based on different principles: the number of impressions of the advertising message, clicks by users of the search engine, and the auction principle of keywords.


Why search engine advertising is so popular


Advantages of search advertising on the Internet:

  • Stimulating sales in a short time. Advertising based on search queries is aimed at the direct interest (direct targeting) of the consumer. Most of the queries that users enter into search engines are transactional in nature, which means that these people are very likely ready to make a purchase. Demand for a specific product or service immediately increases from the moment an advertising campaign starts, and after the end of search advertising, it decreases almost instantly.
  • Demand generation. Advertising in search engines allows you to apply indirect targeting, directing attention to a specific group of consumers who are interested in certain interrelated services or goods. This becomes relevant for creating demand for new products that have just gained popularity in the market.
  • Increasing the popularity of the brand. Search advertising helps to expand the audience and increase brand awareness, even if users do not make an immediate purchase but see an ad in the search results.
  • Cost effectiveness. Since payment is made only for actual impressions or clicks, site search advertising ensures the efficient use of the advertising budget.
  • Analysis and optimization. Google search advertising results are easy to track and analyze. This allows you to improve your campaigns based on information about which keywords or messages are most engaging with your audience.


Why should you order search advertising settings from Lanet CLICK


Setting up search advertising in a digital agency has several important advantages:

  1. Expert competence. Our team includes specialists who know how to work with search engines. Therefore, they will ensure the optimal setting of Google Ads search advertising.
  2. Strategic approach. Our specialists develop a comprehensive strategy for launching search advertising, taking into account the business goals and the client’s audience.
  3. Effective budget control. PPC specialists optimize advertising costs and determine the most effective strategies, minimizing costs.
  4. Time efficiency. By ordering Google advertising from us, you can save time and focus on other aspects of your business.


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