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An advertising campaign on Google Shopping is a successful solution for stimulating quick sales
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What is interesting about advertising on Google Shopping

The service allows you to accurately and succinctly present a product or service to an interested buyer.


Ads in Google Shopping are displayed at the top or on the side of the search results in the form of product photos with short descriptions. Therefore, users who are looking for a product or service that you offer will definitely see your offer.

What Google Shopping ads might look like

Advertising can be of the following types:

Standard ad

Contains a photo, the name of the product, its price and rating, as well as the company.

Showcases of products

It involves the display of several product groups in one advertisement.

Local ads in catalogs

Allows you to show ads for physical stores in order to attract visitors.

The cost of services


Creating a Google Ads advertising account
E-commerce setup
Setting up Google Merchant Center
Development of creatives for the Display Network
Compilation of a semantic core (up to 7 clusters)
Media planning
Basic setup of Google Analytics
Planning and creating an account structure
Writing advertisements
Set up and launch campaigns
Setting up remarketing
Monitoring the performance of impressions
Correction and deepening of settings according to the results
16,000 UAH/month

What advertising on Google Shopping will do

The advantages of advertising campaigns on Google Shopping include:

Large audience coverage

High visibility of ads

Cost per click is lower than PPC

Display to your target audience

Relatively low competition

Demonstration in Google's results

Why your business needs PPC

Order Google advertising so that as many people as possible learn about your company

Setting up Google shopping advertising with preparing ads, launching advertising campaigns, and further optimizing them according to performance analysis will help you present your products to users in the best possible way. You can order this service from Lanet CLICK on favorable terms. Our marketers have experience working with various niches and will offer you the optimal solution.

Thanks to the low conversion cost and a relatively small number of competitors, advertising a product with a photo in search results will allow you to reach a large audience, attract quality traffic to the site, and increase sales of certain products.

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We are often asked

We have collected frequently asked questions about advertising on Google Shopping

What is included in the Google Shopping ad launch service?

The Google Shopping advertising launch service includes creating and setting up a Google Merchant Center account, linking it to a Google Ads account, and further work on setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns. If necessary, comprehensive promotion can be supplemented with other services, including contextual advertising, Discovery Ads campaigns, Google Ads settings, local campaign advertising, and other effective methods determined by a specialist based on the needs and individual characteristics of your project.

Where do Google Shopping ads appear?

Product ads placed using the international Google Shopping service are displayed in the search results either on top, above free ads and contextual advertising, or on the side. If the user wants to receive more offers for the request he is interested in, he can click on the Show all button and go to the tab with offers from various online stores.

What do you need to run product ads?

Creating a shopping ad begins with creating a template file with all the necessary information about the advertised online store, its structure, and the products offered. The entire advertising campaign will be based on this file (feed). Such a file or table may contain such necessary data as a product card, store categories, links to images, pricing policy, information about delivery or payment, etc.

How to concisely and in the best way present your product or service in today’s reality, full of advertising? Google Shopping Service created with a purpose to help the seller and buyer to find each other will help you with this.


How does Google Shopping advertising work

Modern buyer doesn’t like to spend a lot of time on searching and comparing goods, wants to get the answer on request as fast as possible opening a minimum of tabs and not following sites once again, especially while surfing on the phone. Your task is to make advertisement maximum visible, main information about it maximum affordable and the process of buying and payment maximum easy and fast. And one of the effective instruments for it — advertising of goods in Google.


Google Shopping allows buyers to quickly find products on necessary request and compare prices from different sellers not visiting advertiser’s site. Google Shopping advertisements are shown in other Google services, thus giving sellers wide opportunities for advertisements of their goods.


Advertising cards of Google Shopping goods have textual description, product photographs and its cost, and link to the good on the website of online store and its name. Thus, advertisement is visual and the buyer gets an opportunity to get quickly acquainted with goods and seller gets an opportunity to attract more buyers.


Google Shopping advertising is actually contextual advertising which is displayed at the top or on the side of search results in a form of circle photo gallery of goods with description. In any case the user will see you good on the first screen which increases the chances of buying. The most effective type of advertising with typical retail products in Google Shopping is called a shopping campaign.


Setting up a shopping campaign doesn’t require using keywords and advertisements are formed based on data about good (feed). For successful work in Google Shopping, it is necessary to set up Google Merchant to configure shopping advertising.


The algorithm of launching a shopping campaign is as follows:

  • creating an account and setting up Merchant Center;
  • connecting account with Google advertising account;
  • downloading goods’ feeds to Merchant Center — files with full description about goods;
  • automatic downloading of data for ads from feeds;
  • advertising is shown to the user according to his request.


Whom will suit on Google Shopping advertising


Smart Google Shopping advertising allows you quickly and efficiently optimize advertisements, do more in less time. To set it up, you only need to specify the purpose of advertising and budget, and a smart campaign will take of the rest. Such commercial advertising is optimal for businesses with a small budget and a lack of manpower and time to monitor the trading campaign.


Advantages of advertising on Google Shopping


  • huge outreach — advertisements are shown in dozens of Google services: Shopping, Search, Images, Partner Sites etc. Google Shopping goods’ advertising more noticeable against other ads and not yet familiar to the eye;
  • advertisements are targeted on target audience a priori interested in the product;
  • low competition — not everyone is ready to try the new format;
  • maximum comfort for the buyer — minimum of actions during choosing goods;
  • easy of managing Google shopping campaign — the algorithm itself decides when to show ads, and does it in the best way;
  • easy to compete if you have a profitable price proposition;
  • availability of comments that helps the user to make decisions;
  • pay per click is lower than buying contextual advertising.


So with minor time and money expenses on shopping campaign you sell more goods. Nevertheless, the service has some disadvantages, in particular prohibition of promotion of some goods, severe rules in relation to online stores up to closing access to the service for individual clients.


Types of shopping advertisements


There are three types of shopping advertisements on Google Shopping:


  1. Typical shopping advertisement of product.It is generated based on data about downloaded goods. It contains photo and product name, name of company or brand, product price and its rating.
  2. Showcases of products. It allows showing in one advertisement several products. To create such type of advertisement you need to gather products in groups on your own.
  3. Local advertisements on catalogs. It is displaying advertising in physical shops in order to attract buyers to offline shop. It is also proposed an instrument for analysis the number of users, who came to the shop after advertising.

How to order shopping advertising on Google Shopping


You can save your precious time and order Google Shopping advertising at Lanet CLICK digital agency. Then setting up Google Merchant, setting up a shopping campaign and its running it will be entirely the responsibility of our PPC specialists, and all you have to do is to control the process and count sales.


How much does Google Shopping advertising cost


The price of Google Shopping advertising depends on such factors: language version of the site, bid per click, region of displaying, competition and product niche. Leave request for service to find out the price of such advertising and get acquainted with details of cooperation. We will be happy to help you to achieve set goals!