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Advertising of different campaigns and brands in the modern world involves usage of those methods (paid or free) which are currently the most effective. To attract new audience and get profit, business owners use not only their own website and social networks but another powerful promotion instrument — YouTube service. Development of channel on this video hosting will allow not only to post thematic videos on one of the most popular platforms but to attract a considerable audience with its help.

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But to get the maximum benefit from using such advertising instrument, it is very important to organize the optimization process of the channel on this platform correctly. And the help of a specialist is necessary as he will take into consideration all individual features and requirements of each specific client. You can order such service in our digital agency.

What works are done for YouTube channel promotion

Effective YouTube channel promotion provides a full complex of works whose goal is to achieve optimal result. Each of the stages is very important and directly influence on the result of carried out work. All actions can be conditionally divided into two big groups — primary optimization and future video promotion.

So the primary optimization of YouTube channel is its full preparation for the direct start of its promotion process. In order to achieve this, specialists provide the following works:

visual channel optimization according to its brand style (creation of logo, background image and channel structure);

technical optimization (verification of created channel, monetization question, keywords selection, preparation of video description templates, comment’s moderation, etc).

Future YouTube promotion includes
such important actions:

selection of relevant keywords which is done for each video;

meta tags optimization in accordance with selected keywords;

designing special tips in videos, final screensavers and annotations if necessary;

selecting playlists and adding necessary videos to them.

Advantages of video promotion on YouTube

Among main advantages of on-stage development of company’s YouTube channel there are such factors:

attracting new customers among which potential brand clients;

company’s or brand popularization in network;

increasing brand loyalty of current or new audience;

creating an additional and effective source of communication with target audience.


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Stages of video promotion on YouTube

Complex promotion of YouTube channel from scratch consists of four large-scale stages, during which a big amount of different tasks is made. Among them:

Сreating company’s page in YouTube video hosting and choosing name which will suit the best.

Optimization of created channel — tags and keywords selection, which are general for most videos.

Downloading video on YouTube with previous checking on accordance with requirements of the platform.

Direct video promotion with optimization of channel’s name, right keywords selection, creating optimized description for the video and improving its appearance.

Methods of YouTube channel promotion

For bringing video to the top and quality YouTube channel promotion professionals use different methods:

  • gradual increasing of video views;
  • increasing the number of channel subscribers;
  • development of communication with viewers and increasing the number of likes and comments under posts.

For achieving the best results in each of these methods are used some methods and promotional strategies which are chosen individually for each client.

How much does YouTube channel promotion cost

If you are aiming for the result and plan to buy a YouTube promotion from a qualified specialist, first of all you need to realize how much does this service cost before ordering it. The final price depends on a list of factors among which the general number of published videos and the necessity of subtitles preparation and difficulty of editing.

To get maximum quality result for a good price in Kyiv or any other Ukrainian city you can in our agency and your expectations will be definitely fulfilled. To find out the approximate price of chosen YouTube video promotion service and how to order it, you can address to Lanet CLICK digital agency by contacts, listed on the website.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Рromotion of a YouTube channelfrom 25000from 10000
Promotion on Facebook from 15000from 4000
Instagram promotionfrom 15000from 4000
Promotion of a TikTok accountfrom 25000-
Promotion of a channel on Telegram from 15000from 10000


1. Who needs a YouTube channel promotion?
When choosing the best method of promotion in social networks, which includes the promotion of the Telegram channel, Facebook and Instagram pages, you should also pay attention to such an effective method as the promotion of the YouTube channel. It is ideal for promoting online courses and trainings, offering various services in video format, selling goods for stores, demonstrating a visual product, different IT solutions, as well as companies specializing in construction, renovation and real estate.
2. How to start promoting a YouTube channel?
Effective promotion of the YouTube channel involves the implementation of work divided into several main stages. The first is the complete preparation of the channel on video hosting before starting its direct promotion. At this stage, the specialist performs visual optimization of the YouTube channel (creating a logo, background image, and structure of the channel), as well as its technical optimization, which includes monetization issues, selection of keywords, creation of templates for video description, comment moderation, etc.
3. What is the cost of promoting a YouTube channel?
The price of targeted advertising for a YouTube channel is determined individually and depends on many factors. Among them is the direction of activity of the advertised company, the brand popularity, its specificity, and the size of the audience. For each project, specialists create a unique content plan, channel design, and approach to its promotion. Therefore, a specialist can determine the final cost after analyzing all the necessary data about your company.
4. What advantages will get my business?
Among service advantages are demonstration of your awareness, сreating unique and on-time content, increasing site traffic, increasing brand loyalty and awareness, presence in the info field, involvement and communication with the audience.
5. I have a channel and video materials but no audience. What is the reason?
We will provide an audit of your channel and based on achieved data provide recommendations for improvement and crisis content management.
6. How will I understand campaign’s result?
After providing advertising campaign we will send a report with all its results in convenient for you form.
7. From what does depend video’s place in search results?
Results of YouTube search are formed depending on requests of keywords and depends on accordance of name and content of the video to the request, and number of clicks on video from search results.
8. Why do I need advertising and correct optimization?
Professional promotion and optimization of YouTube channel will allow achieving the expected results in a short period of time using only allowed and safe promotion methods.
9. What are the guarantees and what about safety?
All passwords and logins that belong to you are not passed to third parties and remain in full safety.
10. Why can’t I just cheat and increase the number of views/likes/subscribers?
Usage of dishonest promotional methods threatens such negative consequences like channel blocking, video’s dropout from promotion algorithms and disable monetization on the channel.
11. What channel do I need?
Before promotion our specialists will provide a revision of your business and prepare an optimal content for channel in accordance with its individual features.

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