The effect of combining several digital services will allow your business to get the desired results even faster
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Complex solutions

are ideal if you:


Site owner (online store, landing page, etc.)

You want to promote your site, make it more understandable for the user, and get to the TOP of the results.


You have an online store on social networks

You want your videos to get more views from your target audience, encouraging users to order your products or services more often.


An entrepreneur with a website and social media pages

Among your goals are to increase the number of orders and improve other indicators of business success.


You want to create a turnkey website for your company

Your goal is to appear in the Internet environment, increase sales, and improve visibility.

Complex internet marketing

Using several digital tools at once will speed up the achievement of a number of goals.

Examples of complex solutions


Quick sales
Involvement of the target audience
Fine-tuning of advertising campaigns
Any advertising budget


Long-term effect
Promotion of the site
Flexible settings for advertising campaigns
Growth of loyalty among the target audience

+display advertising

Brand recognition
Significant audience reach
Brand promotion
Direct sales


Increasing loyalty
Customer retention
Improving trust

Site development

For an online store
Creating a site from scratch
Search engine optimization
Quick start of sales

Site development

Promotion of the brand
Turnkey promotion
Turnkey promotion
Increasing the loyalty of the target audience


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Integrated Internet marketing and its advantages


The difference between integrated solutions and other promotion methods lies in the development of a general Internet marketing strategy for the project, as well as in ensuring communication in the same style across all channels. Thanks to a clearer transmission of the brand’s values and USP, integrated Internet marketing services are more effective than working with each promotion channel without a common concept.


Integrated marketing channels and tools

Integrated Internet marketing uses all available channels to attract traffic and sales.


  1. Contextual advertising is advertising in search results. It is an expensive but effective tool for direct sales. It brings “warm” traffic from the Internet to the site, quickly increases sales, popularizes a particular product or service, informs users about a promotion, and attracts the audience’s attention to the new site.
  2. Display advertising is banners on relevant sites that increase brand awareness and interest in the product, form, and fuel demand for goods and services. This tool requires large budgets, so it is usually used by large businesses in combination with other channels for attracting traffic.
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO) is working on website content to improve website visibility in search results and attract interested users. It is a relatively inexpensive and effective tool in the long term, which does not bring quick but stable results.
  4. Social media marketing (SMM) is the management of brand business pages on social networks to promote them on various social platforms, form a loyal audience, and communicate with them.
  5. Targeted social media advertising is highly customized advertising designed to attract leads from social networks. With the right approach, this tool is very effective because it allows you to customize ads based on certain user parameters, such as age, interests, location, etc.
  6. Reputation management is working with reviews and publications to form a positive brand image in the information field and combat unfair competition.


A proper combination of the necessary tools enhances the effects of each of them and eliminates the disadvantages.


Integrated Internet marketing at the digital agency Lanet CLICK


The Lanet CLICK team, using several digital tools at once, will help you achieve improved business performance indicators. Since integrated Internet marketing services are launched almost simultaneously, the result will not be long in coming.


Comprehensive online business promotion will help you achieve your business goals faster:


  • promote the project online;
  • grow sales in the online store;
  • increase conversions on the site;
  • expand your target audience, and much more.


If you don’t know what tools your company needs, contact us. Call or fill out the feedback form to order an individual consultation and find out the cost of services. After analyzing your business, niche, and goals, we will select the best set of marketing tools for online promotion on a turnkey basis.