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What are the highlights of display advertising

In short, it will make the brand interesting and memorable


The peculiarity is the influence on emotions, and the main goal is to form loyalty

Display advertising is one of the most popular and effective promotion tools. It is due to its focus on the target audience, wide coverage, repeat exposure, and high informativeness.

What are the types of display advertising

There are several types of display advertising:


These are most often animated, always bright, and noticeable graphic blocks that are not tied to the theme of the site.


Embeds into popular video content; for users, there is an option to disconnect after a few seconds of viewing.

Text and graphic blocks

Thematically, they coincide with the content of the site, so they look appropriate and casual and inspire trust.


This type assumes that the web page is decorated with advertising creative in the recognizable style of the client company.

The cost of services

Display advertising
Creating a Google Ads advertising account
Basic setup of Google Analytics
Development of creatives for the Display Network
Video adaptation and advertising launch
Setting up remarketing
Media planning
Planning and creating an account structure
Writing advertisements
Set up and launch campaigns
Monitoring the performance of impressions
Correction and deepening of settings according to the results
12,000 UAH/month

What tasks does display advertising perform?

Thanks to it, you can:

Enter the market and declare yourself

Increase brand recognition

Improve website traffic

Create demand for your product

Gain a foothold in the mind of the consumer

Bypass competitors in the market

Why your business needs PPC

Order Google advertising so that as many people as possible learn about your company

Display and contextual advertising on the Internet are the most popular and effective promotional instruments. If the ad campaign settings is correct, target audience won’t pass by without noticing the addressed message. It is a planned and resultive process.

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We are often asked

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about display advertising

What is display advertising?

Display advertising is information in the form of text, sound, or graphics aimed at attracting and retaining the attention of a potential client. YouTube, Gmail, and other Google resources are popular platforms for placing display ads. Ads can also be displayed on relevant sites. You can manually specify particular placements or use demographic, contextual, or interest targeting.

Who is display advertising suitable for?

Display advertising is ideal for those who are planning to enter the market, who want to increase sales, who are aiming to get quality traffic, who are aiming to generate demand and beat the competition, etc. For any product or service, effective banner display advertising can be created and configured to profitably showcase it to interested consumers.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of display advertising?

The effectiveness of display advertising can and should be measured. Thanks to this, if necessary, it is possible to optimize the advertising campaign. The best evaluation method is a holistic analysis of display advertising. It allows you to determine the effectiveness of media data (CTR, hitting the target audience, etc.), conversion rates and on the landing page, post-click, post-view and cross-device conversions.

What belongs to display advertising?

Display advertising on the Internet includes banners, text and graphic blocks, videos, web page design in the recognizable style of the client company (branding). Examples of ads on the Google Display Network can be short videos on YouTube before or after the main video, sidebars on the page, messages with an attractive offer when closing the tab, etc.

How does display advertising work?

Display advertising is perceived more often at the subconscious level. Even if the user did not click on the link, when he encounters something familiar again, he will be interested in it. It is the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. Thus, recently received information that appears again is perceived as frequently repeated. Thanks to this, the recognition of the brand or product increases. And when faced with a choice, the user will make it in favor of a product that he already knows something about.

What is display (contextual display) advertising? It is effective information in text, sound or image form which is aimed at attracting attention in order to wake up or increase the interest of potential client.


Main advantages of display advertising


  1. informativeness is higher comparing to texts;
  2. provides precise targeting, which means more effective promotion;
  3. influence with the help of emotions;
  4. covers a wide audience.


How does display advertising work


People spend several seconds on viewing and estimating message as the information is assimilated at the subconscious level. If the user didn’t follow the link, there is a chance that if he sees the same information once again, he will be interested in it. It is called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon in psychology. It means that recently gained information which appears again is received as extremely frequently repeated. It is just a frequency illusion, it is subjective, but at the same time it increases brand or separate good recognizability. Moreover, in case of option choosing, the buyer is likely to choose that good or service with which he is acquainted with. Thus, display advertising Google Ads is good for promotion on the Internet, increases brand awareness, and helps to form a loyal consumer audience.


You can order the service of setting up and maintaining a Google Ads account in our Lanet СLICK agency.


Display advertising: examples


  • Play backing of a short video is activated before watching a video on YouTube
  • When you visit a popular website, you can see a branded background image
  • When you close tab, appears a message with proposal from which it is hard to refus

Display advertising is a universal instrument for promotion which works on a long term perspective. But it is important to order Google Ads setup and maintenance from professionals to get the best results.


Display advertising services will help to:


  • enter the market and declare yourself;
  • be in trend and thus increase recognizability and traffic of your resource;
  • form demand and beat competitors.


The aim of display Internet-advertising is to interest and be remembered and as a consequence — to sell. It has an amusing character, and is associated with cartoon watching or fascinating game. Its main feature is spectacularness. People are used that something is being imposed on them, that’s why marketing specialists need to keep their ear to the ground, follow the latest trends and check the efficiency of old well-known methods to keep the promotion effective.


Quality display advertising campaign includes such stages:


1. Media planning

From it depends how much you can approach to the desired result.

2. Development

Material forming and running campaign.

3. Analyzing

Monitoring of success in order to improve the factors.


Placing display advertising on the Internet should follow such rules:


  1. Each project should have an idea and precise plan of its realization.
  2. It is important to follow the actions of other market players and rather not to borrow or copy but create unique product.
  3. It is better not to save money by doing everything on your own, especially if you don’t have at least the basic level of skills and abilities and most of all — the realization of how to fulfill the planned.
  4. Display advertising on the website has its own lifetime and when it comes to an end, the coefficient of efficiency begins to lower extremely. This inevitable moment should be planned ahead and the «engine of sales» or the platform of its placing should be changed on time.


Contextual display advertising communicates with users who have representation of good or service, the main goal — direct sales. First of all you are informed about the product and then it is sold to you. For well recognized brand both strategies work in parallel ways. Contextual display advertising reaches about 90% of Internet users that’s why it is hard to overestimate its influence on Internet users.


Types of contextual display advertising on the Internet:


Banners are most often animated, always bright and noticeable graphic blocks that aren’t connected to the platform’s topic

Textual and graphic blocks

Textual and graphic blocks are usually without animation and their topic coincides with website’s topic, that’s why they look more suitable and casually, inspire confidence.


Video is implemented into popular video content, there is an option to disconnect it after several seconds of watching.


The page is designed in recognizable style of the client company and that looks fascinating but quite pricey.


Banner media advertising is the most popular and the most traditional option and doesn’t involve significant financial infusions. Now it is hard to find a website without banners and that means that this type of goods and services promotion successfully passed the test of time. Not sure which format you need?Then you should order a consultation on advertising setup from our experts to find out the best solution for your business.


Types of banner display advertising


  1. Standard. In this case banner sizes for contextual advertising are fixed and placed in separate, special allotted blocks on the page.
  2. Interactive. The classics of the genre — flash-animation with different special effects.
  3. Imitation. Teasers that pop up remind messages in social media that’s why they are accepted individually and mostly positive.


The formats of display ads can be static and dynamic. You have nearly two seconds to get the attention and arouse the user’s interest. If the website’s data will be downloaded longer — it will only scare off the user, that’s why it is important to take into account all nuances, including technical. Banners can not be displayed because of implemented into browser blockers and that should be taken into consideration too. You should not forget about banner blindness as well, when because of huge amount or uniformity of messages they stop to attract attention and stay unnoticeable.


Main features of effective banners:


  1. they are easily read and well remembered;
  2. they look harmonically and cause emotions;
  3. after click you get into a specific page;
  4. they have an instinctively noticeable call to action.


By entrusting the management of media advertising to experienced PPC specialists of a narrow profile, you will protect yourself from amateur mistakes, while saving time and money.