Our cases

Increased conversions by over 500% while reducing cost by 40%
Attracted new visitors to the restaurant with a low conversion cost
Doubled the number of targeted subscribers and brand awareness, as well as the number of transitions to the site for ordering goods
Increased brand recognition and formed an interested and loyal audience of potential customers
Increased the quantity and quality of traffic and reduced its cost in wartime conditions.
Increased the effectiveness of contextual advertising in the presence of barriers to advertising
Increased the number of calls and forms sent by lowering the cost per conversion
Found an audience for a complex product
Increased conversion rate by 65% while reducing conversion costs by 37%
Achieved price reduction per conversion with 7.76% increase in conversions
Increased conversion rate by 124.59% and achieved the goal of 50 registrations per month
Reduced the cost of lead during the New Year holidays
Doubled the visibility and number of key queries on which the site ranks
We brought queries to TOP Google search engines and increased organic traffic and conversions.
Increased organic traffic and conversions from organic search customers
Scaled the advertising campaign in TikTok and reduced the cost per conversion by almost 4 times
Achieved an increase of + 955% of subscribers and an increase in monthly unique coverage of 50 times
Achieved good monthly averages with an audience growth of 630 people/month with a small advertising budget
Retained the average number of leads per month, provided the budget is reduced during quarantine to 50%
Increased the number of search queries in the TOP-3 and TOP-10
Reduced price for one lead by 64% and price for conversions by 48%
Identify the most effective ad campaigns, optimize ad groups, and launch new ones with narrow audience segments
Reduced the average cost of lead by 60% by increasing the number of lead from 40% to 65%
Made a site relocation, ranked in the TOP issue
Double the number of conversions by reducing the cost of conversions by 50%
Increased macro conversions by 50% while reducing conversion costs by 26%
Increased macroconversions by 2 times
Reduced the cost of lead by 33%, increased CTR by 31.62%, optimized the budget by 45%
Increased the number of subscribers by 34%, interactions by 90.25%
Increased sales from 7.5% to 10.5%, increased income by 20%
Organic traffic increased by 46.30%, conversions by 16.33%
Increased conversions by 241% while reducing the cost by 55.29%
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