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SMM promotion

Today it is impossible to do business without representation on social networks. Even small businesses have their pages or even more than one because social networks solve the key needs of modern business at a minimal cost. So what is SMM?

SMM is marketing on social networks, promoting a brand, site, or person through business pages on social networks. The presence of business pages and the subscribers' activity directly affect the website's ranking in search engines. In addition, with the help of advertising on social networks, you can sell goods and services.

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What will SMM promotion on social networks give you?


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Stages of promoting your business on social networks


We will analyze the market and determine the needs of the audience. We will make a portrait of the target audience, after which we will determine the platforms for promotion and the format of information.


SMM strategy development. It is the key to successful promotion, so we take into account everything: the subject and niche of the business, the frequency of publications, we determine headings, content types, etc.


Set up targeted advertising. The advantage of advertising is that the ad is shown only to interested users, potential customers. The targeting feature is high conversion and ensures good sales.


Management of social networks. We post content on pages, moderate the community, interact with thought leaders and work with feedback.


What is the difference between promoting on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter? Each social network has its characteristics that you should take into account when choosing a platform and formulating a strategy. For example, Facebook is suitable for publishing long articles, news, and graphics. YouTube is perfect for posting product reviews. Instagram is ideal for working with people and sharing values, and Twitter is suitable for publishing short posts with links to articles and products.

High-quality thematic content attracts users. A key component of social media promotion is the publication of posts by an SMM specialist following the content plan and approved strategy. But just doing interesting posts is not enough. Business needs to find people who will read them. Specialists use thematic hashtags, contests, collaborations with bloggers, paid posts, and stories to attract users. As part of a promotion on social networks, a business receives a loyal audience, increases brand awareness, and increases sales. But the most powerful promotion tool istargeted advertisingon social networks. To set it up correctly, an SMM manager must understand the specifics of the market and the platform chosen to promote the project.


How to order SMM services

Contact Lanet CLICK digital agency to order quality SMM services. We will provide you with a team of professionals to work on the project. The SMM specialist creates a strategy and content plan and organizes various activities. The copywriter writes interesting posts, the designer creates graphics for them, and the target specialist adjusts advertising.

Cost of SMM promotion service

How to calculate the budget for Social Media Marketing in advance?
It is impossible to calculate the cost in advance. The price of SMM promotion depends on several factors, in particular, the volume and specificity of services. We will discuss all the details and offer the best solution for your business.

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