SEO promotion of English-language site

SEO promotion of English-language sites is a marketing tool which allows to take up your business to a new level.

Professional promotion of the site in English will help to enter the world market with a high demand for various goods and services, increase the flow of organic traffic to the site and the number of customers. English-language search promotion from Lanet CLICK will ensure a regular increase in resource traffic, increase turnover and profits of your business.

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Features of foreign sites promotion

SEO optimization of English-language site has a number of characteristics and requires not only a high level of professionalism from each participant of the process, but the knowledge of the language and specifics of foreign markets as well.

The most important stage is internal optimization, during which the experts collect keywords and write SEO texts. It is important that native speakers or people with a high level of language skills will work on these processes. Lanet CLICK Digital Agency brings together professional SEO and copywriters with English knowledge who will create high-quality texts for your site using dialects and other distinctive features of the language, making the content more interesting and attractive to foreign users.

After completing the internal site optimization, experts perform external promotion of English-language site in Google. The simplest and at the same time the most effective way is to increase the link weight. It is important to choose the right sites for links (thematic forums, blogs, websites, etc.) and ensure a steady increase in the number of links each month.

Stages of English-language sites promotion

SEO promotion of English-language sites consists of several stages:

Internal optimization

Specialists collect and cluster the semantic core, prescribe the correct structure of pages, create SEO texts and meta tags, eliminate duplicate pages, configure indexing and check the site for errors and more. As a part of this stage, it is necessary to perform a large amount of work, from the quality of which will depend the final result of the site promotion on the English-language Internet.

Implementing of changes to the site to improve conversion rates and usability of the site

To achieve the desired promotion result, it is important to make the resource attractive not only to search engines but to visitors as well. At this stage, the promotion team implements chat functionality and callback in one click, improves order and shopping cart form, analyzes clicks on menus and other site elements, adds information about company's advantages, delivery terms, returns and guarantees for services or goods and checks the usability of the resource. These actions help to make the site not only convenient, but the one that sells as well.

Promotion of English-language site by posting external links for natural thematic link building

Specialists write unique texts in English for posting on external thematic resources with links to the site that is being promoted, publish recommendations with links to the resource on relevant forums, receive social links from social networks, etc.

Further regular work on the content and functionality of the site

It is important to work on improving the resource continuously by posting unique articles for product pages, blog and other sections, as well as analyze areas of clicks on landing pages and constantly improve functionality.

In general, the promotion of foreign sites consists of the same stages as the promotion of domestic versions, but requires additional special knowledge and skills of specialists.


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Ranking factors of English-language sites

Among key ranking factors of Google search engine:

  • quality content that corresponds with users' requests;
  • behavioral signals;
  • backlinks;
  • site download speed;
  • adaptability of the resource for mobile devices;
  • internal optimization;
  • usability;
  • security;
  • structured data, etc.

There are many ranking factors in Google, but to get the desired result and continuous growth, it is enough to competently influence the most important of them.

The cost of SEO promotion of English-language sites

The cost of promoting each site is calculated individually, as it depends on many factors, such as the subject of the resource, the number of required reworks, textual content, external links and more. Digital agency Lanet CLICK brings together experienced professionals who will develop a competent strategy and do everything possible to achieve the desired result and increase the profits of your business, regardless of the scope and specifics of the product.

Services prices

ServiceMedia budget (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
SEO of an English-language sitefrom 40000from 80000
Technical SEO audit from 20000-
Optimization of an online from 16000from 7000
SEO of a young site from 16000from 7000
Technical analysis of competitorsfrom 5000-
ASO of apps from 16000from 7000
SEO promotion on Google Mapsfrom 16000from 7000
Promotion of a site to TOP 5from 27000from 10000

In order to get detailed information and calculate the cost of resource promotion from Lanet CLICK, leave a request on the company's website.


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