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Why clients choose us:



Indicative result for – 6-9 months
Analysis of key competitors
Formation of the project development strategy
Development of the project structure
Formation of the semantic core


Indicative result for – 4-6 months
Analysis of key competitors
Formation of the project development strategy
Development of the project structure
Formation of the semantic core


Indicative result for - 3-4 months
Analysis of key competitors
Formation of the project development strategy
Development of the project structure
Formation of the semantic core



Indicative result for – 6-9 months
Analysis of key competitors
Formation of the project development strategy
Development of the project structure
Formation of the semantic core


Indicative result for – 4-6 months
Analysis of key competitors
Formation of the project development strategy
Development of the project structure
Formation of the semantic core


Indicative result for - 3-4 months
Analysis of key competitors
Formation of the project development strategy
Development of the project structure
Formation of the semantic core

Stages of work

Comprehensive SEO includes the following stages of work:

Site and niche analysis

Strategy formation

Auditing/creating a semantic core

Structure development

On-page optimization

Content optimization

Link building

Why businesses need SEO

Search engine optimization is an effective tool for promoting any site. It is SEO that helps web resources occupy top positions in Google. Thanks to this, the popularity of your brand increases, and the target audience expands. In addition, quality traffic goes to the site and the number of sales increases. During the SEO process, specialists work on the technical condition of the web resource, which is why the user experience is currently improving.


What client companies say about us

During the cooperation, the company has proven itself as a professional and reliable partner, and the company's employees have shown high professionalism, creativity, and efficiency in fulfilling the assigned tasks. The professionalism of the specialists in Lanet CLICK LLC ensures the high quality of the services provided.

- Funduk.Ua

During our cooperation, this company won our trust with its impeccable work and responsibility for the final result. All services are provided with high quality and on time. We recommend Lanet Click LLC as a reliable and efficient partner in the field of IT services.

- Kovalska Invest LLC

During the period of cooperation, Lanet CLICK LLC has shown its ability to approach tasks with full responsibility and to perform work of high quality and on time. A distinctive feature of the agency's work is the high level of professionalism, organization of the company's employees, and honesty. They promptly respond to force majeure circumstances and effectively organize the work process. We recommend Lanet CLICK for cooperation as a reliable and stable business partner!

- JSC Oschadbank

The company has confirmed its professionalism, activity, and competence in performing the assigned tasks. We are satisfied with the work of Lanet Click LLC and recommend the company as a responsible and reliable partner.

- Lanet Network LTD

The company is a reliable partner, and the company's employees are professionals to whom you can entrust the matter and be sure of the quality and timeliness of the services provided. I confirm that the team of specialists at Lanet CLICK LLC ensures the high quality of the services provided.

- IntergalBudInvest

We are often asked

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about SEO

What is SEO promotion?

SEO promotion is the website promotion on the Internet by regularly filling the pages of the website with optimized content which is relevant to search queries of users. This marketing tool allows you to promote your website on the first pages of search engines and thus attract free target traffic.

How does SEO website optimization work?

SEO is the process of making changes to your online presence, primarily your website, in order to make it more attractive to search engines. Search engines crawl your site to understand what it is about, and SEO allows you to make it more understandable to search engines, increase your trust rating, and as a result, rank higher in the SERPs. Thus, thanks to competent site optimization and promotion you can increase the amount of organic traffic and its quality at minimal cost.

What are the guarantees of complex website promotion?

Only fraudsters give accurate guarantees that the site will be in the TOP 3 in a month and similar promises. Without prior analysis of the website, it is impossible to give any guarantees regarding the results of website promotion. But you can partially predict the result by taking into account the business niche and internal factors: website age, budget, etc.

How much does SEO optimization cost?

The cost of optimization depends on the tasks, website format, level of competition, workload, speed of results and other factors. To find out the price, order the website SEO audit. It will show how many pages need to be processed, how much copywriting is needed to fill the content and what is the total amount of work.

What does SEO promotion service include?

The SEO service includes analysis of the website, niche and competitors, solving technical errors, creation of promotion strategy of search engine promotion on Google, collection of semantics, works on internal and external factors of optimization: work with content, on-page site optimization , internal linking, link building, crowd marketing, work on behavioral factors and more.

Allow your site to take

first place

on Google

Order SEO service now

SEO website optimization is an effective tool for online promotion, which helps to take the top places in Google search results.Turnkey website promotion can expand the target audience, increase brand popularity, attract quality traffic to the website and increase the number of applications and sales.


So what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a set of actions related to the adaptation of the website to the algorithms of search engines to ensure compliance with users’ requests and attract potential customers to the site. SEO dramatically increases its visibility when searching for the needed topic.


We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the topic in a little more detail before ordering the promotion of a site on the Internet.


Order website promotion


In Lanet CLICK you can order website promotion to meet the requirements of search engines at the best prices, with an expert integrated approach and transparent terms of cooperation. As part of an individual consultation, we will select the optimal SEO services for your project! You will get tangible results within just 4 months of search engine optimization on Google. Therefore, it is better to order a service from specialists.


To order turnkey website promotion for Google search, just call our manager or fill out the feedback form


Why do you need to optimize your site


SEO meaning is to make sure that search engines show it for the largest number of keywords and display it at the top of search results.


To do this, the specialist conducts a SEO audit, identifies problem areas (for example, duplicate or missing meta tags, duplicate texts or pages, low loading speed, bad links) and draws up a technical assignment to eliminate them. In addition, competitors’ analysis in the niche is performed as well to identify their strengths and weaknesses. It should be noted that search engine optimization is a mandatory component of such service as a comprehensive website promotion.


What does SEO for websites service include


Internal SEO


Comprehensive website analysis, semantic core сompilation, site structure development, technical SEO optimization and solving technical problems, removal of search engine sanctions if there are such, creating Internet promotion strategy according to the business niche and search engine requests.


You can order a consultation from our specialist regarding the growth of the site’s position in the top Google to learn more about it.


Our services:

  • Semantic core сompilation
  • Site structure development


External optimization


Competitors’ analysis and defining of resource competitiveness, increasing the website external link weight, audit of current link weight, distribution of link weight between pages, creation of strategy for placing links to external resources, selection of thematic and quality donors, content publication with links to promoted website. We use only safe methods for external optimization: outreach, link building, crowd marketing, placing links on social networks.


Our services:

  • Link building
  • Crowd marketing


Content optimization


Increasing uniqueness, readability and relevance of texts, images and videos, visual text formatting, creating and placing meta tags. Creating quality and useful for target audience content.


You can order a consultation from our specialist to learn more about it.


Our services:


How to order SEO website promotion

Leave a request on the website or call our manager to order work on website promotion in Google or an individual consultation with an expert, during which we will select the best solution for you and discuss the terms of cooperation.


Why should you choose SEO website promotion from Lanet CLICK


We use 100% “white” methods that provide a good impact on site ranking for a long time, without the risk of falling under the sanctions of search engine algorithms and, thus, justify the budget for promotion and ensure growth of positions in search engines.


A team of profile experts works on each project: SEO specialist, copywriter, linkbuilder, project manager. Work effectiveness is analyzed and according to analysis results the promotional strategy can be corrected. We regularly provide reports on the work done, so you will always know about the effectiveness of our website SEO services.


If you do not have specialists who can implement technical recommendations in the staff, we can involve additional specialists — designers, usability specialists, analytics. We have all the necessary capabilities to improve the site’s position in search engines to provide a comprehensive service for your site to increase the site’s position in search results.


We use reliable fully functional SEO instruments during our work: Serpstat, Ahrefs, Search Console, Screaming Frog, Key Collector, Seranking, Majestic. 


To learn more about the advantages of Lanet CLICK, the features of website promotion on the Internet and the price for promoting your particular project, order an individual consultation!



1+ mln

Involved organic traffic per month

300+ th

Search queries that ranked in the top 10 of Google


Successful projects


Business niches in which we have experience


Sites we helped to successfully move


Sites that were removed from search filters


To learn more about the advantages of Lanet СLICK and features of the promotion of sites on the Internet, you should order an individual consultation!


SEO website promotion on different CMS


Thanks to experience in different business niches and different website types (corporate, online stores, business card website etc), we undertake website promotion in search engines on different topics and on different CMS:


Ordering the site promotion service on these platforms is necessary if you want to use their possibilities to the maximum.


Stages of works on SEO optimization

Site audit, finding technical errors and drawing up technical assignment for their correction, specifically:

  • analysis of internal and external optimization;
  • website loading speed for mobile devices;
  • optimization for a mobile device;
  • optimization of meta tags;
  • analysis of link weight of the website;
  • planning further work on SEO promotion.


Connection of analytics systems: Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Web analytics systems allow you to track the behavior of site visitors, the most interesting pages for them, and analyze the effectiveness of marketing channels. All of this will ultimately help to convert traffic.


Preparing for on-page SEO:

  • analysis of the website structure, adding new filters;
  • creating new pages that can bring traffic;
  • collection of semantics and keyword research;
  • setting up correct interlinking;
  • increasing the relevance of website pages.


SEO website promotion price


The price of SEO promotion in Kyiv and Ukraine depends on the number of working hours of specialists involved in the project, the goals set and the time frame for achieving them.


The price of SEO promotion also depends on such factors:

  • website type and number of pages;
  • promotional region;
  • level of competitiveness in the niche;
  • amount of semantic core;
  • history of website promotion;
  • technical condition of the website.


Find out the cost of promoting your website – call or write to us.


Please note that the cost for removing search engine sanctions is calculated individually. You can find out how much it costs to order website promotion on the Internet during a consultation.


Our cases


Our SEO company knows how to promote websites in such niches:

  • online stores;
  • developers;
  • B2B companies;
  • manufacturers;
  • distributors;
  • medical sphere;
  • food establishments;
  • IT companies;
  • financial companies;
  • logistic companies;
  • Internet providers;
  • agribusiness.


The detailed process of website promotion


Website promotion is a set of actions aimed at increasing the visibility of a resource in search engines and getting it to the top of search results, which allows for attracting targeted traffic and increasing conversion rates. The promotion process consists of several stages, which we will discuss in detail below.


1. Niche and competitor analysis, development of promotion strategy


A preliminary analysis of the situation is required to develop an effective website promotion strategy. We comprehensively analyze the business niche and key competitors, as well as the state of the website, its strengths and weaknesses.


Three essential components of comprehensive analysis:

  • Market analysis in the industry. We determine your target audience, its pain points and goals, how to work with them, and what marketing strategies should be used for this audience. Without this analysis, it is difficult to predict the results of SEO promotion, especially in niches with high competition.
  • Keyword analysis. We analyze the list of keywords and phrases for which your website is currently promoted, remove remaining irrelevant queries, and structure them.
  • Competitor analysis in the niche. We pay special attention to the websites in the top 10 of the search results — we study their strategy and the tools they use to determine the most effective ways to promote the website in search engines and avoid their mistakes.


At this stage of website promotion, we compare different strategies, and the work of different channels and tools, and based on the data obtained after comprehensive analysis, we develop an individual promotion strategy for your website, taking into account the specifics of the target audience and the unique features of the project.


2. Collection of semantic core and clustering of key queries


At this stage, we select keywords and phrases that characterize the website, products, or services, and will be used for the SEO of the resource. The effectiveness of website optimization depends on the correct selection of keywords and their precise placement on the pages.


Keywords are selected like this:

  • Determine the keywords that cover the entire search demand in the website’s topic and its main competitors;
  • Collect queries that contain these words and synonyms, taking into account commercial and informational queries;
  • Check the competitiveness of the collected queries.


After collecting the semantics, we conduct clustering of key phrases to group (cluster) queries with the same intent and check if they can be placed on the same page.


3. Internal website audit, technical optimization


Slow page loading, internal errors, and lack of responsiveness can negatively impact the SEO performance of a site, therefore it is necessary to conduct a site audit and fix existing technical errors.


As part of the technical audit, we analyze the entire internal part of the site, checking everything:

  • Correctness of meta tags;
  • Content structure;
  • Internal links structure and its correctness;
  • Microdata markup settings;
  • Breadcrumb settings;
  • Presence of hidden text;
  • Language version settings;
  • Navigation convenience;
  • Sitemap and robots.txt file settings;
  • Indexing;
  • 301 redirects;
  • Listings and pagination;
  • Presence of HTML errors;
  • Presence of duplicate pages.


We fix the found errors, remove duplicate pages, delete or replace broken links with updated ones, set up redirects and everything necessary for more effective promotion.


Sometimes the audit reveals that the site is under search engine sanctions. Usually, this is not a verdict, and the site can be lifted from sanctions. This must be done, otherwise, all efforts towards SEO promotion of the website will be in vain.


4. Content optimization


Texts with keywords that Google uses to find and display search results are at the core of SEO website promotion. Effective website promotion is impossible without high-quality, optimized content.


To create such content, we develop a content plan and create a list of technical assignments for writing texts based on a well-researched semantic core. The technical assignment includes all the necessary SEO and LSI parameters that the texts should meet, such as keywords, their density, text readability, and more.


Ready texts are optimized according to the requirements of search engines:

  • Meta tags are filled in.
  • Headings H1-H6 are written.
  • Images are optimized and made unique.
  • Internal linking is implemented.


5. External optimization, link building


The presence of numerous links from other resources is an indicator for search engines to trust your website. Thanks to external links, SEO website promotion can be done faster and more effectively. However, it is important to pay attention not only to the number of links but to their quality too, as links from suspicious websites can harm your reputation. Therefore, authoritative websites with a high trust rating should be selected for placing articles with links to your resource.


During the stage of external placement, our task is to make sure that people talk about you on the Internet. We track the number of mentions, adjust the tone of speech, and remove links that can harm the reputation of the website.


6. Conversion optimization and increasing sales


The goal of most websites is to sell products and services. Whether this goal is achieved depends on the convenience and clarity of the website, as every action of website visitors affects ranking factors and therefore, brand visibility and website sales. At this stage, we strive to maximize the ROI (Return on Investment) while staying within the approved budget.


Conversion optimization works may include:

  • Analysis of Google statistics;
  • Creation of scroll and click maps;
  • Users’ recordings analysis;
  • Improving the snippet for a more attractive display of the website in search results and, as a result, increasing the click-through rate;
  • Reducing bounce rate of pages which visitors quickly leave;
  • Behavioral metrics adjustment through quality improvement page content;
  • Refining and changing the site structure, considering UX/UI design requirements;
  • Site display testing;
  • Conducting A/B tests.


All these measures will help prevent situations where a user intended to make a purchase but for some reason was unable to or changed his mind and abandoned the website. To ensure an easy purchase path for users, it is worthwhile to invest in website promotion.


7. Analysis of results, reporting, and further optimization


Successful website promotion on an ongoing basis is only possible through regular analysis of results and timely adjustments to the strategy when needed.Google frequently updates its ranking algorithms as well, and these changes need to be taken into account when forming the website’s SEO strategy.


Almost all SEO results can be measured, so we provide detailed reports for our clients and always have data for timely strategy adjustments to achieve maximum promotional effect within the defined budget.


We offer transparent website promotion services. In our reports, we provide detailed descriptions of the conducted work and showcase the results of our actions in numbers, so that you can assess the effectiveness of SEO for your website and plan your budget better. Contact us to inquire about the cost of website promotion.


If you want to order website promotion on search engines, leave request for consultation

Tell us, what goal do you want to achieve during the promotional process, and we will provide website analysis, prepare a working plan and calculate the necessary budget.


SEO promotion of sites in Kyiv and Ukraine


As practice shows, the higher the position of the website is on the search engines, the more trust it causes, and the more potential buyers will go to your resource. If local SEO is done correctly on the Google search engine, the positions will confidently rise up in the search results. This will help to attract as many customers as possible who are interested in the products or services provided by your company. Smart Google SEO ​will help you to avoid penalties and search engine filters.