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Why do you need promotion on Google Maps

A presence on Google Maps is a great way to get additional local search traffic, attract visitors, and increase sales. Undoubtedly, the absence of this service means the loss of potential customers, especially if the target audience of the business is people who are not far from the company’s location.


Only a few organizations are listed on Google search results. To see the rest, you need to click on the “Other places” link. To get into the top three, you need to engage in promotion on Google Maps.

Stages of promotion on Google Maps

The promotion of the company takes place step by step:

Analysis of local competitors

ПроводитьсяAn SEO audit is conducted for a comprehensive market analysis, study of the best cases, and collection of the semantic core. SEO-аудит для комплексного аналізу ринку, вивчення кращих кейсів та збір семантичного ядра.

Google My Business profile

At this stage, a business account is created and its card is filled out (name, photo, work schedule, etc.).

Account optimization

There is a competent setting of the card so that the business company gets to the top of the organic Google results.

Updating and adding data

It provides prompt entry of changed or new information about the company in the Google My Business account.

What promotion on Google Maps will give

Promotion of the company in this service will help:

Get the attention of the target audience

Attract high-quality traffic to the site

To form the right image

Increase brand recognition

Improve customer loyalty

Have a platform for communication

Attract the attention of travelers

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Benefits of promoting on Google Maps

In addition to increasing the number of potential customers, additional traffic, and sales of goods or services, promotion on Google Maps has other benefits.


Brand awareness

Local site promotion on Google Maps increases business visibility. A properly configured card with photos attracts the users’ attention and «sells» your services.


Improving the company’s reputation

Google Maps lets you communicate with your target audience. You can respond to customer feedback. In case of negatives, you will be able to learn the details immediately and influence the situation. In addition, by responding to feedback on behalf of the company, you will show the brand’s openness to dialogue.


The loyalty of potential customers

On Google Maps, people can read reviews from real visitors and customers. It will increase their trust and loyalty to your company.

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We are often asked

We have collected frequently asked questions about promoting on Google Maps

Who needs Google Maps promotion?

Promotion on Google Maps will be useful for any business that has a physical location and wants to attract customers from a specific area. These can be different types of businesses, such as restaurants, coffee shops, private schools, shops, hotels, banks, medical centers, dentistry, beauty salons, shopping malls, etc.

Do you need a website to promote your business on Google Maps?

No, it is not necessary to have a website to place a company on the Google map. If your business does not have a web resource, you can create a Google My Business account. It will allow you to add important information about the company: address, hours of operation, phone number, photo, customer reviews, etc. This information will appear on Google Maps and in search results, allowing potential customers to contact you.

How to add businesses to Google Maps?

Before adding a company to Google Maps, you need to conduct a comprehensive market analysis and collect a semantic core with keywords. The next step should be to register on Google My Business. Then you can proceed with filling out the company card and optimizing your Google Maps account. After that, it is important not to forget to update the information regularly.

Can I promote my business on Google Maps on my own?

You can place your company on Google Maps yourself by creating a Google My Business account and filling out your profile in detail. At the same time, in order to get to the TOP of Google's results, you need, in particular, to conduct an SEO audit and work with reviews. It will help improve the visibility of your business and attract new customers. If you do not know how to do it, contact the experts.

How to track the rating on Google Maps?

Users are looking for companies with good ratings and positive reviews. Accordingly, both affect promotion on Google Maps. To see the rating of your company, you can use several methods. One of them is to simply find your company through the Google search bar and check the rating. You can also track ratings through your Google My Business account.

Promoting on Google Maps is a great way to get more traffic on local queries, attract leads, and increase sales. For this tool to benefit your business, you need to set it up properly.


Local SEO promotion: why it’s important


Google Maps is a service of the American company Google, which, in response to a user’s request, provides a list of nearby companies. For example, if a user searches for a beauty salon nearby, a shortlist of nearby salons with a map will immediately appear in the search engine. Clicking on «More Companies» will open Google Maps, where there will be more companies providing beauty services.


If your business is not on Google Maps, you lose potential customers. Therefore, it is important not to ignore the promotion on Google Maps.


Google My Business: Optimization and Management


To use a promotion on Google Maps and appear in the service, you need to have a Google business profile. You have to create it in Google My Business.


Google My Business is an opportunity to add business data to Google. Here is all the necessary information for the user. All the information you add to your profile will appear in Google search and Google Maps.


Promotion stages on Google Maps


If you need promotion on the maps, contact the digital agency Lanet CLICK. Experts will promote Google Maps in stages, including local SEO promotion.


Analysis of local competitors

Work on promotion begins with the analysis of local companies in your niche, in particular, specialists perform SEO audit.


SEO analysis of competitors will allow:

  1. Comprehensively analyze the market.
  2. Repeat the success story of your competitors.
  3. Build a semantic core with effective keywords for the name and description of the company.


Adding a Google My Business Account

After these steps, you’ll need to create a Google My Business profile. It is due to the account registration in Google. It is due to the registration of the account in Google.


Filling out a company card

After that, you need to start filling in the information about the company: name, brief description, hours of operation, photos, address, the field of activity, etc.


Google Maps account optimization

Google My Business promotion involves the proper setup and optimization of the card with all the information about your business. It will allow your company to get to the top of the organic search results.


In addition, if you do not have a website, then if necessary, experts from the digital agency Lanet CLICK will create it. Depending on the client’s wishes, the specialist can develop the site structure through Google My Business or another platform.


Update and add company publications

It is necessary to update the information in time. For example, if your business hours have changed, make changes to Google My Business. It will help you avoid situations where the customer came to your establishment when it was closed.


For which business niches is a promotion in Google Maps relevant


Presence in this service is important for:

  • catering establishments — cafes and restaurants;
  • beauty salons;
  • private clinics;
  • offline stores;
  • private schools;
  • cinemas;
  • fitness clubs;
  • shopping and entertainment centers;
  • hotels and hostels;
  • car repair stations, etc.


If you have not presented your business in the service or your profile is not optimized, contact the digital agency Lanet CLICK. Also, the agency’s specialists can promote your site. SEO includes external, internal, and content optimization.