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Google Adwords setting

Advertising is one of the main «whales» on which the work of any company, enterprise, or business is built and maintained. After all, thanks to it, you can tell about your product/service, attract new customers, make a good reputation, and much more.


What is Google Adwords

It is a search engine advertising service from Google for creating ads, with a user-friendly interface and many different customization tools. It allows you to identify your target audience accurately and convey your advertising message to her. The result is a clever use of the existing budget and a constant flow of new customers.

Briefly about Google Adwords history

In the era of rapid development of informational technology, you can not ignore the importance of advertising on the Internet because that is where a large proportion of potential consumers, partners, and employees are. Of course, you can't find more effective advertising to promote your business than contextual or search advertising.

Approaching the main topic of our article, we would like to make a short digression into history. In the last year of the twentieth century, Sergiy Brin and Larry Page were looking for ways to monetize their project — Google's most advanced search engine. They wanted to find an alternative for banners placed next to search results, as everyone did at the time. At the same time, the idea was born to place text ads next to search results, thematically related to queries. The solution turned out to be ingenious, contextual advertising quickly became popular and till this day, remains the most effective tool for Internet marketing. That's how Google AdWords came to be.

Advantages of contextual advertising

What is setting contextual advertising

It is a series of step-by-step actions that will help you identify the target audience to promote your services or products, choose the best mechanics of paid communications and outline the necessary budget to achieve desired results.

How to set up advertising on Google

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question because it is a painstaking process that requires a professional approach and special skills in the advertising field. But we will share our knowledge with you and tell you how to run Google Adwords advertising.

Where to start setting up advertising

Firstly, you need to create a Google Ads account. Registering and creating a Google Adwords account is an easy task that will take only a couple of minutes, as all you need is your email address and your company's website. Even if you don't have a website yet, you can run Google ads with «smart» campaigns.

After a simple and fast registration procedure, you need to log in to your Google AdWords account. Its interface is quite simple, although it may seem difficult to perceive at first. It is the first step in creating your first Google Adwords campaign.

Unfortunately, setting up Google Adwords for the first time will be a daunting task for a beginner. Let's learn together how to set up contextual advertising on Google so that it works and brings the expected results.

Important features of setting up an advertising account

There are two types of accounts — business and personal. And how to change account type if necessary? In this case, you need to contact support and leave a request. While creating an account, it is important to specify the country, the currency in which the account will be replenished, and the time zone. There are situations when it is necessary to replace the original set parameters. How to change the language in Google AdWords? Click on the tool icon, and in the «Settings» section, сhoose «Settings». Next, go to the section «Interface language and number format» and select the desired language.

Also, there may be a need to change the currency for account replenishing during the work process. How to change the currency in Google Adwords? Unfortunately, this feature will be closed after the account creation phase. Therefore, you should treat it responsibly because currency choice will affect payment methods.

Initial account setup

Before you can start creating an ad campaign, you must set up your account first.

The algorithm for this stage looks like this:

1. Choose the purpose of your Google AdWords advertising campaign
2. Selection of keywords — web queries
3. Budget calculating
4. Select and configure networks, placements, device types and ad serving methods
5. Breaking down keywords into semantic groups and distributing them to specific campaigns
6. Writing texts for advertisements
7. Settings for advanced ads
8. Setting up a connection between Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts
9. Enable tagging in automatic mode
10. Setting up extension parameters.

To determine the purpose of an advertising campaign on Google Adwords, you will need to answer the question: «What is the campaign for? What results do I expect from this advertisement?»

The purpose of an advertising campaign can be:

increase the number of brand displays;

lead generation;

increase product sales;

attracting customers;

raising brand awareness and more.

Prescribing keywords

Next, you need to prescribe keywords. It is one of the most important parameters because the so-called «keys» are the phrases and words used to display advertising messages in response to users’ web queries. It is straightforward to draft a list of web queries based on a list of proposed goods or services. There is a special tool in Google Ads for this task — Google Ads Keyword Planner. It is a convenient and simple tool that will be an indispensable helper in getting the desired result. You can see how to use Google Keyword Planner on various specialized websites or video tutorials. But if you want to get a professional setting of contextual advertising, you should address professionals who already have working experience with large enterprises and businesses.

Creating advertising campaign

Setting up Google Adwords contextual advertising starts with creating a campaign.

To do this, you need to go through the following points:

You can see an example of an advertising campaign or their comparison on specialized Internet resources.

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