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Key tools of targeted specialist

Many additional tools in the Facebook advertising cabinet will help you properly plan advertising campaigns, effectively manage and analyze them. Read about them in the article and use them to prepare and configure targeted advertising through Facebook Ads.

Audience Insights

The tool allows you to study your audience more detail before launching ads or planning a promotion strategy. It is located in the Analyze and Report section.Use this option to:


  • analyze audiences: segment users by demographics, interests, age, gender, etc.;
  • analyze subscribers of your page;
  • study your target audience: demographic data, online behavior, favorite pages, etc.


Use collected information to develop creatives and messages that your advertising will convey. And save created audience in the advertising cabinet and use them while setting up ads.

Ad Library

Check out your competitors’ ads in Facebook Ad Library. You can find it at the link.Why do you need this? To check what ads your competitors are showing and if they are actually showing. For inspiration, monitor the effectiveness of your creatives, but under no circumstances steal other people’s ideas.

Creative Hub

Search for ad ideas, create and share mockups, and most importantly, check your creatives for Facebook compliance in the Creative Hub.Use the tool to:


  • develop your layouts that can be printed in PNG format or immediately imported into the advertising cabinet to launch the ad;
  • verify available formats for photos and videos while launching ads;
  • view ad options in different formats for Facebook and Instagram;
  • check the amount of text on the advertising image to avoid graphics that are unsatisfactory for the social network.

Ads manager or Business manager

A basic Facebook tool where you can:


  • manage different Facebook and Instagram accounts;
  • add and remove users that manage advertising campaigns;
  • collect audiences with Pixel and use it for retargeting.


The business manager will be useful if you work on a project in a team or run several campaigns at the same time.

Automated rules

A tool that will save you time tracking advertising campaigns. The bottom line is that you will set a condition that will trigger a certain action at the campaign/group/ad level:


  • will the campaign be turned off or on;
  • will a notification come;
  • readjustment of the budget;
  • automatic bid reset.


There is a limit of 250 rules for one account. Therefore, they should be cleaned periodically.

Report on advertising

Use the reporting tool to:


  • schedule regular sending of reports to yourself and other users;
  • storage of report templates.


Download the finished report to Excel, send it by email or share it with other users who have access to the account.

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