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How to promote a medical site in 2024

Promotion for the site of medical services is associated with additional difficulties due to the nuances inherent in this niche. We tell you the key information you need to know for successful promotion.


Peculiarities of medical site promotion 

The medical field is very competitive, and there are also advertising restrictions, as some drugs and operations are prohibited from being advertised. In addition, users are very careful when buying medicines and ordering medical services, and search engines have very high requirements for the quality of content. At the same time, local promotion (promoting Google Maps) and transparent communication are effective.


What are E-E-A-T, SQEG, and YMYL, and what impact do they have on promoting a medical site

There are three Google approaches to evaluating medical content.


E-E-A-T – experience, expertise, authority, reliability.

Key requirements:


  • publication on the site of expert content created by specialized specialists with appropriate education and experience;
  • external optimization with the help of publications on authoritative websites;
  • using only true and accurate information on the site.


SQEG (Speech Quality Expert Group) is a concept and set of recommendations for content evaluation, developed for search engine specialists, which should also be considered by SEO specialists.


YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) is the concept of “wallet or life” which means high requirements for medical content.


Key requirements:


  • high-quality, expert, and carefully checked content that will not harm the health or financial situation of users;
  • a sufficient amount of high-quality and useful information on the page and on the site in general;
  • positive reputation of the resource;
  • lack of advertising of dubious drugs or advice from non-authoritative specialists.


Types of medical sites

These can be sites for:


  • pharmacies and dental clinics;
  • diagnostic clinics and laboratories;
  • medical centers of any type;
  • cosmetology centers and offices;
  • manufacturers of medicines, medical equipment, and materials;
  • doctors directly.


The optimal strategy for promoting a medical website

We tell you how medical sites are promoted in Lanet CLICK.


  • Technical audit of the site. We determine the current state of the resource, identify errors, and find weak points on the site.
  • Creating a technical task to fix bugs. It can be the removal of duplicate pages, “broken” links, etc.
  • Collection and clustering of the semantic core. We collect and systematize relevant key queries according to the structure of the site.
  • Development of an individual website promotion strategy. Based on the results of the audit and taking into account the specifics of the business, we draw up an SEO strategy for promoting the website, which we then adjust depending on the circumstances.
  • Analysis of competitors. We determine the most successful solutions for promotion and learn from other people’s mistakes.
  • Internal site optimization. We write and publish expert texts on the site according to the previously formed specification, optimize existing content, and create meta tags.
  • Increasing the mass of links (link building). We write and publish materials on third-party authoritative resources with relevant topics to meet the parameters of E-E-A-T.
  • Reporting on work done. We regularly report on the completed works, the effects obtained from them, further plans, and expected results.



Medicine is one of the most difficult niches for promotion, which has increased demands from both search engines and users. Therefore, for SEO promotion of the site of a clinic, medical center, or pharmacy and setting up contextual Google advertising, you should contact only reliable and experienced specialists.


We have extensive experience in the medical niche. Leave a request on the website or call the manager to get an individual consultation!

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