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How to promote on TikTok: top ways to promote TikTok

Before talking about TikTok promotion, let’s look at the application’s statistics. Initially, the software was launched back in 2014 and was focused on educational content, video lessons and lectures. After a complete reboot in 2017, the developers presented an entertaining social network that immediately became popular. Read more about TikTok and its features in our previous article.  And if, until 2017, there were only a few tens of thousands of downloads, now there are more than 100 million on various devices around the world. And since the competition on this platform is growing, it is worth starting to promote TikTok for free now. Gaining an audience without additional investments is not as difficult as it is now on Instagram.  

How to name your profile on TikTok

Video authors, having discovered TikTok for the first time, strive to stand out from other participants to: 


  • be recognizable;
  • gain popularity in this way;
  • use the same nickname on all popular resources.


A nickname for TikTok is a unique username that helps you find the page you want and makes it more recognizable. A good TikTok nickname allows you to get more followers. But before choosing an interesting nickname for a social network, you need to learn a few rules. The correct nickname should not contain:


  • obscene expressions, or profanity (even in a disguised version);
  • the expressions of a sexual and erotic character;
  • insulting the personality of other people;
  • expressions related to racial, religious and other discrimination;
  • provocative phrases.


Non-compliance with any of these requirements may lead to account blocking by the service administration. That’s why you shouldn’t choose words that negatively affect your reputation. How to come up with an interesting nickname? This question interests many beginners and even experienced users. We share with you the secrets of generating nicknames:


  • try to choose nicknames that do not begin with numbers, for example, 2561Olga;
  • The title of the page and especially if it is a business profile should match the general direction of the profile. The user should not call himself a Parachutist if he shoots videos about weddings or travels. You can come up with interesting nicknames based on the last name;
  • note that the social network allows nicknames only in English (written in Latin). That is, you can come up with any Ukrainian word and write it using letters from the Latin (English) alphabet;
  • for greater recognition, you can use not only letters for a nickname but also various symbols;
  • it is worth using a name of a non-aggressive character, that is, a nickname that characterizes the user’s good attitude towards other participants.


But note that a good nickname does not guarantee the page’s popularity. It can be just a two or three-letter word that will be remembered by many TikTok users if your videos become popular and relevant. If you already have a profile on other social networks, you should choose the same nickname as on other pages. It will make it easy for you to transfer the audience already interested in you to your TikTok profile.  

Features of promotion on TikTok

The TikTok feed is configured so that with each new viewed video, it offers more and more relevant content to the user’s preferences, thus making it longer and endless. Such an algorithm, combined with an active audience, made TikTok perhaps the most promising platform for promoting both a personal account and a business.


The main goal of every user of this social network is the opportunity to get into trends or recommendations and thus promote yourself on TikTok. The easiest and correct solution is to take already existing ideas that became popular and add a little of your creativity. Trends depend on geolocation. For example, what is popular among American users has not yet reached Ukrainian users. We recommend that you monitor foreign viral videos and implement their trends first, adapting them to your audience. This way, your video will fall under the international trend hashtag and attract the attention of users from all over the world.


Mostly, TikTok users are willing to communicate in comments, so it is important to create a harmonious community. Think about what topics your followers and fans are most interested in, and try to pay attention to each person who wrote a comment or asked a question. Open communication with users can become part of your content: TikTok has a video feature with answers to user comments. Such videos appear in the feed along with regular ones.


TikTok has a more friendly atmosphere than Instagram or any other social network. It is important to bring people together around the idea and values of your brand and message. It can be charity, calls for conscious consumption, etc. The main thing is not to overdo it with seriousness and bring some humor. TikTok provides almost limitless opportunities for creating unique and creative content. You can create short TikTok videos using different visual effects. There are many animation effects and color filters on the main video recording screen.

TikTok also provides a database of musical effects, including popular tracks, fragments of movies and series, and sounds of nature and animals. You can choose music before the recording stage or after shooting. Video recordings are available in normal mode, with slow motion and speed up. You can also make your unique content, record the reaction to the videos of other users, and duets by combining two videos horizontally. 

If, at the initial stage of development, the content for TikTok consisted mainly of lip sync videos (performed to the soundtrack), now it is a limitless platform for self-realization. TikTok focuses on creative content and native ad formats. Audience engagement on the platform is higher than on other social networks. For comparison, the average ER on Instagram is 5%, and on TikTok, it is 20%. Most of the active users are young people aged 16-24. Every user of the platform has a chance to stand out with unique and interesting content, gain TikTok followers in a short time and start monetizing their blog. For advertisers, the platform is a new source for attracting a loyal audience. Every day, more and more brands start using the platform to run ads and create corporate accounts.

  • brands;
  • online stores;
  • affiliate marketing;
  • FMCG;
  • dating sites;
  • service owners;
  • mobile application owners;
  • language courses and schools. 

How to get followers on TikTok

Free promotion methods that will help you gain followers on TikTok

1. Massfollowing and Massliking

The same method is popular now on Instagram. But on TikTok, the audience is not yet so tired of these methods, so it still reacts to them very positively. The mechanics are the same as on Instagram. But we will tell you about it:


  • collect users by hashtags or competitors;
  • then leave them comments, likes, or subscribe to their accounts.


You can also remind users in your videos that they should subscribe to your profile.

2. Traffic circulation from existing own blogs

If you already have a popular Instagram or a page on other social networks, let them know that you have started your blog on TikTok. Let users know you have content on another platform. This rule also works the other way around: you can leave a link to Instagram or YouTube right on your TikTok profile.


3. Collaborations

Another option for promotion is to shoot a video in a duet. Or exchange videos on your pages with another blogger, thus using TikTok PR from other users with a similar audience to yours. It is a great chance to get support from already promoted authors. Of course, you have to pay for such interaction if the size of your audience is quite unequal. For the more popular accounts, it’s available on TikTok for free. The only drawback is the time it takes to find bloggers ready to exchange and communicate about cooperation. You will need to choose the format and script and agree on terms and details.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords for promotion on TikTok. One of your main tasks on TikTok, as we wrote before, is to get to the top, and it’s cool if it happens under a big hashtag. Therefore, carefully study and choose hashtags that will be relevant to the topic and will be popular on TikTok. Use some big trending hashtags to get traffic through them. And add to them a few small ones that relate to your topic. Or come up with your own and start the challenge.

5. Shoot trends

Even an account created yesterday with three videos has a chance to immediately fly to the top and get tens of thousands of views. Trending videos will help with this.  A method that has gained popularity on TikTok is participation in challenges. Join its members — make videos in the same way as everyone else. By the way, it is better to choose the same track for the video. That’s how you get more views. 

6. Be active

The more activity from you, content, likes, comments, and subscriptions to other users, the higher your chances of becoming popular. But keep in mind that this method takes time. You still need to give the main part of the attention to yourself — if the videos are of poor quality, then the activity will not help.

Paid promotion methods

Even from a blogger with a million followers, you can easily buy a post with a tag without selling half an apartment for it. Importantly! Advertising from bloggers is an effective method and works great. The only thing is, don’t buy ads from the first people you meet because they can lie about statistics or even cheat you. If you order a TikTok promotion from several bloggers, you should schedule the release of their videos on different days. TikTok cannot yet evaluate the effect of each direct advertisement. And, of course, don’t forget to check if the blogger tagged you in the video and the description.

2. Competitions

It is a continuation of the idea with the challenge — you can award prizes to the best videos using your hashtag for promotion.

3. Official advertisement

Yes, it is already available. The official advertisement appeared recently. There are several video and photo formats that are displayed in different places (for example, in the Feed). It lasts up to 15 seconds, and you can add links and hashtags, in short, it is very similar to advertising in the Stories.

As you probably understood from the article, there are many promotion methods on TikTok. But if you do not have time to promote your account on your own, our experts will help you with this. To order the TikTok promotion service, follow the link: https://lanet.click/en/smm/ or click on the SMM promotion tab. 

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