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26 August, 2022

Targeted or contextual: which advertising to choose

Advertising on the Internet has become one of the most effective ways of business promotion. Companies actively use targeted advertising and PPC advertising to attract new...
14 July, 2022

Travel agency promotion on social networks

Each owner of a company in the tourist field — a small travel agency, a network of agencies or a large tour operator — is interested...
12 July, 2022

Facebook lead generation

Lead generation is a type of Internet marketing, and its essence is to find cold customers for a specific business. That is, a lead is a...
07 July, 2022

How to get followers on Instagram

Popular social networks are an excellent tool for beginner bloggers, business owners, and representatives of various companies. With their help, you can make money, increase your...
05 July, 2022

What is TikTok, and how to promote it

Being ahead of your competitors means always being one step forward. Now it is difficult to do this because competition is growing every day. Therefore, companies...
04 July, 2022

Advertising on YouTube: creating a media plan

Before you start creating a media plan for YouTube video ads, let’s understand what media planning actually is. Media planning is the process of selecting advertising...
04 July, 2022

Key tools of targeted specialist

Many additional tools in the Facebook advertising cabinet will help you properly plan advertising campaigns, effectively manage and analyze them. Read about them in the article...
10 February, 2022

How to increase the number of followers on Facebook

Facebook is a proven marketing platform for business promotion. Here you can communicate and establish business contacts, and increase brand recognition. In addition, every year, developers...
03 February, 2022

Targeted advertising for a clothing store

There are many ways to promote an online store on Instagram, but the most effective one today is targeted advertising. In this article, we tell you...
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