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13 July, 2022

A complete guide to using Google Search Console

What is Google Search Console, and why is it needed Google Search Console (GSC) is a free service that provides information to optimize site content, improve...
13 July, 2022

How to add a website to Google Analytics

To find out more data about your site — to see the target audience, analyze content, see how changing the structure and design of the site...
13 July, 2022

Assisted conversions

Conversion in marketing is a user’s action in response to an appeal placed in an advertisement: downloading the program, calling, installing the program, registering for a...
30 June, 2022

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is conducted to comprehensively assess the enterprise’s state and future threats to its development. The acronym SWOT was first introduced in 1963 by Professor...
24 June, 2022

What are the types of traffic to the site

One of the main indicators for each site is traffic. What is it, and what are the types of traffic? Read further in the material.  ...
17 June, 2022

How to find out the site traffic

Do you want to know how effective your site is and what marketing tools work? Do you want to know more about a competitor? Every business...
03 June, 2022

How to search for your ads on Google properly

Launching ads on Google Ads is a great strategy to increase sales and promote your website. After launching an ad, each website owner wants to see...
20 May, 2022

Why are there conversions but few orders

One of the effective tools of Internet marketing is contextual advertising (PPC). It can significantly increase sales of goods or services. Google contextual advertising is effective...
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