21 January, 2021

How to promote on TikTok: top ways to promote TikTok

Before talking about TikTok promotion, let’s look at the application’s statistics. Initially, the software was launched back in 2014 and was focused on educational content, video...
01 June, 2020

Audiences for YouTube advertising

Video attracts attention and arouses users’ interest. It is easier to perceive and remember. That is why advertising on YouTube increases brand awareness and helps to...
09 April, 2020

How to track conversions from advertising

How to track the effectiveness of Instagram advertising? Conversion is a measure of the ad’s effectiveness. Usually, it is a specific user’s action on your website:...
09 April, 2020

Facebook advertising

Why your ad is not being moderated Is Facebook rejecting your ads one by one? To prevent it from happening next time, read a short list...
07 April, 2020

KPI for targeted advertising

How to determine the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns? It is easy to do based on key KPI.  Let’s consider the main ones: CTR is the...
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