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07 September, 2022

SERM for medical clinics: why it matters

Every business niche involves communication with the client. Medical topics are probably the most difficult in this regard because, in the human mind, it is associated...
12 August, 2022

What is E-A-T and how to conduct an E-A-T audit

The Internet is a big flow of information from many sources. And Google is concerned that we come across quality and serious content first. E-A-T is...
03 August, 2022

12 components of the perfect blog article

What is it – the perfect article that will make the reader eagerly read it from the first word to the last? How to create such...
06 July, 2022

How to remove a review from Google Maps

In order for the promotion of an online store or a site of another business to be successful, one should not neglect various promotion methods, including...
23 June, 2022

Identity: what is a brand identity and how to create it

Everyone is unique, everyone has their own facial features, character, and habits. All these qualities that distinguish people from each other form our individuality. It’s the...
25 May, 2022

Why do you need a blog on the site

A company that wants to gain a foothold in the market must pay attention to managing a corporate blog. Today, a blog isn’t only a business...
13 May, 2022

What is Google seller rating

Seller rating or Google seller rating is an excellent automatic extension from the company, which allows you to highlight your ads among competitors when issuing. In...
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