Minimizing the impact of quarantine on business
on the example of the email channel

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has brought not only concern for the health of ourselves and our loved ones, but also a significant loss of income for most of our fellow citizens. Entrepreneurs selling non-food products, restaurants, or tourism businesses were particularly affected, as quarantine restrictions led to a significant decline in demand for many goods and services. In the harsh reality, business owners had to adapt quickly to the new requirements to stay afloat.

The closure of most shops and restaurants has led to a sharp and rapid increase in demand for home-delivered goods. In addition, online shopping has become extremely important because it allows consumers to get what they want without leaving home and without endangering themselves and their families. But for potential customers to learn about your company using only their gadgets, you need to develop a strategy for promoting the online store. For this type of advertising, it is also necessary to highlight the main points. In this case, they can be favorable conditions, the availability of contactless delivery, and compliance with all necessary sanitary and hygienic standards.

For reference is an online store specializing in the sale of various computer equipment, original and licensed, and products for real gamers and geeks. Due to quarantine restrictions, this store had to close the self-pickup point and focus exclusively on online sales with delivery.

The screenshot shows the effectiveness of sales before the start of our work.


an email strategy

One of the most effective sales channels is email marketing as its formation does not require many resources, but it allows you to increase sales in a total crisis. As a real example, we will give the successful advertising campaign carried out by Lanet CLICK for the company.


After analyzing the site's performance and noting a significant decline in sales efficiency, our agency has developed an effective strategy for Internet marketing, offering to use email advertising in the advertising campaign. We advised the client to focus not on potential customers, but on existing loyal ones. The company has previously made mailings, but in this case, to save the business in an unfavorable situation, we decided to focus on the needs of the target audience at this difficult time. Therefore, we have divided the advertised goods into two categories: those that will be useful for remote work at home and those whose price does not exceed 1000 UAH, so that the customer can buy them even with reduced income during quarantine.


In addition, we also sent emails in the format of a techno blog, which covered the news and interesting events in the gaming world. We chose this topic to support audience activity and further stimulate sales.


Another marketing activity was the development and launch of interesting thematic campaigns, which we created for certain holidays and related to significant events in the world of games and movies.

Examples of our mailings


Lanet CLICK's anti-crisis strategy not only helped stay afloat, but also allowed it to increase sales through email channels in both financial and commodity terms. Thus, if the usual sales rate was about 7.5-8.5%, then, after a successful campaign, it increased to 10.5%.

The result of a well-constructed strategy was an increase of about 20%. It confirmed the correctness of the chosen methods and their high efficiency.


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