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How to search for your ads on Google properly

Launching ads on Google Ads is a great strategy to increase sales and promote your website. After launching an ad, each website owner wants to see how his ads are displayed online. But why you should not do it just by searching for keywords on Google  — read more in the material.

Why you should not google your ads

Google your ads the wrong way to see what they look like. It is due to two reasons:


  1. The ad becomes irrelevant. If you find your ad on Google, review it and close it, you will be considered as a dissatisfied potential buyer for the search engine. Yes, viewing and clicking on ads but not making a purchase is perceived by Google as a signal that the ad is irrelevant. As a result, your displays will decrease and your cost-per-click will increase. Moreover, the auction ad’s ranking, click-through rate (CTR), quality score, and ad position will decrease.
  2. Money on advertising is spent in vain. Each check on how your ad is displayed is a pay-per-click. Imagine you are selling dresses. The cost for each click is conditionally 1 dollar. 10 empty clicks on ads will cost about $10 from the budget, 50 clicks will cost $50. At the same time, if you spend more money on each click, a regular check can be costly.


To avoid wasting your advertising budget and making your ad irrelevant to Google, it is better not to search for your own ad on Google. But if you still need to see what the ad looks like, you should use another method.

How to view your ads properly

It will help if you view your own ads through a special diagnostic tool. Using it lets you see the ad in a search engine, but it won’t count as a user’s view, and you won’t be charged for it. It will allow you to check your ad’s displays many times, which will not be reflected in your statistics or budget.To view the ad with the help of a diagnostic tool, you need to go to your Google Ads profile. Then you need to take the following steps:


  1. You need to click on the Tools and Settings tab in your Google advertising account
  2. Then, in the Planning section, click View and diagnose ads.
  3. Then choose geolocation and language in which you will search the keywords on Google.


If the PPC contextual ad is set up correctly and all keywords are considered, the ad will be shown in the search results window.At the same time, if something is incorrect and the ad is not displayed according to the specified criteria, you will see the inscription Ads are not displayed. The reason will be shown if there is a keyword in your ad campaign that you are looking for. If the ad is not shown and the reason is not specified, this keyword is not in the campaign.If you’ve considered all the keywords, you need to make sure that your ad:


  • included and allowed for display;
  • receives traffic from customers.


Check out additional factors that affect the ad’s display as well. It includes targeting and ad position. Yes, you need to understand that the ad is usually shown only to target users. So make sure you choose the right geolocation.Regarding the ad’s position: if the ad’s ranking is not high enough, it will not appear on the first page of search engine results. Therefore, keep in mind that advertising may appear on the second, third or one of the following pages.


Regardless of the type (whether contextual or teaser advertising), advertising on the Internet will be effective and profitable for your business. However, if you don’t want to spend your budget in vain and make your ads irrelevant, it’s better not to search for them traditionally. It would be better to search for your ads through Google Ads tools.

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