What is link building?

These are actions to increase the quality of links for the site in order to promote it in search results, placing various links to the resource on reputable sites./b>


Link building: what it is, strategies, examples, and methods of link building

External optimization is a proven marketing tactic to increase brand awareness, which increases the likelihood that a website will have a high ranking on the Internet.
Link building is considered to be one of the most effective methods of SEO. A link building specialist must understand content, programming, sales and marketing.

Who needs link building:

brands that want to improve their recognition and to find ways to increase traffic.

Stages of link building:

Selection of interesting thematic content for visitors, which will be used as a donor for your site;
Development of a strategy to increase the mass of links for a good result in a short time;

Gathering a database of contacts who may be interested in a business niche;
Carrying out painstaking work on "scattering" links to various sites: blogs, forums, online publications.
The idea that buying links on exchanges is equivalent to link building is wrong. Unlike buying external data, building links is a routine and time-consuming process, as donors are selected manually.
Link building on unspammed, authoritative resources doesn’t lead to search engine sanctions, because it mimics natural reminders of business.

Donor sites for link building:

Electronic news publications
Thematic forums and blogs
Social networks
Various announcements
Registration in thematic catalogs, maps
Writing reviews, the purpose of which is to promote goods or services
Thoughtful exchange of links with partners
Photo and video catalogs

Important criteria for donor sites for link building

The authority of the resource.

A link from The New York Times will be more important than a link from an unknown blog. The more well-known and authoritative the resource, the better it is suitable for work.

Relevance of the platform.

Link building work should be carried out on sites that suit them thematically (write about sports – distribute data on resources about sports, not dogs).

Link location.

In the footer (basement) and side columns of web portals, the placement is inferior in quality to the links in the main content of the page.


Editorial links are posted by the administrator (webmaster). Such a mention is valued much more than the placement, when a link remains in the comments, profiles. Google appreciates ​​editorial links. Their accommodation without the participation of an editor or a responsible specialist can be considered a violation of the rules.

Anchor text.

This is a small part of the text in which the link to the site you need is "stitched". Such a hyperlink can lead to another resource, which details the topic. Google views the anchor text as a ranking signal. Too many keys can be considered spam.

Text around links.

These are words and phrases localized around the link. The text around the links gives an idea of ​​the content of the page, so Google considers it additional anchor text. Uniqueness and logic, as well as the volume of the texts themselves, are important for the general perception of the text.

Nofollow and Dofollow links.

In SEO, open links that convey the weight of page links (dofollow) are more profitable, but closed links (nofollow) are needed to "dilute" the link profile. Do not neglect the placement on social networks, question-and-answer services. Search engines love a variety of links, they look more natural.

Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing is the involvement of the target audience by posting testimonials on various pages, forums, blogs. Comments play a leading role as they are a confirmed recommendation for the questionable client.

Using crowd marketing, you can give a natural link profile, increase audience reach and improve the company's image. Crowd mentions on relevant sites can lead to the web portal not only casual users, but potential customers.

Link building experts prefer crowd marketing. The reasons are the safety of the method and low cost.

It is important not to put a lot of anchor links on the site being promoted and to limit the number of commercial anchors (buy, price, sell), especially if the link is dofollow.

When developing a link building strategy, it is important to:

Stimulate the gradual growth of links
Do not allow a sharp “explosion” of links
Maintain a balance of anchor and no anchor links
Take into consideration the indicators of donor sites

Permanent links

Permanent links exchanges are special platforms on which you can actually permanently post links for a promoted site. Exchanges can simplify the work of SEO optimizers, who purchase them automatically according to the required criteria, while placing on bad donor sites can negatively affect your resource.

The price of links depends on various factors: portal rankings, traffic, topics, unique content, location, age and level of the domain, and so on. It is important to invest in the budget in advance to promote the site through link building.

According to the time of placement, the exchanges are divided into:

Exchange of permanent links. Links are placed on web pages once and for all for a fee.

Rented links exchange. Links are attached for a certain period (usually – for a month).

Advantages of permanent links:

  • purchase of permanent links gives the chance to promote high-frequency inquiries;
  • are placed once and for all, you do not need to constantly pay for them;
  • less likely to fall under search engine sanctions;
  • the link is in the content of the page;
  • natural transitions are possible on such links.
  • Disadvantages of rented links:

    almost 100% falling under the sanctions of search engines;

    difficulties in mass management.


    Link building is an important part of promoting business online and increasing the number of customers. Competent promotion of the site with links on certain sites can bring the web page in the TOP and improve the company's image. Our SEO specialists know where to buy permanent links for quality promotion of your web resource.

    Crowd marketing is used to attract the attention of potential customers. Competent placement of crowd comments is no different from the usual.

    Link building is made successful:

  • understanding the target audience and its needs;
  • analysis of competitors' activities;
  • competent promotion strategy;
  • gradual progress;
  • selection of reputable sites for placement;
  • use manual link placement.
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    1. Why do you need link building?
    Link building is primarily needed for young brands that have little information about them, companies in niches with high competition, and brands looking to increase traffic and awareness. In addition to external promotion, we offer services for internal promotion of the site: creation and clustering of the semantic core, development of the site structure and copywriting.
    2. What is included in the link building service?
    Before starting to develop a link building strategy, our specialists conduct a detailed SEO audit of backlinks. The link building service includes the selection of content for posting on donor sites, development of a strategy for increasing the mass of links, collection of a contact database and work on placing links on partner sites: forums, blogs and various online resources.
    3. What are the benefits of link building for a website?
    Link building is considered one of the most effective methods of SEO promotion. Its advantage is that links in articles on authoritative resources imitate organic mentions of your business on the network. So, link building allows you to improve brand awareness and increase your online ranking without the risk of being sanctioned by search engines.
    4. Why is it important to constantly work with the mass of the site?
    Good link mass dynamics indicates that users on the network are talking about your resource, which is a good sign for search engines. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly work on link building, using, in particular, crowd marketing – posting recommendation reviews and comments with links to the resource on forums and blogs.
    5. What criteria do you use when looking for donor sites?
    Internet publications, forums, blogs, social networks, thematic catalogs and maps, sites with reviews, and bulletin boards are suitable for link building. When selecting donor sites, we focus on such criteria as the resource authority, the relevance of the site, the location of the outreach link, authorship, and the ability to design links in the desired format.
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