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Targeted advertising for a clothing store

There are many ways to promote an online store on Instagram, but the most effective one today is targeted advertising. In this article, we tell you why it is so and how to set up targeted advertising for a clothing store.

How to promote an online women’s clothing store using targeting

If you have already studied how promotion works on Instagram and tested different methods, you know that it is difficult to attract traffic without targeting. Exactly paid advertising, targeted at an audience interested in your product, ensures an influx of subscribers and direct mail applications.Setting up detailed targeting for a clothing store is a complex event consisting of several stages, about which we will talk below.

Audience segmentation

To begin with, you need to collect as much information as possible about your customers and create a portrait of your target audience, and then segment it according to certain characteristics. In Instagram settings, there are the minimum necessary built-in segmentation parameters, and you can use your own, advanced ones, too. We recommend segmenting according to the following parameters:


  • sex;
  • age;
  • marital status;
  • geography;
  • interests.


You can also use additional segments: people who have a birthday soon, users from the retargeting database — those who have previously visited the site, and look-alike audiences — users who are similar to your subscribers, they are selected automatically by the algorithm.

Preparation of advertisements

The more relevant Instagram clothing ads are to users, the better. Therefore, it is necessary to create an advertisement that meets the needs of each separate segment: laconic images and photos are selected, and text is written for advertising clothes on Instagram. According to statistics, calls to action in photos and graphics do not work in this niche, and it is better to place them in the text that describes the benefits of the product.

Setting goals

You can create an advertising campaign with a list of different goals in the advertising cabinet. We recommend using four main goals:


  1. «Reach» to increase brand awareness.
  2. «Traffic» to attract visitors to the website.
  3. «Conversions» to stimulate the target action (purchase or registration on the site).
  4. «Sale of goods from the catalog» to increase sales.


The last purpose is used for dynamic retargeting — ads with current prices are shown to those who have already looked at products on the website or even added them to the cart, but did not buy. To set up such ads, you need to add ads to the catalog in the advertising cabinet and create a template where they will be pulled.

Ad testing

There are several targeted ad formats for an online clothing store: ring gallery, single image, and single video. Your task is to run test ads with each of these content delivery formats to «feel» the most effective in terms of your niche and target audience.Facebook advertising cabinet offers a dynamic design option as well: you upload up to 5 photos and up to 10 texts, and they are automatically mixed in search of the optimal combination, based on click-through rate analysis. Thus, dynamic design is convenient to use as a starting point for testing advertisements.

Returning the client

Not everyone is ready to buy right away, for many it is time to think, evaluate, and choose a product. And in order not to forget about your store, it is worth pushing the audience to buy by retargeting, that is, by showing those people who have already visited the site, ads with products that interest them. It is easier to sell to this audience than to «newbies», so retargeting should not be underestimated.For its correct setting, it is necessary to place a Facebook pixel on the site, which monitors the behavior of users and collects data about them.Next, you should create retargeting audiences. These can be site visitors, an existing list of customers in the form of e-mail addresses or phone numbers, or users who have already interacted with the account. While creating audiences, you should focus on visited pages and the period of visit — how long ago a person visited the site. It is important to have a good idea of ​​how long your product remains relevant. However, in the niche of women’s clothing, this is rather long-term. If you are not sure, you can use the default value of 30 days.We recommend that you name the audience so that it is clear what it is about. So it will be easier for you to navigate over time when there are many audiences.

Analysis of results

At this stage, we compare the results of all the ads launched as part of the advertising campaign to understand which advertising of the clothing store on Instagram worked better: which creatives turned out to be the most effective, with the highest number of clicks and conversions and, accordingly, the lowest cost per click. Don’t forget to use UTM tags in your ads, so they can be analyzed later.Analyzing the results will help in the future to create more interesting advertising that appeals to your target audience (Read also: How to make a portrait of the target audience), due to the use of precisely effective creatives.If you don’t have time to deal with advertising yourself, contact our agency, Lanet CLICK. We will help you set up targeting for a women’s clothing store and take over the social media promotion of your project on favorable terms.

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