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Travel agency promotion on social networks

Each owner of a company in the tourist field — a small travel agency, a network of agencies or a large tour operator — is interested in making his company well-known to as many potential customers interested in the offered services as possible. Social networks are often used to attract a paying audience as an effective and inexpensive way of promotion. But for this method to bring the expected result, travel agency SMM promotion must be carried out according to certain rules and taking into account the specifics of this area. It is not enough to create a company’s account and publish an advertisement, it is necessary to approach the issue comprehensively and actively work further, receiving customer feedback and analyzing data obtained during the campaign.

Features of travel agency promotion on social networks

To turn Facebook or Instagram pages into a truly effective tool for solving various business tasks, it is necessary to take into account many important details in advance. They directly affect the final result, aimed at promoting travel agency on social networks. The field of tourism business has certain features that must be taken into account and turned to your advantage. These aspects include:

  • the presence of a wide target audience, united by a single feature — a desire to go on a trip;
  • the high average check for advertised services;
  • delayed demand from potential customers who review interesting package tour options in advance, from one to six months before the start of the trip;
  • a long period of transaction execution, which can last from three days to a month.

 Travel agency promotion on social networks will be successful only if there are two main conditions — trust and uniqueness. That is why the first step in building a marketing strategy should be the development of uniqueness for each company. It will allow you not to get lost in the information noise because many travel agencies sell standard package tours. To do this, choose your specialization — analyze which destinations are most in-demand for you (not only a standard beach holiday, but also, for example, ski tours, gastronomic tours or combined with a visit to several destinations) and place a special emphasis on them.The second important asset in social networks is trust, often lacking in new agencies that have just entered the market. As a rule, tourists choose those agents they already know well, with whom they have traveled before or whom they turned to on the advice of friends. Those who are just taking their first steps in the tourism business will have to work hard to gain the audience’s trust. And promoting a travel agency on Instagram or Facebook is a great tool.

What social networks should be used to promote a travel company

If earlier agents and owners of large-scale travel companies massively published content on all available channels at the same time, now there is no such need. It is necessary to attract customers as much as possible where they are. Popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram are most likely to attract the right paying audience. Moreover, a great addition to the overall strategy is the travel agency’s YouTube channel promotion, which allows you to showcase unique content that is difficult to show on other social networks.Each platform has its own subtleties that should be addressed before launching an advertising campaign. In addition to the basic rules on which travel agency SMM is based, there are several tips for managing each selected social network.

Travel agency promotion on Instagram

One of the main features of Instagram promotion is the emphasis on the visual component. Fortunately, there are all the possibilities for this in the tourism sector because you can fall in love with almost any destination at first sight by showing juicy photos and charming videos. And if a good visual series is supplemented with meaningful text, such a business account can bring many from customers. In maintaining a travel agency commercial Instagram account, it is necessary to concentrate on posts in the feed and stories. You can publish special offers limited in time, news and interesting working moments there. And don’t forget targeted advertising, which works great on this social network. 

Travel agency promotion on Facebook

The Facebook promotion also has its characteristics, including the presence of a paying audience, a wide arsenal of advertising tools, and the ability to create events on behalf of the company.In addition, Facebook is a great source of traffic and a great place to place ads that will lead to a website or a specially prepared lead form.It is worth noting that the best results can be achieved under comprehensive travel agency promotion on social networks, in the process of which several channels will be used at once to promote the company.

How to order travel agency promotion on social networks

If you want to use all the possibilities of such effective marketing tool as social networks, you can order high-quality SMM promotion from Lanet CLICK digital agency. To do this, you can choose one of the communication channels that suits you best:

  1. Leave an application in a special form on our website. 
  2. Call the phone number listed in the Contacts section.
  3. Send a letter by email.
  4. Write in the chat to have a specialist contact you.
  5. Order a callback.

 You can leave an application any time, and our specialists will contact you during working hours and provide all the information that interests you.

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