SEO promotion for household appliance repair services

Increased the number of organic conversions and traffic, improved website rankings in search results.

Initial data


сhousehold appliance repair service in Kyiv and the suburbs


increase organic traffic and the number of conversions from organic search

Project duration:

6 months


  • increase the amount of organic traffic to the website;
  • increase conversions from clients who come from organic search;
  • improve website visibility in TOP search results;
  • strengthen positions for branded search queries.

Challenges at the start:

  • the website with a few pages;
  • high competition in Kyiv (numerous repair services’ websites for the client's targeted keywords)


  • рimplementation of SEO strategy (On-Page optimization);
  • expansion of the semantic core through the addition of new pages related to household appliance repair;
  • elimination of technical errors on the website;
  • comprehensive external and internal SEO of the website.

Completed work

Analysis of competitors in search results, search for growth opportunities.

Audit and updating of the project's semantic core:

- addition of new queries;
- addition of LSI words;
- update of queries frequency;

Technical audit and indexation audit in Google:

- Tasks for fixing technical errors and implementing improvements;
- Tasks for implementing microdata (Organization, Breadcrumbs).

Development of meta tags for target pages.

Addition of new landing pages for brands and regions.

Increase in backlink profile:

- writing and placement of press releases on authoritative thematic traffic resources with high DR and trustworthiness;
- placement in business directories;
- analysis of link profile.



Growth of clicks for the last 6 months


Growth of clicks and impressions for the last 6 months

porivniannia_klikiv_EN (1)

Clicks comparison for the last 6 months


Comparison of organic traffic for 6 months






8 830



123 000


All indicators compared to the previous period (before the cooperation)


  • Traffic increased by 192.86%. Namely, it was 210 users, and now it is 615.
  • The number of conversions increased by 105.06%. At the beginning, there were 79 conversions and now there are 162.

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