12 August, 2022

What is E-A-T and how to conduct an E-A-T audit

The Internet is a big flow of information from many sources. And Google is concerned that we come across quality and serious content first. E-A-T is...
20 July, 2022

10 practices to optimize a website for mobile

When promoting a site, SEO specialists advise against ignoring mobile optimization. What it is, why the mobile version is so important, and what methods exist for...
12 July, 2022

What is a site audit: how to conduct an SEO audit

A site audit is checking your site for compliance with Google’s requirements and the absence of errors. The SEO analysis of the site is the starting...
25 May, 2022

Why do you need a blog on the site

A company that wants to gain a foothold in the market must pay attention to managing a corporate blog. Today, a blog isn’t only a business...
17 May, 2022

Google Algorithm 2022: Core Web Vitals

Google regularly releases new and improved old algorithms to improve the quality of its search engine. So, in the summer of 2021, Core Web Vitals metrics...
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