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10 signs your website is outdated

In today’s world, a website is the business card of your business. It is important not only to create a quality product but also to understand the usability of the site. In this case, the probability that your business will become successful is much higher.

Why is it important to have a modern and convenient website

If you see one of the problems below, this is a clear signal that you should conduct an audit of the site and start improving it.

A decrease in attendance

When you observe that fewer and fewer people come to the site every day, something is probably pushing them away. Try to check the usability of the site and look at the site through the eyes of the user. Otherwise, the resource may become unpopular and drop out of the TOP 10.

Conversion rate decrease

Do you offer a quality product, but there are no buyers? Your site is probably out of date. If the site has an off-putting design, low usability, and a broken sales scheme, you risk losing conversions.

Falling positions in search results

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms so that people receive only quality content. Therefore, if your site continues to fall in search results, it’s time to pay attention to copywriting and the quality of other content present on the site.

The main signs of an outdated site

Outdated design

Now the site is a communication tool. Therefore, modern site design should be as simple and clear as possible. If your resource has a lot of stock photos of poor quality or it is full of bright colors, it is time to pay attention to the redesign of the site. Why do you need a website redesign, and how is it useful? Redesigning the site will allow you not only to visually distinguish the main blocks (for example, the navigation panel) and place accents, but it will also positively affect the level of usability.

An inconvenient and bulky structure

Over time, new sections and fresh content appear on the site. If you don’t follow the structure and optimize the navigation bar, users can easily get lost. Why would a user need a website if he has to search for the right page for a long time? A person immediately abandons such resources. Therefore, the development of the site structure is reflected in the bounce rate and conversion rate. But regular analysis of site usability and optimization will help solve the problem.

Lack of adaptive mobile optimization

The mobile version of the site is one of the requirements for modern business. When conducting a resource audit, it is necessary to check the site for adaptability — that is, to make sure that it is displayed correctly on both PCs and smartphones. The lack of mobile optimization is reflected in your sales level because, in the last few years, people have become more and more inclined to make purchases from their phones. In addition, Google began to index sites with a mobile version, ignoring non-adaptive ones.

 Slow download speed

The user will leave the site if the download wait time exceeds 3 seconds. To prevent this from happening, use simple tips to improve site loading speed:


  1. Compress data in the HTTP protocol and try to reduce the size of HTML, CSS and JS code;
  2. Configure the browser cache so that it loads copies of page elements from the hard disk;
  3. To publish photos, use the JPG format;
  4. Simplify your JS and CSS code.

Difficult navigation and an inconvenient interface

Minimalism is becoming more and more popular every year. People like it when they come to a site and can immediately find what they are looking for. Therefore, a user-friendly interface and a transparent navigation bar are a must if you want your site to convert.To simplify navigation, divide products into sections that are easy to get to from the main page. And do not overload the site with distracting elements, it will help improve the usability of the site.

Limited functionality

Having a variety of functionality will improve your site’s performance and show users that it is regularly updated. For example, you can add features such as:


  • an online consultant that will allow a potential buyer to get answers quickly;
  • a selection of related products, which will help to make additional sales;
  • the availability of an online calculator.


If earlier Google indexed sites depending on the density and number of keywords, now this practice is outdated. Such texts are not only uninformative and do not benefit people, but sites are also dropped in search results. Therefore, when preparing the texts for the updated site, focus on the fact that they are primarily intended for live readers, not machines.

Poor-quality content

The content of the site and the structure affect the quality. Accordingly, it is necessary to update the content of the resource regularly. Have you changed your corporate colors or business concept? Don’t forget to mention it. By ignoring updates, you risk not only losing positions in the search engine rankings but also pushing potential buyers away.

Lack of corporate style

If you have a brand book with company colors, do not forget to publish them on the site. Thus, in the mind of a person, you will be able to create a clear association between your brand and identity. What else is the use of corporate colors useful for?


  1. It will allow you to stand out from the competition;
  2. Increase recognition and trust in the company;
  3. It will help convey the key message of the brand.

Ill-conceived URLs

With the help of the URL, visitors can see how the site is organized and what content awaits them. The presence of keywords in URLs will be a plus. But when designing URLs, do not forget that they should be understandable first of all to people, not to search engines.

How to update the site: independently or professionally

It is better to entrust the updating of the site to a professional. After all, he knows exactly how a modern site should look, is more familiar with the principles of usability and can improve the site design.You can contact the Lanet CLICK digital agency for updates. Our experts know the signs of an outdated site and will quickly modernize it. In a short period, your site will become user-friendly, receive a new design, and have up-to-date content.

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