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What is a digital agency: what does it do, and what are the main promotion methods

There is often confusion between digital agencies, website development companies, web studios, and internet marketing agencies. They have many similarities, and some services may be provided by different agencies. For this reason, customers with their inquiries do not always get to the company they need and do not get the necessary results. In this material, you will learn what types of agencies there are and why you should go to a digital agency for the issue of multilateral promotion of a company or service.

Internet marketing: types of companies

Let’s consider how the above companies differ:


  • An Internet marketing agency. It offers its customers the opportunity to use its services of creating various types of advertisements on the Internet. The client can request contextual and banner advertising, email marketing, social media brand development, and search engine promotion. Specialists in Internet marketing can create advertising content, target, and analyze the results to improve campaigns. These services are often provided separately and together.
  • A web development company. It is engaged in the creation of sites of various types. Development of business cards, portals, sites for employees of one company (corporate), online stores, and more can be ordered from a website creation agency. The client often receives, in addition to the developed site, web design services, adaptive HTML page layout, optimal usability indicators, and content on the pages.
  • Web studio. Employees of such companies can not only create websites but also implement larger projects – develop mobile versions and applications for various operating systems, create online banking systems, and create interfaces for various devices.

What is a digital agency

In turn, a digital agency is a company that comprehensively provides the aforementioned services. They are usually expanded by website promotion studios and internet marketing companies. Digital agencies are the largest players in the online business development market.So, what does a digital agency do? The list of his proposals includes:


  1. Website creation.
  2. HTML-composition, filling the site with information, web design.
  3. Formation of a corporate style.
  4. SEO optimization.
  5. Advertising on the Internet of various types.
  6. Promotion in social networks. 
  7. Creation and launch of viral content.
  8. Promotion using traditional media (advertising on television, radio).
  9. Email marketing.

The main methods of promotion in a digital agency

Popular promotion methods practiced by digital agencies include:


It is a set of tools aimed at reputation management. The main task of SERM specialists is to build a positive reputation on the Internet. To do this, they monitor all mentions of the brand (in the case of negative reviews, they promptly respond to them), post positive reviews on external resources, determine the most effective methods of promotion and use them.


Search optimization aims to raise the site to the first position in Google. For this, SEO specialists conduct a site analysis, study the advantages and disadvantages of competitors, form a target audience, create a core of relevant queries in the search engine, improve the structure, and optimize the content. All these tools increase the position of the website among other results in search results.


A set of tools can promote companies, brands or events on popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok). SMM managers prepare and publish content, create content plans, study results, determine best practices for promotion, and more.

Email marketing

The distribution of letters to users by email will help promote the brand, increase sales, and build trust in the brand. Letters lead the target audience through an effective sales funnel, inform potential and regular customers about promotions or new products, and stimulate interest in the product. 

Marketing agency & digital: differences

A marketing agency can meet the basic needs of customers. It is about the development of advertising campaigns and branding, the implementation of design solutions, and the formation of advertising communications. Some marketing companies can create websites, but in most cases, they outsource such issues.The digital agency deals with all issues related to online advertising. The digital agency has many departments that specialize in different areas and can perform various tasks simultaneously – creation and promotion of sites and contextual and banner advertising. Therefore, if you need a complex solution on the network, you should immediately contact digital agency specialists.


For successful promotion using various methods on the Internet, you should contact a digital agency with a full cycle. You can order one or more services or the entire promotion complex.

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