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What is Google seller rating

Seller rating or Google seller rating is an excellent automatic extension from the company, which allows you to highlight your ads among competitors when issuing. In addition, this small option can increase CTR up to 10%.

The rating consists of the following indicators:

  • rating — the number of stars from 1 to 5;
  • the number of estimates — the figure in parentheses;
  • a characteristic feature of the company (if there is one) — fast delivery or time.

It should also be understood that Google has several rankings that affect the position in the issue:

  • Seller rating — stars in text or product ads. The rating applies to the store as a whole.
  • Product ratings — stars in Google search and Google Shopping ads. However, they apply to a specific product.
  • Google Reviews — stars on Google Maps. They are formed independently of other ratings. However, sometimes seller ratings may include these reviews.

Why do you need a seller rating?

  1. It increases the credibility of the ad and your store even before the user follows the link.
  2. According to Google, it makes your ad more attractive. It also has a positive effect on your cost-per-click.
  3. Basic customer reviews and ad extensions support free setup and work as part of your paid ads.

When will you get the seller rating?

Google automatically includes this extension after meeting the minimum requirements. To receive stars from Google, your store must comply with one of the requirements:


  • receive 100 unique reviews from one country in one year in Google Reviews or through partner rating services;
  • your site has been reviewed and evaluated by Google or its partners;
  • your site has been reviewed and evaluated using Google customer surveys.


But the system does not stop there.

The following items are required to obtain the Google seller rating:

  • average and overall text ad ratings must exceed 3,5 stars;
  • the ad leads to the same domain as the Google seller rating.


Getting positive customer feedback to create a Google seller rating can take a long time.

You can speed up the process of getting positive feedback in several ways:

  1. Send a request to existing and regular customers.
    Make an e-mail to the customer base with a request to leave feedback about your store and service. People who have repeatedly bought goods from you are loyal to your brand and will most likely share their positive experiences.
  2. Include the verification request in the post-conversion process.
    Automatic post-purchase surveys have become widespread and often annoying. However, even the minimum percentage of reviews left in this way will help you keep your rating up to date.
  3. Respond to negative feedback.
    Most potential customers lose trust in a brand that has only positive reviews. So in such cases, the negative becomes your lifeline. And the answer to dissatisfied customers demonstrates your responsibility and good service.

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