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How to attract new users to the site

The success of Internet business and its profitability depend on website traffic. But how to attract traffic to the site, and what kind can it be? Let’s consider further.

Types of traffic to attract new visitors

The following traffic channels are used to obtain high site traffic rates:


  1. Search (organic) traffic. It is formed on the basis of transitions to the site from search results.
  2. Paid traffic. These are transitions from contextual advertising. PPC advertising is the biggest traffic provider. PPC advertising can be found, for example, on pages with search results.
  3. Direct traffic. It is formed in 2 ways: the user enters the URL in the address bar or clicks on the saved tab.
  4. Referral traffic. It is formed by those users who came to your resource from third-party sites.
  5. Internet newsletter. Links to the site can be received from an Internet newsletter as well, but the letters must come without breaking the law and with prior consent.
  6. Social networks. Traffic from social networks is formed by users who visited the resource from Facebook or Instagram.

Organic traffic is those users who found your site through a specific query in a search engine. Unlike organic traffic, paid traffic includes users who visited your site through any type of online advertising. Each of them has its pros and cons, which we will discuss below.

Organic traffic

Among the main advantages of organic traffic:


  • stable flow of visitors;
  • people who go to the site are interested in the presented product.


However, organic traffic has a number of disadvantages:


  • traffic growth may be slow;
  • not every search ends with a click, sometimes the user receives an answer without visiting the site.

Paid traffic

The advantages of paid traffic include:


  • significant increase in the number of users visiting your resource;
  • detailed analytics and traffic tracking.


Among the obvious disadvantages of paid traffic:


  • the need to pay for advertising;
  • a sharp drop in traffic after turning off ads.


So, which type of traffic is better to choose? Regardless of the resource type, it is better to use both channels. They successfully complement each other and together bring much more benefit.

How to attract new users for free

If you still think that website promotion requires huge investments, you are wrong. Of course, a big budget never hurts, but you can attract users without spending any money thanks to these ways:


  1. Conduct regular audits and review semantic core, so SEO will be useful. Sometimes it is enough just to update and refine queries from the semantic core to get an increase in traffic to the site.
  2. Do crowd marketing. Based on the type of resource, make a list of popular sites, forums, and communities where you will post comments and conduct discussions. Be polite and don’t start fights, and your online reputation will only improve.
  3. Create a YouTube channel. Video is a trend of recent years that has not lost its popularity, so brand advertising in video format will only benefit.

Social networks as the source of free and cheap traffic

Social networks are a great tool for getting traffic. It is enough to create pages, think over their design, and then everything depends on your imagination. Don’t be monotonous! Run promotions or contests, join professional communities, follow trends and catch the hype wave. Teaser ads will work great on social networks. For the design of teaser ads, use provocative headlines that the user will definitely pay attention to.For your business promotion on social networks to give results, do not forget to pay attention to the content. Regular posts, publication of life hacks and success stories, contests and promotions — don’t limit your imagination. After all, high-quality content is one of the keys to successful management of social networks and traffic flow from them to the site.

Cooperation with influencers

Advertising with the involvement of opinion leaders is another quality tool for increasing traffic. Opinion leaders are public figures whose opinions are listened to by the public. Cooperation with them will not only help attract visitors, but improve brand recognition too.

Tips and life hacks from Lanet CLICK specialists

Specialists of Lanet CLICK digital agency are ready to introduce you to the «three whales» on which website promotion is based:


  1. Create a clear SEO promotion strategy. The right SEO strategy will bring a lot of search traffic, increase audience loyalty and will have a very positive effect on the reputation on the Internet.
  2. Use contextual advertising. PPC advertising allows you to quickly attract potential buyers and receive the first applications within a few hours. Combined with SEO, it will help ensure a stable traffic flow.
  3. Lock in results with targeted advertising. It will help to further attract customers interested in your products and services and, accordingly, increase the level of sales.


Experiment, and don’t forget to record the results to know exactly which traffic channels were effective.

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