Setting up targeted advertising for an online military clothing store

How to launch an advertising campaign for new pages on social networks to get more than 60 sales in the first month

Input data


military clothing online store


Drive sales with targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram


lack of pages on social networks

What we did:

connected and configured analytics and pixels on the online store website;

set up events in analytics, and e-commerce and made test purchases to make sure that all events work correctly;

created and filled with content pages on Facebook and Instagram;

set up an advertising campaign optimized for catalog sales.


After the test run for the first week, we received the following figures: 23571 impressions, 588 clicks, and 2 sales.

Screenshot 1 (en)_
Screenshot 2 (en)

Of course, this result was not satisfactory. Therefore, we have made changes to the audience settings. After their optimization, sales increased over the next week.

Screenshot 3 (en)_
Screenshot 4 (en)

In a week, we received 37,691 impressions, 1,497 clicks, and 15 sales.

Having identified audiences that can be effectively targeted, we started optimizing the product catalog and scaling up the advertising campaign. The result was not long in coming: in the next two weeks, 112,530 impressions, 5,113 clicks, and 47 sales were received.

Screenshot 5 (en)_
Screenshot 6 (en)

In just one month, the advertising campaign received 173,792 impressions, 7,198 clicks, and 64 sales.

Screenshot 7 (en) (1)
Screenshot 8 (en) (1)

If we compare the first two weeks and the next two (before and after the optimization), we increased the number of sales by more than 175%.

Screenshot 9 (en) (1)


With the right audience selection and product segmentation for each target audience, advertising optimized for catalog sales will be effective for online stores. You can get good results in a month, even if there were no pages on social networks at the start.

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