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How to make the semantic core of the site yourself

What is a semantic core

The semantic core is a collection of keywords and phrases that are selected and compiled according to the website’s theme. On the basis of this data, site optimization is carried out, in particular, a technical task for writing content is drawn up.

Why make a semantic core

As we have already mentioned, the selection of keywords is necessary for the SEO of the site. However, semantics is also important for creating contextual advertising and ads. Specialists monitor popular phrases at the request of users and also analyze the semantic cores of competitors.

How to assemble a semantic core

In order to collect the semantic core, it is necessary to use special tools. Including:


  • Serpstat;
  • KeywordShitter;
  • Keyword Tool;
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer.


We will learn more about each of them below.


Serpstat is a platform for automating the analysis of competitors, keywords, links, site audits, and optimization. More than 200,000 users use it, including Uber, Shopify, Samsung, Philips, and Deloitte. The tool was developed in 2013 as an in-house product but later evolved into a full-featured SEO platform. The Serpstat database contains more than 5 billion phrases.


You can also automatically collect the semantic core using KeywordShitter. It is a free program. You don’t even need to register to use it.

Keyword Tool

Another program for selecting semantics is Keyword Tool. The tool has two versions for use – paid and free. Keyword Tool will help you use Google’s autocomplete feature to search for keywords. The program also extracts Google search tips and presents them in an understandable format.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

If you need to collect a semantic core, the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer online service will also help with it. The tool selects keys for both Google and other systems – Baidu, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, etc. The program can also be used to analyze other SEO indicators – return rate, clicks per search, percentage of clicks, including paid ones, etc.


Without the use of keywords, it is impossible to carry out high-quality promotion of the site. Therefore, it is necessary to collect semantics and apply it as intended. If you are not sure that you can figure it out yourself, then you can involve an SEO specialist or contact a digital agency to collect the semantic core. In no case should you ignore and postpone this action, because without it, the site will not take top positions.

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