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External site optimization: what it is and how it affects promotion

Every business owner who has a site on the Internet (for example, an online store) and communicates with the client using it needs to properly organize its promotion. It is a complex and multi-component process, each stage of which is important to achieve the expected results.


One of the most effective promotion methods that help to bring your website to the first position in search results is external optimization. Its correct and planned implementation allows you to increase the importance of the advertised site for search robots. In turn, the indexing of the resource by search engines directly affects the increase in its authority and the number of potential customers.

What is external website optimization

External site optimization is a complex of all activities carried out outside the site to improve its reputation. In particular, it is building up its external link mass, which means increasing the number of links that lead to the promoted site from various third-party resources, called donor sites.


The site’s quality for the search engine depends on how effective the external search optimization will be. For this, it is necessary to consider many factors, each of which is important and affects the campaign’s success.


Over time, search engine algorithms and criteria determine high-quality and effective external site promotion change. In addition to the number of external links, they include the following important external factors:


  • harmonious distribution of links between pages of external sites;
  • compliance with the organic growth of the link mass. Too high indicators can lead to sanctions from search engines;
  • the quality of the resource where the link to the promoted site is placed and the absence of search engine sanctions on it;
  • the high-quality text accompanying the link, which fully reflects its content and corresponds to the topic of the resource;
  • the set of behavioral factors that determine the time a user spends on the site and the bounce rate.


Before you start link building, you need to consider all these external optimization factors to achieve good website rankings.

How external optimization helps to promote the site

External SEO promotion is a way of optimizing a resource aimed at improving its perception by users. The main features of external site optimization are the focus on working with search algorithms based on their requirements, branding and developing the authority of the online platform among its target audience.


Thanks to the increase in citations of your site, the appearance of the company name on various resources, including the largest and most authoritative ones, as well as the improvement of behavioral factors and the formation of targeted queries, the advertised site begins to attract more and more active users, who will become potential customers of your company in the future. All the main methods of external website optimization are aimed at such a result.


To achieve the main goal — an organic increase in website traffic — it is necessary to perform the main stages of external optimization:


  1. Build the semantic core of the site — a list of queries and thematic keywords.
  2. Distribute the created list of words and phrases evenly on the Internet, avoiding spam.
  3. The gradual increase in the link mass ensures the growth of the authority of the resource.
  4. Increasing the reputation of the site, which is evaluated by search engines.


The combination of all these actions, performed in the correct sequence, taking into account the features of the search algorithms, gives a positive result in the comprehensive promotion of the Internet resource.

The main ways to get links

Currently, there are many methods by which specialists carry out comprehensive external website promotion. The most common of them for quite a long time was the purchase of links on exchanges, and the task was to increase the budget for purchasing links on external resources in a larger volume than on competitors’ sites. However, today this method is outdated and often has lost its relevance. The fact is that over time, algorithms for ranking sites by search engines have changed, and now they focus on many other indicators.


You have to remember that the number of purchased links is not the main factor affecting effective external optimization. Now their quality plays an important role. External links must be as organic as possible — this is one of their most important requirements. Only in this case the links will not irritate both search engines and users who will encounter unobtrusive mentions of the promoted site on the network.


We will also consider the most effective and popular external optimization methods used by specialists for promotion:


  • crowd marketing is a method of external optimization, which consists of activity on specialized sites with reviews and thematic forums. It also helps to increase the confidence of the target audience in the advertised resource;
  • content marketing is one of the most effective and important methods of external optimization, which consists in writing high-quality and relevant content for thematic sites;
  • social networks — activity in social networks has a positive effect not only on the reputation of the company but also on its ranking on Google, and also demonstrates its customer focus and the quality of communication with the target audience;
  • outreach — a method of external optimization, which consists in establishing relations with webmasters, which allows you to place useful content on the site with a link to the advertised resource;
  • review sites — placement of truthful reviews that describe the advantages of the advertised company;
  • job sites — platforms with a description of corporate culture and vacancies in the company, increase its authority among other users;
  • bulletin boards — posting information about goods or services allows you to attract an audience interested in them.


To achieve the best results of external optimization, you should rationally use all available methods during its implementation. At the same time, it is important to avoid intrusiveness and spamming. The more organic and unobtrusive the links are, the more effective the promotion campaign will be.


You should also remember that external optimization should be carried out parallel to internal optimization. Only if you combine external and internal work with the site, you will be able to achieve the maximum effect, and all the effort will pay off.

How to choose the right donor sites

If you want the external website promotion to be effective and meet all expectations, you need to choose the right sites to place the selected links. They must be actively visited, authoritative and not have any restrictions from search engines. If the sites for posting links are irrelevant and low-quality for search engines, you should not expect success from external optimization.


There are several main criteria by which specialists select appropriate donor sites to place the necessary links on them:


  • traffic — resources with high traffic will help not only to increase your site’s ranking but also to attract a new interested audience to it;
  • trust — choose sites with high search engine trust. You can check trust indicators using specialized services;
  • topic relevance — if the donor site matches the topic of the advertised resource, the link placed on it will look as organic as possible, and external optimization with its help will bring a positive result;
  • spam level — if you get a link from a resource that has too many ads and other outgoing links, it will not bring any positive result;
  • the presence of a filter from search engines — the site will not be suitable as a donor if it is under the sanctions of search engines, so you must check this indicator before placing a link;
  • region — the donor site must belong to the same region as the advertised site.


The more criteria the sites selected for placing links meet, the more effective the external optimization of a particular resource will be in general.

Reputation Management (SERM)

For every resource promoted on the network, a positive reputation is important. It has a double benefit, as not only search engines pay attention to this indicator but also users who decide to use the offered services or purchase your goods. Thus, timely work on improving the company’s reputation will not only significantly increase the brand’s status but also positively affect the influx of new customers.


Creating a positive brand image is based on the following search engine promotion tools:


  • writing and placing text materials with positive content on specialized platforms;
  • various methods of promoting such texts;
  • working with reviews and external optimization of such pages;
  • complex analysis of search engine results and monitoring of the obtained results.


If the site receives positive reviews on search engine services and external resources, it inspires trust among potential customers. In addition, a positive company reputation is a great way to improve conversions and increase your chances of getting to the TOP of search results.


External website optimization is an important and multi-component process that requires a professional approach and consideration of many nuances. Only in this case, you can be sure that all the work done will lead you to an increase in the site’s position in search results and not to a decrease. It is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to do it yourself. That is why it is necessary to contact a qualified specialist who can guarantee the success of the campaign.

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