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How to create and set up a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the top popular sites in many countries. In addition, it is the most popular video hosting in the world. YouTube features movies, music videos, trailers, news and educational programs, and amateur videos, including flyers, blogs, slide shows, comedy videos, etc. On this video hosting, everyone can create a channel and post videos. The main thing is not to break the rules of YouTube. Read below in the article what opportunities this site offers for business and how to create and set up a YouTube channel.

Benefits and opportunities of the YouTube channel

For companies and brands, creating a YouTube channel opens up many opportunities. Among them are the following:


  1. Access to a large audience. YouTube is a platform with a multi-million audience. Users often use it as a search engine. By creating a YouTube channel, the company will be able to tell many people about itself, form a loyal audience, and increase sales.
  2. The ability to communicate with the audience. Users can ask questions and leave comments under company or brand videos. In turn, the company will be able to see how correct its positioning is. 
  3. Free promotion. It is not enough to create a channel on YouTube. It is necessary to upload quality content to it. But if you’re a talented author who shoots interesting videos, video hosting algorithms will work in your favor and recommend your videos for viewing to users.
  4. Detailed analysis. Video hosting provides owners with detailed statistics on views, links, audience characteristics, and opportunities to analyze the effectiveness of the paid promotion.

Creating a YouTube channel: step-by-step instructions

Use your personal or corporate Google Account to create a YouTube channel. Go to youtube.com and click on the account image in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Create Channel from the menu. Next, the video hosting will offer you two ways to create a channel:


  • based on the first name, last name, and photo from your Google account;
  • under another name.


After creating a profile, you need to set up a YouTube channel.

Design and settings

You should not miss the visual design of the channel. A high-quality cover,  profile photo, and description can attract users’ attention to the channel. 

To design a YouTube channel, click the Customize Channel View button. You will then be able to upload a background image that appears at the top of the channel, an account photo, and other design elements. To add an image, for example, to the cover of a channel, place the cursor on the desired structural element and click on it. Download the desired file in the window. The minimum image size is 2048 x 1152 pixels.During the design of the channel on YouTube, the company must adhere to the corporate style. We recommend using bright images that help to form certain emotions. Don’t overload background images with text.When you choose an image, you can preview how it will look on different devices smartphones, computers and crop it if necessary.

YouTube channel description

The YouTube channel settings also include filling in the description. To add information, click the About the channel section. Fill in the field in the Description block. You can also add links to social networks and the company’s website in this section.Filling in the information will increase the amount of targeted traffic to your website or social network pages and describe to the user the idea and theme of your channel. Read also: SEO promotion on YouTube.

Additional channel settings

If you want to activate all the features, you need to verify your account via SMS or voice message. You can do this in the settings that will be available if you click on the image of your channel in the upper right corner.You can find a list of available YouTube channel features and expand its capabilities in the «Account» section by clicking the Channel status and available features link.


YouTube channel promotion

After creating your channel on YouTube, its design, and adding the first videos, you should think about promotion. How to promote videos on YouTube? There are many ways. Among them are:


  • different types of advertising;
  • video optimization;
  • placement of videos on sites;
  • engaging the audience;
  •  e-mailing;
  • announcements of videos on social networks.


Regardless of which method you choose, remember that quality content will help make your YouTube channel successful. 

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